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Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8: This is how you save when buying the new Pixel smartphones

The tension is rising and pixel fever has reached us again! Just a few hours before the official presentation of the Google Pixel 8 Pro and Pixel 8, a lot of information about the bundle offers has already leaked. You can find out here whether buying a bundle is worth it and how you can save!

Pixel 8 bundle deals: What's inside?

The big electronics stores can't wait again. MediaMarkt has already revealed initial information about posters in city centers. The Pixel 8 Pro will be available in a bundle with the new Pixel Watch 2 and starts at a proud 1099 euros. That's a jump of 200 euros compared to last year.


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But be careful: In contrast to last year's model, the Pixel Watch 2 offered in the bundle will most likely only be equipped with WiFi.

But buyers of the smaller Pixel 8 won't go away empty-handed either. The bundle includes the Pixel Buds worth 229 euros. However, we won't find out how much the bundle will cost until later. We suspect a price of 799 euros.

These savings tips reduce the price

Now things get interesting. Anyone who is active  Google One subscription  will receive 10% of the shopping cart back as Google Store credit. Students should apply the 10% discount code Student Beans  not to be missed. It remains to be seen whether these two discounts can be combined again like with the Pixel 7 Pro. Google fixed the “bug” quite quickly last year.

Anyone who trades in their old smartphone can save even more using the dealer's trade-in programs. According to the poster, MediaMarkt offers a purchase bonus of 150 euros. In the Google Store, the exchange value is usually slightly higher - for example, 312 euros for exchanging for a Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Last but not least, it's worth taking a look at  TopCashback  to throw: There is another 3% cashback.

Advance sales start today

Pre-sales start today after 16 p.m. German time and delivery is scheduled for October 12th. However, with our savings tips you can plan now how you can save a lot of money when buying your Pixel 8 Pro or Pixel 8. We can only hope that Google doesn't fix any "bugs" in the discount system again in the short term.

Source: Twitter @leoziaja

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