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Urtopia carbon e-bike – our first impression of the urban e-bike

A full carbon e-bike for less than 2000 euros? At least that's what the futuristic Urtopia e-bike promises to be, which is packed with smart functions and is currently being financed via the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Let's take a closer look at what this is all about and what expectations you can have of the e-bike.

New Urban Utopia = Urtopia

First Impression (Update July 29, 2022)

We have had the Urtopia e-bike here since mid-July and would like to give you a first impression of the e-bike before the detailed test report goes online. The e-bike has now clocked up a few kilometers and it is fair to say that Urtopia, as a newcomer to the e-bike market, has delivered a usable urban bike.

Urtopia e-bike carbon frame from the side

Stylish and well-made carbon frame.

As a classic city bike, it cuts a fine figure. The bike impresses with its high maneuverability in traffic and is a guaranteed eye-catcher thanks to its stylish carbon frame. The rigidity of the frame quickly becomes noticeable on rough terrain. Due to its light weight of just 14 kg, it can be carried up and down a few steps without any problems.

Urtopia e-bike Gates belt drive

Instead of the chain, Urtopia uses a Gates Carbon Drive.

The driving experience leaves a positive impression. The support reacts quickly and feels natural at all levels. At 25 km/h, the support switches off automatically and you can still reach approx. 35 km/h with pure pedal power.

The Urtopia E-Bike is not a “mountain goat” due to its 35 Nm torque, but the support still works quite well with slight inclines. The range measured under real conditions is approx. 75 km. The battery then needs to be plugged into the socket for 3 hours.

Urtopia e-bike rear wheel drive

Disc brakes, 250W rear hub motor and bike stand sold separately.

Urtopia attaches great importance to smart equipment. Coupled with the Urtopia app, you always have the location of the e-bike in view (if eSIM is active) and can look at the route you have traveled afterwards. So far this works quite well.

Urtopia e-bike smart display

You can keep an eye on everything via the Smartbar.

The app still deserves minor improvements. For example, the volume of the bicycle bell is currently linked to the volume of the entire sound output, which can be annoying in the long run. The e-bike makes quite a lot of sounds! But in conversation with Urtopia, it was already announced that the app would be further expanded and improved.

mmWave has a bitter aftertaste. The once touted feature has been disabled in the current firmware update (1.5.0). When asked, Urtopia informed us that the function still requires further development steps. It is not known if and when mmWave will come back. Pity!

 Do you have questions about the Urtopia e-bike? Off to the comments! 

Update 06. July 2022

New update to the Urtopia e-bike! Baker of the Indiegogo campaign was supposed to get her hands on her e-bike towards the end of July with a slight delay. The accessories for the bike have already been sent.

But there is also news about availability. In addition to the official Urtopia shop, the e-bike will also be available from Media Markt, Otto and other retailers. At Media Markt (Link) and Otto, the bike is already listed for 3199 euros. According to the information stored there, shipping will take place around mid-September or in 7 weeks.


200€ Urtopia coupon

With this coupon you get a 200 Euro discount on the retail price of the Urtopia e-bike.
200€ Discount

The official Urtopia shop is cheaper. With our exclusive discount code, the price is reduced to 2999 euros. Anyone who would like to take a look at the e-bike beforehand has the opportunity to do so at EUROBIKE 2022 (July 13 to 17). All information about this in the update below!

Update 01. June 2022

Urtopia EUROBIKE 2022 flyerAccording to the manufacturer, the first delivery of the Urtopia e-bike is on its way to Europe and should be delivered to pre-orderers in June. We should then also receive our test device and hopefully in a few weeks we can tell you more about the Urtopia e-bike in a detailed test.

At the same time, Urtopia informed us that they will have their own stand at EUROBIKE in July. There you have the opportunity to see and try out the e-bike up close. EUROBIKE will take place from July 13th to 17th at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds.

Details on the hall, stand number and the test site for test drives can be found on the flyer.

Update 18. May 2022

 New update from Urtopia! The delivery of the e-bike has already started in the USA and from June it will also be the turn of European customers.

Anyone who would like to reserve the e-bike quickly (49 euros down payment) will receive a discount of 200 euros (2799 euros instead of 2999 euros). Reservations are possible until the end of July.

Urtopia E-Bike Offer May 2022.

If you don't want to buy the bike after paying the deposit, the 49 euros will be refunded.

To the Urtopia offer

Update 03. March 2022

Urtopia has increased the discount for pre-orders again. Deposit $100 now get $500 off! According to Urtopia, anyone who has already pre-ordered the bike for the old campaign will also be credited with the $500 instead of the $200.

Update 24. February 2022

There is new information about the Urtopia E-Bike! The bike has now been successfully “backed” via Indiegogo. Urtopia is now starting direct sales via its own online shop. Nevertheless, the carbon e-bike is still on presale. Shipping is scheduled to take place in May with a slight delay.

Urtopia E-Bike in Potsdam in front of raddoc in Potsdam.

You can try out the Urtopia e-bike at raddoc in Potsdam.

If you want to buy the e-bike now, you have the chance to do so. With a deposit of $100 there is a discount of $200.

The price of the German model would then be $3299, which corresponds to the equivalent of €2.933. If you change your mind again by May, you can cancel without hesitation and get your deposit back.

To the Urtopia shop

 Urtopia what? - never heard of it! This is probably how most people will feel when they hear about this e-bike brand for the first time. By the way, I felt the same way because I hadn't had Urtopia on my screen until a week ago. It wasn't until a friend brought it to my attention and told me about the futuristic e-bike that my curiosity was piqued and the research began.

Introducing Urtopia E-Bike

A full carbon e-bike for under 2000 euros almost sounds too good to be true. So who is behind the “Urtopia Carbon E-Bike”? A look at the homepage reveals that Urtopia is a startup headquartered in Hong Kong. The e-bikes are produced in China. Sales are worldwide, which in turn promises easy access to spare parts. The e-bike has been being developed since 2020 by a team of young engineers with one goal in mind "healthy urban lifestyle powered by smart technologies" to bring to the person.


 Anyone who would like to try out the Urtopia e-bike currently has the opportunity to do so. Upon request from Urtopia, a prototype is at the bicycle dealer  raddoc exhibited in Potsdam.

Here in March there will be a test of the retail version of the Urtopia e-bike.

At the end of 2021, “financing” via Indiegogo (Link) started. Urtopia has now found almost 1.300 “backers” there who have donated almost 3.000.000 euros to the e-bike. The campaign goal was achieved and the e-bike should be sent to the backers at the end of February 2022. If you want, you can still buy the Urtopia e-bike at a special price. The e-bike has been in production since December 2021.

Urtopia on Indiegogo

Urtopia carbon e-bike

But now finally to the e-bike. This promises to be the jack of all trades among e-bikes. Light carbon frame and smart technology at a great price of just under 2000 euros. Sure, such a data sheet can always be nice, but what Urtopia promises here could actually make many other e-bike brands sweat.

Lightweight full carbon frame

Thanks to the full carbon frame, the e-bike weighs a light 14 kg. The futuristic look makes a lot of sense, but as always, looks are a matter of taste. With a classic frame design, Urtopia could certainly have saved some weight.

Lightweight full carbon frame weighs only 14kg.

Carry the e-bike up the stairs? At 14 kg not too heavy!

When it comes to stability, a test will also have to show how much the frame can withstand. The seat post disappears and the resilient element is the frame itself. The e-bike is available in three eye-catching and less eye-catching paint finishes: “SIRIUS”, “LYRA” and “MIDNIGHT IN PARIS”.

Lots of gadgets

Smart bar & GPS

The hardware of the e-bike is just as futuristic as the design. You always have an eye on the “Smartbar”, the LED dot display of the Urtopia e-bike, which is stylishly embedded in the handlebars. The display provides information about the speed and battery, among other things.

Urtopia smart bar

The Smartbar with LED DotDisplay

Integrated GPS also allows you to navigate with the e-bike in real time and show directional arrows on the display.

AI voice control, app & fingerprint scanner

The icing on the cake when it comes to smart functionality is the AI ​​voice control of the Urtopia e-bike. The artificial intelligence knows how to deal with voice commands such as “lights on”, “lock the bike” and many other commands. The answer is via a 3W speaker. For better or worse, you are guaranteed to be an eye-catcher in public!

Urtopia e-bike fingerprint scanner

Simply complete with your fingerprint.

In the future, the e-bike will also be able to be controlled and monitored via an app. A fingerprint scanner on the handlebar serves as a biometric immobilizer.

mmWave & fall detection

What already sounds like a lot of frills and gimmicks is only a fraction of the functions that Urtopia wants to equip the futuristic e-bike with. The finished series model should be equipped with mmWave, among other things, a technology that recognizes objects and measures the distance to them. If, for example, a car approaches from behind, you will be informed about it via the Smartbar.

Urtopia e-bike indicators projection on the ground

In the dark, the blinking direction is projected onto the ground.

The e-bike detects falls using a gyroscope and if an emergency number is stored, this is automatically informed after a fall.

Blinkers & Connectivity

Otherwise, there is a turn signal that even projects the direction of the blinking onto the road in the dark. Bluetooth, WiFi and eSIM have also been included. The software receives updates automatically “Over-the-Air” (OTA).

Power Type

Urtopia has discreetly hidden the 250 watt motor from "Mivice" (35~40 Nm) in the rear wheel hub. The sensor technology uses a torque sensor, which means that the driver can determine how much support the motor should provide by pressing the pedal. The belt is a Gates Carbon Drive, which speaks for high durability and low maintenance.

Urtopia e-bike Gates Carbon Drive straps

The Urtopia e-bike uses a Gates Carbon Drive belt.

In the EU version of the Urtopia e-bike, the motor support switches off at a speed of 25 km/h. In the US version at 31 km/h. The acceleration can be additionally adjusted in the performance levels “ECO”, “Comfort”, “Sport” and “Turbo”. In addition, the e-bike can be powered purely by pedal power.

Safety, battery and range

Another important issue is safety and battery. The standard model of the Urtopia e-bike complies with the regulations applicable in Germany for the operation of e-bikes on public roads upon request from the manufacturer. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure short and safe braking distances.

The Urtopia e-bike has the removable battery integrated in the inclined tube. The capacity is 360 Wh and branded Li-Ion cells from Samsung are installed, which still deliver 1000% of the capacity after about 80 charging cycles. The battery is charged in about 2 1/2 hours. According to Urtopia, the range with just one battery charge is between 50 and 130 km.

 What is your opinion on the Urtopia carbon e-bike? Let us know in the comments! 

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Timo is the founder of and a real technology expert. From smartphones to e-bikes, from home cinema to smart homes, he always has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends.



  1. Rere

    28. January 2022 13 to: 52

    Definitely an interesting bike, especially when you're out and about in the city. Probably not to be used off-road and I wouldn't buy it blind, even if the price is attractive. I'm curious what you report.

  2. Thomas

    29. January 2022 15 to: 25

    Phew no fenders. You won't have much fun there if it rains. Doesn't look like it could be easily reinstalled. And the handlebar? Also not height adjustable?

    • Timo admin

      1. February 2022 13 to: 56

      Hi Thomas, it is not known to what extent fenders can be retrofitted. For the sake of optics, they were probably left out, which is actually rather impractical. The handlebar is not height adjustable. However, the bike is available in two sizes and is suitable for people up to 1,95m tall and weighing 110kg.

      • Peterle

        6. February 2022 11 to: 34

        It should be clear that we have a commuter bike in front of us. The missing mudguards are a minor matter. Here it depends on the use in the city. You can't drive it through the woods anyway.

        • Stephan

          30. July 2022 10 to: 02

          Don't you get wet in the city when it rains?🤔

      • Kerstin Freckman

        26. February 2023 21 to: 56

        I ride the bike and I love it. Mudguards delivered later and personally installed by the boss / his employee when they were in Germany in autumn. And checked the whole bike right away. Totally nice the 2 and great service. Still good contact.

  3. Canatay Somay

    4. February 2022 19 to: 49

    I belong to the Backersund and am eagerly awaiting my e-bike. On this matter, I would like to know if the front chainring is replaceable. How many teeth does the original chainring have? Who can answer this question for me?

    • Timo admin

      6. February 2022 19 to: 22

      Hi Canatay,

      I am in contact with the manufacturer. I'll be happy to forward the question.

      Edit: I received an answer. The front chainring has 55 teeth and the rear sprocket has 22 teeth. The chainring is from Gates and is replaceable.

  4. Sebastian M.

    12. February 2022 11 to: 42

    Ultimately, the decisive question is whether Urtopia is able to supply spare parts or how easy it is to repair the e-bike yourself. Until there is no clarity, I would not spend 2000 € on it.

    • Heribert

      17. February 2022 15 to: 14

      I have a different opinion. If the parts have actually been used as described above, then you can exchange them independently of the Urtopia service. You can get a Gates strap pretty much anywhere.
      It gets trickier when there is something wrong with the electronics. But even then there is guaranteed to be a solution. Trained bicycle workshops are familiar with this kind of thing.

  5. MisterMan

    24. February 2022 12 to: 45

    First February, then March and now May... I'd like to have the bike here for the summer, but if things continue like this I won't hold out too much hope. Luckily I haven't ordered yet. I'll wait for the test reports.

    • Rudi

      18. March 2022 09 to: 49

      I also think the price is steep now. Started at under $2000, now we're over $3000. I'll wait and see what the reviews say. The new Vanmoof S4 is supposed to come in April.

  6. marrl

    4. April 2022 09 to: 43

    Is your test coming up sometime?

    • Timo admin

      8. April 2022 23 to: 41

      Hi Marcrl, we are planning a test. It will probably last until May / June. As soon as we have a test device here, we will of course let you know.

  7. Marco

    10. April 2022 22 to: 21

    Mmmh... Actually a cool bike, but probably not suitable for the daily commute to work. Well, you can already order "mudguards", but you would probably only have to transport luggage on the way back...

  8. padde

    19. May 2022 13 to: 03

    I've been flirting with a Vanmoof or a Cowboy for a long time, but the Urtopia reads a lot better. I've already looked at some English tests and what they report there sounds good too. Now just wait for your test and if it fits, will be ordered in June.

  9. HP

    7. June 2022 09 to: 41

    Hello, if I order the bike from the shop, are the mudguards already attached or do I have to buy them separately? I'm not so sure right now.

    The side also says "Est. Shipping: June 2022”. What exactly does that mean if I order now?

    • Timo admin

      8. June 2022 18 to: 09

      Hi HP, unfortunately the mudguards have to be bought separately. The fenders are also available from the Urtopia shop. From time to time Urtopia also offers bundles that contain various accessories.

      I don't have any further information about shipping yet. The status is that the first pre-orderers from Europe will receive their bikes in June.

      • Karsten

        9. June 2022 12 to: 12

        In a post, Urtopia said that the pre-order bikes from the Indiegogo campaign were sent out at the end of May. If you assume that the shipping by cargo ship takes about 45 days, the bikes should go out to the pre-orderers at the end of June, rather the beginning of July. Let's keep waiting...

        • Winni

          10. June 2022 17 to: 52

          I had pre-ordered the bike from Indiegogo and just got an e-mail that pre-orders will probably have to wait until mid-July. Shipping from China is delayed and the bikes then have to be declared in Poland. I think it's bad too, because I'd like to mess around with it, but what can you do.

          Anyone who orders now will be whrsl. have to wait even longer. Then it will be whrsl. be August or September.

  10. Harald

    25. July 2022 15 to: 51

    The Urtopia bike I ordered and paid for in November 2021 has still not arrived. Delivery was originally promised for February.

    Questions to Urtopia Sales are always put off. The last promise that until 15.7. will be delivered is now also absolute.
    Tracking data provided by Urtopia is useless.

    Allegedly Urtopia knows z. Currently not where the goods actually are. You would search...

    The request to pay back the money, since interest has now expired, has so far been rejected.

    Is the whole thing an air number in the end?

    • Thomas

      2. August 2022 08 to: 58

      I get the impression with the air number now too.
      My inquiries at Urtopia also have more the appearance of getting rid of and stalling.
      But who knows? Maybe we'll all get our bikes this year after all. Then it's just as a Christmas present under the 🌲.

      • Thomas

        2. August 2022 16 to: 41

        Hi Timo, I think it's very good how you work hard for Urtopia. Also the reference to the FB group. I won't log on to FB just to get any updates though.
        Here, too, Urtopia's end user support is weak
        However, your commitment cannot make up for the fact that the bikes still haven't reached us.
        Here, Urtopia needs to work much better on communicating with consumers.
        Whether the bike will fulfill what was promised will perhaps be "experienced" at some point.
        For me, in any case, a very bad aftertaste has already arisen from the matter.
        But who knows, maybe Urtopia will really convince with the bike.

    • Harald

      9. August 2022 17 to: 26

      The Urtopia e-bike has actually arrived.

      Unfortunately without the required CE marking. The e-bike may not be put into operation in the EU and may not be used on the road.

      Does anyone here have more/better information?
      Thanks for info!

      • Timo admin

        10. August 2022 15 to: 30

        Hi Harald,

        I checked with Urtopia. The CE sticker was actually forgotten in the first batch. All other bikes will have the sticker. Documents on EC conformity can be requested from support. They also send out the sticker afterwards, if it is needed (which is the case for most of us).

        • Harald

          12. August 2022 11 to: 41

          According to support, the CE sticker should reach me in 2-3 weeks.

  11. Thomas

    1. August 2022 18 to: 43

    Thanks for the insightful test report.
    Unfortunately, the sponsors of the project are still waiting for the bikes to be delivered. Which gives me the impression that Urtopia is more interested in the US market.
    I am curious if we will still see the bikes in our possession in August.
    Apparently, Urtopia focuses more on promoting the wheel than on serving your customers.
    I also think it's a shame that the bikes were delivered with Bananaware and the network was switched off for the time being. Such features have certainly been an incentive for many buyers to buy.

    • Timo admin

      1. August 2022 19 to: 58

      Hi Thomas, I've been keeping an eye on the Urtopia Facebook group and I've noticed that the Bakers have been put off for months. I can understand the frustration about that. Especially as the summer progresses.

      I'm in regular contact with Urtopia's marketing department and the boys and girls there let their fingers wander. I had the chance to chat with them in person at Eurobike and you are aware that the past few months have not gone as planned and that the European bakers would have liked to have been supplied with their bikes months earlier.

      The fact that mmWave has now been canceled doesn't make things any better, of course. But I'm confident that the carbon bike will end up being fun for most bakers. I've been driving it for 2 weeks now and I'm pretty happy with it. Of course there are things here and there that could have been done differently. Offering a splash guard, kickstand, and eSIM as an add-on option is a bit Apple. You could have given that at the price.

  12. Harald

    11. August 2022 16 to: 58

    As it looks to me, there are still more construction sites:

    The Urtopia e-bike obviously shares all rides exactly and with the time in a cloud system without asking. These can then be accessed via the Urtopia app. So my Urtopia has a previously unknown (permanent?) GSM connection to the Internet. I did not find any switches in the app with which these functions can be switched on or off.

    It generously ignores the General Data Protection Regulation. The penalties in this area can be very high.

  13. Harald

    2. September 2022 10 to: 16

    The CE label, which is mandatory for use in public spaces, was promised by the manufacturer with a delivery time of up to 3 weeks.

    The 3 weeks are over today - a CE label is unfortunately not in sight.

    • Thomas

      4. September 2022 15 to: 54

      Like everything at Urtopia, this takes a little longer ;-).

      • Harald

        17. September 2022 08 to: 04

        The CE label has now arrived -> ok.

        Somewhere at customs there is still an "accessory set" whose customs processing has been pending for several weeks. I don't know what's in it. If it takes longer, it will probably end up being thrown away at customs.

  14. Thomas

    5. September 2022 08 to: 27

    With the latest update of the app, the mmwave radar has also disappeared.
    Very unfortunate, so you quickly annoyed your customers.

  15. Harald

    17. September 2022 08 to: 11

    By the way, you should not leave the battery in the bike when not in use.
    Otherwise it is so empty in a surprisingly short time that it can no longer even show how much the remaining charge is.

  16. Edwin Horton

    4. October 2022 22 to: 17

    Received my bike last week and I wish I could try it out. The bike came with a missing seat post fastener and so far, I have had no response from Urtopia customer service. A simple acknowledgment would be a start. It does look nice but if this is any indication of how the product is supported, you should buy something else!

  17. Reher Michael

    15. February 2023 18 to: 14

    Bought the bike on November 22nd. The engine started making noises when pushing. After a complaint, a new rear wheel was delivered without any problems. You have to do the assembly yourself, far and wide no service for the bike. After installation, the engine must be registered again. I can't find any instructions in German. Maybe someone can help me, possibly with a video

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