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beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Review

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Test - gaming headset

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on February 16, 2022

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is a new gaming headset from Germany-based hi-fi company "beyerdynamic". How the headset strikes in everyday life, but also in gaming, you will find out in this review.

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First impression of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game

What's in the box

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM game headset is delivered in a gamer-friendly cardboard box that provides a lot of information about the headset. If you take the headset out of the packaging, it is already presented on a practical cardboard stand. The scope of delivery includes the headset, a Y-jack extension cable with audio and microphone connection, a plug-in cable with connected microphone and remote control, a 6.35 mm jack audio adapter, 6 design covers and multilingual warranty conditions. The manufacturer dispenses with an operating manual and a connection cable for on the go.

CUSTOM Game Headset included

Design and workmanship

The target group of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM game are clearly gamers, which is also reflected in the design of the headset. The actual headphones are kept in plain black and are mostly made of plastic. If you want to spice up or individualize the design, it is possible to install the 6 included design covers. To do this, the frame element of the respective auricle, which is held with 4 screws each, has to be removed and the design cover inserted. Specially designed and printed covers are of course also no problem.

The headphone fork is made of aluminum and is attached to the fork of the  beyerdynamic MMX 300  ajar. The headband, made of spring steel and therefore particularly stable, can be adjusted in size in several stages. The directional information (L and R) is on both sides to help you orientate the headphones. Designed to be barrier-free, at least the left directional information is also printed in Braille. The detachable headband and the ear cups are padded and covered with an imitation leather. The microphone is connected to the connection cable. Cable and headphones can be separated. The microphone can be muted via the cable remote control, the volume can be adjusted and there is a dedicated button for accepting calls. Another design feature are the so-called "sound sliders". More on that later!

Design cover of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game

 The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is completely “Made in Germany”. As expected, beyerdynamic also delivers excellent workmanship on this headset, which does justice to the comparatively high price.

field test

Before we turn to the sound quality of the headset, a few technical details. The CUSTOM Game is a circumaural, closed headphone with a nominal impedance of 16 ohms and a frequency range from 5 Hz to 35.000 Hz. Beyerdynamic specifies the sound pressure level, i.e. the sensitivity, at 96 dB.

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Headset

Sound - gaming

A gaming headset must provide accurate noise localization, especially in tactical games, where the tonal subtleties are in the foreground. At the same time, a gaming headset should also offer a wide and effective sound image in action-packed single-player games. In the test, the CUSTOM game had to face the tactical “CS: GO”, the survival title “PUBG” and the single-player hit “GTA: V”. 

Headphones (1)

In CS: GO and PUBG, it's important to hear your opponents before you even see them. This is where the headset's “sound sliders” come into play. These are two mechanically movable sliders which, depending on their position, open a bass reflex channel of different sizes. Especially in tactical games, the closed and first position were able to prove themselves in the test. In the closed position, the headphones sound extremely neutral. External noise is filtered out excellently. The noise localization succeeds. Sound details such as steps and shots are reproduced rather flatly, but the exact origin of the noises can be clearly identified. In the 2nd slider position, the headphones gain in the middle. Sonic details, such as the steps that are mostly assigned to the mid-range, come into their own in a particularly focused manner.

Headphones (3)

If you want action-packed explosions, the 4th position of the slider is recommended. In this position the headphones gain bass. Despite the significant increase in bass, the mid and high range is hardly affected. Effective noises come in full, even if they are a little imprecise.

Sound - music

What many gaming headsets have in common is that they dominate the bass and midrange and that they are downright washed out. The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game behaves differently and convinces across the entire frequency range. If you are a "bass head", the headphones deliver crisp, if, as already mentioned, somewhat imprecise bass in the 4th slider position.

Headphones (2)

The 3rd slider position, which is particularly suitable for playing music and conveys a very grippy, textured and dynamic sound, is more moderate. If you prefer a largely neutral sound, the closed sliders offer you a clean, particularly linear frequency response. As you can see, the CUSTOM Game is a real all-round talent and is suitable for gaming, listening to music and watching movies. 

 The headphones are less suitable for mobile use. First of all, beyerdynamic does not include a conventional connection cable in the scope of delivery, so you have to rely on the cable and microphone. A connection cable with cable remote control and microphone can, however, be obtained separately from beyerdynamic. What is more critical, however, is that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets find it difficult to power the headphones. A comfortable volume is achieved, but if you prefer to hear your music a little louder, there is no avoiding an additional headphone amplifier.

Recording quality microphone

The cardioid condenser microphone is not permanently connected to the headphones, but is located on the detachable cable. One advantage of this is that you can use the CUSTOM Game without a microphone, as pure headphones. Provided you purchase the separately available connection cable without a condenser microphone. Another advantage is that if the microphone is defective, the entire headset is not over, but the cable and microphone can simply be replaced.

The microphone can be positioned using a flexible gooseneck. Unfortunately, this is a bit too flexible, so that the alignment can slip. In the test, readjustments often had to be made during the gaming sessions, which is very annoying in the long run. In addition, the connection piece between the gooseneck and the cable is rigid and therefore does not allow any freedom of movement. The mute switch on the cable remote control is practical. The microphone can be deactivated in the shortest possible way by moving the slide switch.

Again, however, the recording quality of the microphone was convincing. Spoken words are recorded very clearly and without interference. Outside noises are perfectly filtered by the pop filter and the cardioid pattern. Enclosed you will find an example recording.

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The comfort of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game leaves little to be desired. The headband and ear pads are comfortably padded and can be extensively adjusted thanks to the multi-level height adjustment. Despite the circumaural design and the synthetic leather cover, you won't break a sweat so quickly with the CUSTOM Game. Uncomfortable pressing is not noticeable even after long sessions.

Product page of the manufacturer:

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Review

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game


High quality manufacturing
Attractive design
Customizable design covers
Variety of sounds through sound slider
Precise surround sound
Top recording quality
Pleasant wearing comfort


Gooseneck too slack
Volume with mobile device
Inaccurate bass on 4th slider


The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is a true all-rounder and in the price range around 200 € one of the best, if not the best all-round headset. This is made possible by the so-called sound sliders, over which the sound can be individually adjusted. Gaming, listening to music and watching movies are not a problem thanks to the sliders, 4 possible sound profiles. Whether you prefer a more neutral sound or powerful basses, the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game delivers!

The recording quality of the microphone can also score. Speech is recorded very clearly without noise. The only criticism is the somewhat too flexible gooseneck, which likes to slip. Another highlight is the comfortable fit. Headband and ear pads are comfortably padded and allow longer sessions.

If you have the small change and who the extra charge for the beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a bit too much, you will receive a satisfying all-round headset in the best workmanship, "Made in Germany", with the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game.

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beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game


Frequency range: 5 Hz - 35 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sound pressure level: 96 dB
Power consumption: 100 mW
Noise Compensation: 18 dBA

Microphone type: condenser microphone
Directivity: kidney
Frequency range: 30 Hz - 18 kHz

Cable type: removable 3.5 mm jack
Wired Remote Control: Yes
Cable length: 1.6 m cable + 0.8 m Y cable
Plug: 3.5 mm jack

Headphone Type: Closed
Type: ear enclosing
Weight: 282g

What's in the box

1x beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game
1x Y-cable
1x cable with remote control and condenser microphone
1x 6.35mm jack adapter
6x Design Cover
1x Warranty Policy