beyerdynamic Impacto essential - DAC in the headphone cable

by Timo12. April 2017



beyerdynamic Impacto essential


DAC: SABRE32 Reference DAC
Maximum sample rate: 384 kHz / 32 bit, DSD 5,6 MHz
Frequency range: 4 - 52.000 Hz
S / N: 121 dB (A)
Total harmonic distortion: 0,002%
Channel separation: 97 dB
Output power: 50 mW to 32 Ω 7 mW to 600 Ω
Output impedance: 4,7 Ω

Power supply: 5 V, 195 mA (via USB)
Dimensions: 63 x 32 x 7 mm
Weight (without cable): 12 g

What's in the box

1x Impacto essential
1x headphone cable with 2 x 3,5 mm jack, 0,4 m (permanently connected)
1x Micro USB Cable (On-The-Go), 0,8 m
1x USB-C cable, 0,8 m
1x USB-A cable, 1,4 m
1x Quick Start Guide

With the "Impacto essential" presents the Heilbronn audio company "beyerdynamic" a Digital Audio Converter, which is aimed primarily at the mobile user. Completely inconspicuous, housed inside the headphone cable, the Impacto essential is no bigger than a conventional cable remote control. The DAC also integrates the functions of a cable remote control so that music playback can be controlled unhindered when using it with a smartphone or laptop.

Inside decodes one Sabre32 Mobile Reference DAC high-resolution audio signals with a maximum resolution of 32 bit and 384 kilohertz, Comparable device classes mostly only reach maximum 24 bit / 192 kHz. Also DSD signals are no problem for the Impacto essential and come with you up to 5,6 MHz supported. The integrated, noise-free amplifier allows operation on both low and high impedance headphones. A prerequisite for a direct connection of the new beyerdynamic DAC is a headphone with double-sided jack sockets, such as the current reference T 1 (2 Generation), its portable version T 5 p (2 Generation) and the new Amiron home.

As possible Zuspieler come computer and player with USB output in question. In order to cover a wide range of different USB players, the scope of delivery includes three different USB connection cables. In addition to a typical USB-A Connection cable, which is especially suitable for use on a PC or laptop, there is also a USB-C, as well as a classic Micro-USB Variant for example for smartphones or tablets. A solution for Apple's Lightning connection is already in preparation. As a USB host, the Digital-to-Analog Converter takes care of all of the player's audio signal processing so that the sound quality no longer depends on the components of the player. Instead, the DAC converts the high-resolution music data back into the analog format and amplifies it - with a precision that fully exploits the acoustic potential of beyerdynamic headphones.

The Impacto essential is experiencing its World premiere of the 29. to 30. April 2017 at the Tokyo Headphone Festival. On High end in Munich he is then from the 18. to 21. May test 2017 at the beyerdynamic booth: Hall 4, Stand V02 / W03.

From June the USB-DAC becomes the Price of 329 Euro in authorized retailers and on be available.

Source: Press Release

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