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Auna MIC-900B test

Auna MIC-900B test - condenser microphone

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 24. October 2023

Less than a week ago, I got my hands on the Auna MIC-900B and was able to get a good picture of the microphone. Especially as a YouTuber you always want to have a clear and easy-to-understand voice on your videos, and that's what the viewers do not like at all if you're constantly picking up background noise or even "inherent noise" from the microphone. Keep reading if you want to know how to judge this microphone as a creator.

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First impression of the Auna MIC-900B

Auna MIC-900B

When I unpacked the Auna MIC-900B, I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the build quality. Here you get a really high quality condenser microphone, in a matte black metal case. The microphone can be perfectly inserted into the metal microphone spider via the clamping mechanism. The microphone spider offers a secure hold, so that slipping out of the MIC-900B is hardly conceivable. Incidentally, the microphone spider is padded with foam inside. So you do not have to be afraid that the nice matte color of the Auna MIC-900B will be jammed by repeatedly pinching it out and eventually getting scratched. The screw mechanism of the tripod thread can also be tightened, which also prevents slippage of the microphone during recordings.

To start up, you only need to connect the microphone to the USB cable and the input device. For my YouTube recordings I connected the Auna MIC-900B to the PC. The microphone is "plug and play" compatible, so it was recognized immediately and I was able to make the first test shots directly. Incidentally, a blue LED lights up in the microphone, which indicates whether the microphone is supplied with power and that also rounds off the overall picture nicely.

Auna MIC-900B microphone spider

recording quality


The recording quality is phenomenal for the low price. Voice recordings are clear, understandable and powerful in a normal room acoustics. Overall, I would describe the sound as very dynamic.

Disturbing noise is filtered very well, so you do not have to rework anything. Even with a pitch of about 30cm you can create beautiful audio recordings. A noise of the Auna MIC-900B I could not determine by the way.

Auna MIC-900B test

Auna MIC-900B test

Auna MIC-900B Condenser Microphone


Easy commissioning
Nice workmanship
Microphone spider included
Very good recording quality


Blue LED can be annoying
No mute button


The Auna MIC-900B lived up to my expectations. What you get offered here price / performance-wise, could hardly be better. Just the good build quality and the great sound, I can only praise. For betterment, I would like to see Auna give the microphone a small mute button. Especially as a streamer, let's player or if you generally use the microphone as a table microphone, this would be a very useful feature. Nevertheless, the MIC-900B is a top microphone, which gives a solid figure.

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1 comment

1 comment

  1. Kai Mattern

    1. July 2020 14 to: 33

    The LED on mine is green, by the way.

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Auna MIC-900B Condenser Microphone


Connection: USB interface (type B)
Frequency range: 30 Hz - 18 kHz
Sample Rate: 16 Bit / 48 kHz
Sensitivity: - 32 dB
Blue operating LED
Power supply: via USB

What's in the box

1x MIC-900B USB
1x microphone spider with tripod thread
1x USB Cable (Type B)
1x leather case
1x operating instructions in German