Meizu H1 Smartband - Competition for the Xiaomi Mi Band

by Timo6. December 2016
The Chinese producer Meizu does it after Xiaomi and has on 06. December 2016 also released a fitness bracelet in addition to the Meizu M5 Note, which listens to the name "Meizu Band". The fitness bracelet will be released in December for the equivalent of 31 €.



Meizu Band


Display: OLED
Pedometer: Yes
Heart rate: Yes
Sleep Monitor: Yes
App: Android 4.4 + and iOS 8 +

Charging: Magnetic connector
Runtime: 7 - 15 days

Material: TPU
Protection class: IP67
Size: 16.2 11.8 x x 58 mm
Weight: 20g

Meizu H1 test

Meizu H1 Smartband

It has been known for some time that Meizu will release a fitness bracelet. For the equivalent of 31 € the Meizu H1 Smartband on 08. December in China and is a clear challenge in the direction of Xiaomi, the most well-known Chinese smartphone maker, the 2016 until the beginning of June Xiaomi Mi Band 2 published. Although the features of both fitness bracelets on the datasheet look pretty much the same, there are significant differences in the design.

Uniform design

The Meizu H1 or Meizu Band dispenses with a "capsule design". That's hot, the actual fitness tracker can not be separated from the band. If you want to charge the bracelet, the tracker and bracelet must be placed on the magnetic charging adapter. Far more problematic, however, is a defect on the bracelet. Replacement bracelets will not be available for the Meizu H1! One might now think that the uniform design would provide an advantage in watertightness, but both the Meizu H1 and the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 are IP67 protected against jets of water and temporary submersion. Nevertheless, the Meizu H1 Smartband has an optical advantage. The overall design makes the bracelet look sleeker.

Meizu Band Review


The manufacturer has so far provided little information on the technology used. It is well known that the Meizu H1 uses an OLED display that shows not only the time but also the steps taken, heart rate and calories burned. Within the fitness app, which will be available for Android and iOS devices, the display of notifications can also be configured. If you want to be notified about WhatsApp messages or calls, for example, you can display the instructions directly on the bracelet. The big advantage of the OLED display is the low power consumption. Running times of 7 - 15 days are quite possible, depending on whether one controls the heart rate monitor manually or has constantly active.

Large selection of fitness watches

Fitness functions

The heart rate measurement also takes place in this bracelet via a photosensitive photodiode and a green LED. Overall, 3 measurement options are available. The manual mode is self-explanatory. Interestingly, however, the 24 hours mode, which measures the heart rate at regular intervals, as well as the dynamic mode, which warns when vibration exceeds a certain heart rate. The accuracy of such a heart rate monitor, as always, with caution. Other features include a pedometer, a sleep monitor and a motion memory.

Meizu Band review

Prices and availability

Even with this gadget from China you will not get around an import around it. On Gearbest, the fitness bracelet is already listed, but there is still no price and shipping is only to be expected 2017. The same applies to the online retailer Banggood, who has indeed listed the fitness bracelet for the equivalent of 29 €, but also does not give any information on a possible sales start.

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Mark C.

The fact that the bracelet can not be changed is a no-go. I once had the Mi Band 1S, where after 2 months already the buckle on the bracelet tore and I was glad not to have to throw away the whole part. I just reordered a replacement bracelet for 2 €.

With the Meizu Band here, you're only promoting the throwaway society. Even if the part is still working, it can throw it into the barrel with a cracked bracelet. Then rather the Mi Band 2 ...

test user

I have owned the MEIZU band for a good two months and so far have not been able to detect any signs of wear. Therefore, the point is probably not so critical to see.