Auna Weimar Test - internet radio in a retro look

by 26. November 2015
The Auna Weimar Internet Radio combines just about any media playback option with a chic retro design. To what extent this bulging wooden box beats, I have looked closer.



Auna Weimar


Connections: 3,5mm headphone output, 3,5mm AUX input
automatic station search
DAB +: 10 station memory
FM: 10 station memory
Internet radio: 10 station memory
Dynamic Range Control (DAB +)
2-band equalizer
Preset Equalizer
Display with two brightness levels
WLAN with WEP, WPA, WPS (802.11 b / g / n)
Sleep function (10, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)
2 Timer (alarm sound: beep, internet radio, DAB, FM)
Operation via jog dial and push button
On / off switch on the device
Power supply: external power supply

What's in the box

Auna Weimar
AC adapter
German-language operating instructions (other languages: English)

Review of the Auna Weimar Internet Radio

First impression of the Auna Weimar

In addition to the Auna Weimar Internet radio, a 9V power supply with flat plug and a German manual were included in the delivery. The Auna Weimar has a high quality processed Housing made of real wood in the color walnut. The size of the radio amounts to 27 x 13.5 x 8 cm, On the front are both the 2.4 inches big screen, the function keys including rotary control, as well as the speaker hidden behind a loudspeaker grille. Judging by my first look, here were two about 50mm large driver units used. On the back, which is made of plastic, there is still a radio antenna, a headphone jack, an AUX input and the power connector.


After switching on for the first time you will be replaced by a Setup wizard guided. Here you can set the date and time, but you can also choose to automatically change them DAB, FM or the Internet be obtained. Likewise, you can already make the network settings here. You can select an already public network or manually enter an SSID. The entries are made via the rotary control on the front of the radio. Especially with a long SSID or a longer password with different characters, setting up the WLAN can take a little longer, because you have to change the extensive character table here.

The subsequent connection was done easily and quickly. Even after I removed the radio from the power were in retrospect still all settings available and the connection was taken up again quickly.

Accessories of the Auna Weimar


About the mode key can be 5 different playback modes choose.

  • Im Mode "Music Player" you can set up your own server and thus send music directly from the PC to the radio. The transmission takes place via UPnP.
  • Im "DAB mode", the digital broadcasting standard for digital radio, we can search for stations, manually create and store stations, set the DRC (Dynamic Range Control), but also get station information.
  • The "FM mode" is self-explanatory. Here too, an automatic station search can be started, stations can be added manually and of course the favorites can also be saved.
  • The "BT mode" is responsible for the Bluetooth transmission. In this mode, we can connect any Bluetooth enabled device to the radio and play music over it. Unfortunately, I could not find out anything about the Bluetooth standard used here.
  • The "AUX mode" Used to connect a media device via a 3.5mm jack audio cable.

Other features, besides the playback modes, include one Sleep timer, whereby the device is automatically put into standby mode after a certain time, an alarm or alarm function, as well as an equalizer in which one can also create his own profile manually. Date and time settings can be made, you can change the language, reset the radio to factory settings, update the software of the radio and also adjust the display lighting.

Test of the Auna Weimar radio

Transmission quality - sound

The transmission quality is excellent in all playback modes. The connection to the domestic WLAN works perfectly and quickly. The connection to the individual stations is set up very quickly and the retrieval of the station list takes place within a few seconds. The Bluetooth connection is stable and I would estimate the range to be slightly more than 10 meters. The sound is very good with all playback modes. Songs are rendered strong and clear. Noise I could not find any.

Price Comparison

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Final Words


Very nice workmanship
Great design
good sound
Fast connection establishment
Numerous playback options


Entry via rotary control only
Slightly confusing menu

First impression
everyday practicality

The Auna Weimar Internet radio not only visually lived up to my expectations, but also has a lot to offer in terms of its inner life. It is really almost all playback options covered, as well as you have a huge selection of channels, which are also still reproduced easily and quickly.

Anyone looking for a modern, antique-look radio should take a closer look at the Auna Weimar Internet Radio!

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a very nice and good internet radio as I think, I myself have acquired this and am really satisfied, I can only recommend it.
And a big compliment to you, I think you have written the article great and these points distribution in the end, I find really great!