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XGIMI Unveils HORIZON Max and Breakthrough Projection Technologies at CES 2024

XGIMI unveiled new projectors, groundbreaking technologies and partnerships at CES 2024, currently taking place in Las Vegas. Highlights include the new ISA 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0 technologies, partnerships with industry giants such as IMAX & DTS, Google and MediaTek, and the award-winning 3-in-1 smart home product Aladdin.

HORIZON Max with IMAX Enhanced certification

Just a few months ago, XGIMI presented us with the HORIZON Ultra, the world's first 4K projector with Dolby Vision, at the IFA in Berlin. Now the manufacturer is stepping up at CES 2024 and is announcing the HORIZON Max, an intelligent long-distance projector with IMAX Enhanced certification.

“With the HORIZON Max, we are setting new standards in home entertainment and offering a cinematic experience that was previously only reserved for high-end projectors,” said  Apollo Zhong, CEO and founder of XGIMI.

“With the HORIZON Ultra we offer Dolby Vision and the HORIZON Max now has the IMAX Enhanced certification for its picture performance. The HORIZON Max not only sets new standards for the industry with this certification, but also represents a significant milestone for the brand by also introducing the most advanced versions of the unique ISA and Dual Light technologies."

ISA 5.0 and Dual Light 2.0 technology

XGIMI has introduced its Intelligent Screen Adaptation (ISA) technology in the new version 5.0. The hardware and software-based technology makes the usually cumbersome alignment of the projector unnecessary by fully automatic, motorized adjustment to different projection surfaces. By using 3D ToF, the projector independently recognizes its surroundings and automatically finds the optimal projection point.

As a further technological achievement, XGIMI presents the Dual Light 2.0 technology. This improves image quality by combining a triple laser with a phosphor light to correct irregularities. Equipped with MCL lasers, the image brightness is increased by 35 percent compared to the previous model, the HORIZON Ultra.

XGIMI Aladdin CES News

Smart ceiling lamp with high-end projector

With the XGIMI Aladdin, the company shows us what it can do. This product is an innovative 3-in-1 lamp that combines a smart ceiling light, a high-end projector and connected speakers in one device. According to XGIMI, the Aladdin overcomes common projector problems such as screen blocking and glare while offering an impressive 0,7:1 throw ratio.

Apollo Zhong said: “It is an extraordinary combination of the latest projector technology and sophisticated design. We are proud to have received the CES Innovation Award, recognizing our technological breakthroughs with Aladdin. Aladdin seamlessly integrates an HD projector, smart lighting and a high-quality audio experience. Our goal is to provide everyone with an excellent home theater experience. We look forward to unveiling more smart home innovations in 2024 and beyond."

Partnerships and future developments

The collaboration with  MediaTek and Google TV reaffirms XGIMI's focus on continuous innovation. These partnerships are strategically important for XGIMI as MediaTek chips are used in all of the company's premium products. In 2024, XGIMI also plans to launch a new series of intelligent projection solutions in cooperation with Google TV.

Source: Press Release

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