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beyerdynamic expands the MMX series: an overview of the new MMX 200 wireless gaming headset

The renowned audio specialist beyerdynamic is expanding its MMX gaming product range for the first time with a wireless gaming headset - the beyerdynamic MMX 200.

beyerdynamic MMX 200

Since 2007, beyerdynamic has been one of the heavyweights in the gaming headset market with its MMX series. The starting signal was given by the beyerdynamic MMX 300 (our test), which is still one of the hottest high-end gaming headsets today.

With the beyerdynamic MMX 200, the Heilbronn-based company is now presenting a wireless gaming headset for the first time that promises crystal-clear studio sound and realistic microphone transmissions in the usual beyerdynamic quality.

Proven design and optimal wearing comfort

The design of the MMX 200 is based on the two models MMX 2021 and MMX 100 introduced at the end of 150. True to the motto “less is more”, these headphones also do without colorful RGB lighting and focus on a stylish look in a choice of black or gray housing . Memory foam in the ear pads and headband guarantees long-lasting comfort without pressure points.

beyerdynamic MMX 200 in black


High-resolution studio sound for gamers

According to beyerdynamic, the headphones produce their high-resolution and lively studio sound using 40 millimeter driver systems, which the company also uses in its studio series. The MMX 200's driver systems are optimized specifically for gaming, so gamers can expect precise in-game sound localization that immerses you deeper into the action. But gamers should also get their money's worth when listening to music or watching films.

Clear communication through META VOICE microphone

The beyerdynamic MMX 200 uses the META VOICE microphone for the clearest possible voice transmission. The 9,9 millimeter capsule of the microphone is intended to reproduce the voice in a lifelike and natural manner. If you want to convert the headset into pure headphones, the microphone can simply be removed.

beyerdynamic MMX 200 Collage

However, it is still possible to answer calls because the augmented microphones integrated into the headphones are used. Although they don't deliver voice transmission as clear as the META VOICE microphone, they should be sufficient for short calls. The augmented microphones also fulfill an additional function: they activate a transparency mode that allows outside noise to pass through, making it possible to continue to perceive what is happening in the environment.


 Tim Völker, Director Global Sales and Marketing Gaming at beyerdynamic: "The wireless gaming headset gives gamers exactly the headset they need to achieve their top performance. The new headset from beyerdynamic sets new standards in terms of sound, communication, flexibility and wearing comfort."

beyerdynamic MMX 200 in gray

Stable connection without input lag

The MMX 200 ensures the wireless connection through META LINK CONNECT. Equipped with features such as LOW LATENCY MODE, Bluetooth 5.3 and HYBRID MODE, it promises gamers a high-speed connection to a variety of devices, including PCs, consoles (PS5 and Switch) and smartphones. The XBOX is supported by an optionally available analog cable.

Price and availability

The wireless MMX 200 is now available at the recommended retail price of 249,00 euros Beyerdynamic shop just like Amazon available. Replacement parts and earmolds can also be purchased separately.

Source: Press Release

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