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by 19. October 2017
The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is a new gaming headset from Germany-based hi-fi company "beyerdynamic". How the headset strikes in everyday life, but also in gaming, you will find out in this review.



beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game


Frequency range: 5 Hz - 35 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sound pressure level: 96 dB
Power consumption: 100 mW
Noise Compensation: 18 dBA

Microphone type: condenser microphone
Directivity: kidney
Frequency range: 30 Hz - 18 kHz

Cable type: removable 3.5 mm jack
Wired Remote Control: Yes
Cable length: 1.6 m cable + 0.8 m Y cable
Plug: 3.5 mm jack

Headphone Type: Closed
Type: ear enclosing
Weight: 282g

What's in the box

1x beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game
1x Y-cable
1x cable with remote control and condenser microphone
1x 6.35mm jack adapter
6x Design Cover
1x Warranty Policy

First impression of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game

What's in the box

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Headset comes in one gamer-friendly cardboard box delivered, which provides a lot of information about the headset. If you take the headset out of the packaging, it will already be on one practical cardboard stand presents. Of the What's in the box includes the headset, a Y-jack extension cable with audio and microphone connection, a plug-in cable with connected microphone and remote control, an 6.35 mm jack audio adapter, 6 design cover and multi-language warranty terms. The manufacturer dispenses with an operating manual and a connecting cable for on the way.

CUSTOM Game Headset included

Design and workmanship

The audience of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game are clearly gamers, which is also reflected in the design of the headset. The actual headphones are kept in simple black and consists for the most part of plastic. If you want to spice up the design or individualize, it is possible the 6 included design cover to install. All you have to do is remove the frame element of each ear with 4 screws and use the design cover. Specially designed and printed covers are of course no problem.

The Headphone fork is made of aluminum and is attached to the fork of the beyerdynamic MMX 300 ajar. Made of spring steel and thus very stable Headband is adjustable in several stages. For orientation of the headphones are on both sides of the respective directions (L and R). Disability designed, at least the left direction indication is additionally printed in Braille. The removable headband and the earcups are upholstered and covered with imitation leather. The Microphone is connected to the connection cable. Cables and headphones can be disconnected. About the cable remote control The microphone can be muted, the volume can be controlled and there is a special call acceptance button. Another design feature are the so-called "Sound Slider", More on that later!

Design cover of the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is completely "Made in Germany". As expected beyerdynamic also delivers this headset excellent workmanship that does justice to the comparatively high price.

field test

Before we turn to the sound qualities of the headset, there are some technical details. The CUSTOM Game is a circumaural, closed headphone with a rated impedance from 16 ohms and one frequency range from 5 Hz to 35.000 Hz. The Sound pressure levelSo the sensitivity indicates beyerdynamic with 96 dB.

beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game Headset

Sound - gaming

A gaming headset, above all, has to be one of tactical games with a tonal subtlety in the foreground accurate sound location deliver. At the same time, a gaming headset should also be a broad and powerful in action-packed single-player games effective sound Offer. In the test, the CUSTOM Game had to face both the tactical "CS: GO", the survival title "PUBG" and the single-player hit "GTA: V".

Headphones (1)

In CS: GO and PUBG it is important to hear your opponents before you even see them. Here come the "Sound Slider" of the headset into play. These are two mechanically movable sliders, which vary in size depending on the position Bass port to open. Especially in tactical games could prove the closed and first position in the test. In the closed position the headphone sounds very neutral. External noise is filtered superbly. The sound localization succeed. Although tonal details such as footsteps and shots are rendered rather flat, the exact origin of the sounds is well crystallizable. In the 2. Slider position the headphone wins at mid-range. Sonic details, such as the steps usually associated with the middle section, are particularly focused.

Headphones (3)

If you want action-packed explosions, we recommend the 4. Position of the slider, In this position, the headphone wins bass. Despite the clear bass boost, the center and highs are hardly affected. Effective sounds come in full, albeit a bit imprecisely to the advantage.

Sound - music

Many gaming headsets have it in common to dominate especially in the low and mid range and wash them down. The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game behaves differently and convinces over the entire frequency range. Are you one? "Bass Head", delivers the headphones on the 4. Slider position crisp, although as already mentioned, a bit imprecise bass.

Headphones (2)

Moderate behaves the 3. Slider position, which is especially suitable for music playback and a very handy, textured as well as dynamic sound taught. If you prefer a largely neutral sound, the closed sliders will give you a clear, particularly linear frequency response. As you can see, the CUSTOM Game is a real all-rounder and suitable for gaming, listening to music as well as watching movies.

Less suitable is the headset for mobile use. At first, beyerdynamic does not include a conventional connection cable, so you have to rely on the cable and microphone. On Connection cable with cable remote control including microphone can be purchased separately via beyerdynamic. On the other hand, it is more critical that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are difficult to power the headphones. It will be a pleasant volume If you want to hear your music a little bit louder, you will get an additional one Headphone Amplifier not around.

Recording quality microphone

The Cardioid condenser microphone is not permanently connected to the headphone, but is located on the removable cable, One advantage of this is that you can use the CUSTOM Game without a microphone, as a pure headphone. Assuming one acquires the separately available connection cable without condenser microphone. Another advantage is that in case of a defect of the microphone is not equal to the entire headset is over, but can simply replace the cable and microphone.

The microphone can be positioned via a flexible gooseneck, Unfortunately, this is a little too flexible, so that the orientation likes to slip. In the test had to be readjusted during the gaming sessions more often, which makes in the long run as extremely disturbing. In addition, the connecting piece between the gooseneck and the cable is rigid and does not allow any freedom of movement. Practical is the Mute shift switch the wired remote control. By turning the slide switch, the microphone can be deactivated by the shortest route.

Again, however, could convince the Recording quality of the microphone, Spoken is recorded very clearly and without interference. External noise is filtered through the Popschutz and kidney characteristics knotless. Enclosed you will find an example.


Auch der Comfort the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game leaves nothing to be desired. Headphones and ear cushions are comfortably padded and can through the multi-level height adjustment be extensively adapted. Despite the circumaural shape and the artificial leather cover, the CUSTOM Game does not make you sweat that fast. An unpleasant pressure does not make itself felt after longer sessions.

Product page of the manufacturer:

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Final Words


High quality
Attractive design
Customizable design covers
Variety of sounds through sound slider
Precise surround sound
Top recording quality
Pleasant wearing comfort


Gooseneck too slack
Volume with mobile device
Inaccurate bass on 4th slider

First impression
Gaming suitability

The beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game is a true all-rounder and in the price range around 200 € one of the best, if not the best all-round headset. This is made possible by the so-called sound sliders, over which the sound can be individually adjusted. Gaming, listening to music and watching movies are not a problem thanks to the sliders, 4 possible sound profiles. Whether you prefer a more neutral sound or powerful basses, the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game delivers!

The recording quality of the microphone can also score. Speech is recorded very clearly without noise. The only criticism is the somewhat too flexible gooseneck, which likes to slip. Another highlight is the comfortable fit. Headband and ear pads are comfortably padded and allow longer sessions.

If you have the small change and who the extra charge for the beyerdynamic MMX 300 is a bit too much, you will receive a satisfying all-round headset in the best workmanship, "Made in Germany", with the beyerdynamic CUSTOM Game.

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