VTin EYPRO Review - Top or Flop?

by 10. March 2016
In addition to well-known Action Cam manufacturers such as GoPro and SJCAM, there are also smaller, less known producers who want to get their action cams to the man. VicTsing, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, has launched the "VTin EYPRO", a WiFi Action Cam, which was provided to me for a detailed test.



VTin EYPRO Action Cam


Video-Auflösung: 1080p@30; 720P@30@60
Image resolution: 12, 10, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1,3 megapixels, VGA
Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

Display: 2.0LTPS
Lens: 170 grade wide-angle lens

USB interface: USB 2.0 Micro, Micro HDMI
Battery capacity: 1050mAh

Unboxing the VTin EYPRO

Who the SOOCOO S70 (Link to the test of the S70), will also recognize the cardboard box of the VTin EYPRO. In this box were next to the Action Cam two more boxes with accessories. This range of 27 parts includes all the necessary brackets to attach the Action Cam to the bike or helmet, a waterproof case and more. In the English-language operating instructions, the scope of delivery is again shown exactly as well as illustrated, which purpose the individual parts serve and how to use them correctly. Incidentally, the accessories correspond qualitatively to those of an SJCAM. Particularly interesting is that with the VTin EYPRO even 2 batteries are included.

Hands-on to VTin EYPRO

In the first hands-on, the VTin EYPRO by VicTsing makes a good impression. It is already delivered in a watertight housing, which is well processed so far, can be opened easily by the folding mechanism and complies with the usual norm. So if you need a replacement case, you can easily re-order one of the standard SJCAM cases.

With the housing design of the actual camera, the VTin EYPRO goes a slightly different way (at least in detail). Although the size of the other Action Cams is identical, but with this camera, for example, another power button was used. Particularly noteworthy is the 2 inch large screen, which occupies most of the back. On the left side of the case are the SD card slot, a micro HDMI and a micro USB port. On the opposite side we have the control buttons for menu guidance and to activate the WiFi. On the top is the confirmation button, to the left is a small LED. Overall, this camera has both next to the display and just above the housing small LEDs on the basis of which the recording status can be read. The battery compartment is located on the bottom. The batteries of the VTin EYPRO have a capacity of 1050mAh (SJCAM 900mAh), but the size of the batteries of a SJCAM is identical. In addition, the batteries of the EYPRO do not have this thin paper coating, but a solid plastic housing.

Commissioning and user interface

Insert the SD card (max 32GB), charge the battery, turn it on and the action cam is ready to shoot. The commissioning is no different from other Action Cams and is easy to understand even without English knowledge, thanks to the illustrated instructions.

What is interesting, though, is the interface, which is barely different from that of a SJ4000. Under the Version menu item, the camera is run as 96655, which suggests a Novatek N96655 image processor. This is also used in the SJ5000. Which image sensor was used, however, is not known. The firmware comes from January 2016.

To use WiFi mode, you have to download an app that is available for both Android and iOS. In Google PlayStore, this app is called "Final Cam" (Link to the app) to find. If you do not have an appstore, you can also get the app from another source. The link is located on the back of the operating instructions in the form of a QR code. Via the app, the VicTsing EYPRO can then be controlled with connected Wi-Fi, as well as you can make recording settings and transferred shot to the smartphone / tablet or watch.

Video, picture and sound quality

Most important, of course, is the video and image quality. Videos captures the VicTsing VTin EYPRO with a resolution up to 1080p and 30 pictures-per-second. A lower resolution with 720p at 60 and 30 pictures-per-second is also supported.

After several test shots I would call the VTin EYPRO a good beginner action cam. With 1080p I would have, according to the price, 60 images per second desired. The video quality, however, was convincing in daylight. The picture was sharp and largely colorfast. At dusk, however, I noticed the increasing pixelation. Brightness adjustment for light to dark transitions works well with the VTin EYPRO, but is minimally delayed.

The specified 12 megapixels in the image resolution are of course only an interpolated value. Since nothing is known about the image sensor, it can only be assumed here that an 3 megapixel image sensor, similar to that of a SJ4000, was used. Nevertheless, the EYPRO performs surprisingly well in terms of image quality. Test shots with "screwed-up" 12 megapixels were only slightly noisy and smaller details were easily recognizable.

The recording quality of the sound is also good on this Sports Cam. Spoken is recorded without waterproof housing and at a small distance, clear and understandable.

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Final Words


Good video and picture quality
Good scope of accessories with 2 batteries
Sound recordings understandable


No 60 FPS at 1080p
No 64GB memory cards

First impression
video quality
picture quality
Battery life

The VicTsing VTin EYPRO is a beginner-friendly action cam, which was able to convince in the test with a good image and video quality. The delivery includes all necessary accessories and fortunately, even an additional battery was included. The user interface is clear and easy to use. The WiFi feature is also fast and stable.

What I would have liked, however, would be 60 1080p image-per-second support.

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