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Urtopia Fusion Eurobike 2023 header

Urtopia Fusion: The “iPhone among e-bikes” supports ChatGPT

Urtopia presented its latest e-bike, the Urtopia Fusion, at EUROBIKE 2023, challenging the bicycle market. The first of its kind, the Fusion offers real-time rider support through a connection to ChatGPT, earning it the nickname "the iPhone of e-bikes".

Urtopia Fusion

Designed by Hartmut Esslinger

The Urtopia Fusion is the work of renowned industrial designer Hartmut Esslinger, who rose to prominence in the 80s as the creative mind behind Apple's iconic Snow White design concept.

His creative signature is visible in every detail of the e-bike: the Fusion presents itself as a work of art on wheels. With its strikingly light carbon frame, it weighs just 19,8 kilograms and exudes an aesthetic reminiscent of Apple's minimalist yet functional designs.

Remarkable equipment

The e-bike is powered by a Bafang M510 mid-motor with an output of 250 watts and a torque of 90 Nm. The e-bike was designed in accordance with the StVZO and is suitable for riders with a height of 160-190 cm.

Front view of Urtopia Fusion with front wheel

The Urtopia Fusion was the new e-bike presented by the manufacturer at Eurobike 2023.

The 352,8 watt-hour battery, which uses high-quality Samsung 21700 Li-ion cells, offers an impressive range of up to 180 km, depending on driving behavior. Charging the removable battery takes only 2,5 hours.

Other features of the Fusion include an Enviolo Heavy Duty gear hub, a Gates Carbon Drive CDX belt drive, 28 inch Schwalbe Big Apple tires and Magura MT4 eSTOP disc brakes.

Many smart functions

But the technical equipment is not all that the Urtopia Fusion has to offer. It has numerous interfaces such as 4G eSIM, WLAN and Bluetooth that connect the e-bike to the Urtopia app. A GPS tracking system contributes to security, and a fingerprint scanner unlocks the Urtopia Fusion.

Urtopia stand at Eurobike 2023

The Urtopia booth also showed the Urtopia Carbon 1 and the Urtopia Chord.

Also on board is the smart bar known from other Urtopia e-bikes, which provides the driver with all relevant information about the e-bike on an LED display.

Now also with Apple Health and Strava

A new feature of the Urtopia app is the linking with Apple Health and Strava. By integrating iWatch health data, riders can effectively monitor their cycling heart rate fluctuations while the bike automatically adjusts performance, allowing for better training and longer rides.

Urtopia connection to Apple Health and Strava

All Urtopia e-bikes are now also compatible with Apple Health and Strava.

ChatGPT: The highlight of Eurobike 2023

A real highlight that Urtopia presented at Eurobike 2023 is the integration of ChatGPT. In combination with the Urtopia language assistant, it expands the bike's possibilities enormously and offers the driver dynamic support for all types of requests. Urtopia shows exactly how this works in a short clip on YouTube:

The world's smartest ebike: Urtopia X ChatGPT

Whether you want to go sightseeing in a foreign city or are looking for recommendations for local attractions, you can simply ask ChatGPT. Thanks to the connection with the Urtopia Bike's navigation function, the suggestions are transferred directly to the route, which makes exploring new places child's play.

Source: Press release & Eurobike 2023

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