Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Review - Fitness Bracelet

by 24. July 2018
The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is actually already the third fitness bracelet of the popular manufacturer "Xiaomi", but the new Mi Band not only expands the functionality, but also appears in a new design with OLED display. How the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 beats and whether a change or entry is worthwhile, you will learn in this review.



Xiaomi Mi Band 2


* Pedometer
* Heart rate measurement
* Sleep monitor
* Alarm clock
* Notifications

Transmission standard: Bluetooth 4.0
Display: OLED
Battery: 70mAh
Bracelet: silicone

Size capsule: 4.03 x 1.57 x 1.05 cm
Size bracelet: 23.5 x 1.05 cm
Weight: 0.017 kg

What's in the box

1x Xiaomi Mi Band 2
1x charging cable
1x user manual

First impression of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Meanwhile, we were also able to test the successor in detail! Clicking on the button will redirect you to the test report.

To the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 review

Workmanship and design

Xiaomi is the "apple" of China. In terms of processing, as well as the design you will not be disappointed with Xiaomi products mostly. Also the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 convinced by a clean processing and a simple, but very much attractive design, The silicone bracelet is over a push-button closed and comes in matte black. The removable tracker unit has a glossy look and convinces with a simple design. Switched off, the display is not visible. Below the display is a capacitive buttonon which the fitness bracelet is operated.

The wristband of the Mi Band 2 is easy to change because the tracker unit is simply pushed in. For charging, this can be easily removed. On the bottom of the 4.03 x 1.57 x 1.05 cm large capsule is additionally on Heart Rate Monitor.

What's in the box

The scope of delivery is always low for Xiaomi products. Also, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is delivered in a compact cardboard box, in addition to the capsule-shaped tracking unit und dem silicone bracelet another one 2-pin charging adapter and Chinese language manual includes. Xiaomi sells its products mainly in the Chinese market, which is why manuals and other product information are not translated. Only the "International" versions contain an English translation. For the Mi Band 2 there is such a version not yet.

Display and operation

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a first time OLED display with a Diagonal of 0.42 inches, However, the fitness tracker does not offer a touchscreen, which is why it is not possible to control it by means of swiping movements. The operation is instead via a capacitive button, which is located below the display. Individual entries were clearly identified in the course of the practical test. The display convinces with a rich black level and easy to read presentation, by day and by night.

In addition, the display can also be activated by lifting the wrist in the direction of the head. This simple gesture control can be activated within the Mi Fit app.

Startup and Mi Fit App

To use the Xiaomi fitness bracelet you need a smartphone from Android 4.4 or an Apple iPhone with at least iOS 7, The transmission standard of the bracelet amounts to Bluetooth 4.0, The "Mi Fit" app needed for pairing is available both on the Google PlayStore and in the Apple App Store.

The tracking unit of the Mi Band 2 (1)

The first pairing done almost completely automatically. You just have to get one "Mi" account and activate the Bluetooth of the smartphone. If the app has established a connection with the Mi Band 2, already existing data fully automatically synchronized, Firmware updates are also transmitted via the app directly to the bracelet. Within the app can be individual profile create, you can run steps, the run track and the burned calories spend, as well as there is one detailed sleep overview, A transfer of the data Google Fit is also possible, as well as there are additional functions such as a Call and App Notification, one Alarm clock or one inactivity warning.

The tracking unit of the Mi Band 2 (2)

As an alternative to the Mi Fit App, there are also other compatible apps within the Google Play Store that offer extended functionality. Who wants to use the Mi Band 2 also for notifications, should the "Mi Band Notify & Fitness" App Install, which is available for free at PlayStore. Within this app, notifications can be individually controlled, as well as different Vobrationsmuster can be set or you can choose a custom icon for each app notification.

Practical test of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2

For over three weeks I have extensively tested the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in everyday life. During this time, the bracelet has left my arm only while showering, although this after the Degree of protection IP67 is also protected against temporary submersion. Nevertheless, I recommend removing the bracelet before every shower or swimming session.


The pedometer measures next to the run steps also the covered track and the burned calories, On the one hand, the daily number of steps can be output via the display, but in the setting of the Mi Fit App, the distance traveled and the calories burned can be added in addition to the display. Conversely, these display outputs can also be deactivated.

The pedometer works in direct comparison with its predecessor "Mi Band 1 or 1S" almost synchronously. Only a small deviation from a few steps I noticed at the end of the day. A higher accuracy speaks for the Mi Band 2. Within the app can also be a Daily target be determined. If you have reached this, you will be notified about the bracelet. In the app overview can in one Statistics the stored data to the individual Days, weeks and months be accessed.

sleep monitor

The sleep monitor measures next to the Falling and waking time also the Time of total sleep, The Tiefschlaf, The light sleep and the waking hours, Falling and waking time are detected quite accurately. The waking time seems to me plausible and could be checked by me.

Interesting is the smart wake-up function Xiaomi Mi Band 2. If you have set the alarm via the Mi Fit App, the Mi Band 2 recognizes the perfect time to get up. Usually, the bracelet begins to vibrate gently for a quarter or even half an hour before getting up. If you ignore this wake-up call, you will of course be awakened at the preset time. The vibration is enough to get late sleepers out of their feathers. The collected data can also be viewed in a statistic for the sleeping rhythm.


Xiaomi has removed the so-called sleep phase alarm clock from the Mi Fit app! An alternative are third-party apps, such as "Mi Band Tools" or "Notify & Fitness"who have integrated an experimental sleep phase awakening function.

Heart Rate Monitor

With the heart rate monitor of the Mi Band 2 I stood in the course of the test on the war foot. To activate the heart rate monitor click on the one-button operation until the heart rate measurement. The measurement starts as soon as the menu item has been selected via the bracelet. Below the small Mi capsule activates the Sensorthat lights up green.

To 5 to 7 seconds the measured value should be output. At a measurement error a small "X" appears. To get a result at all, the wrist must be kept still. With every little movement I immediately got a wrong measurement. The result is comparable to other fitness straps. The data for heart rate measurement are also synchronized with the app and can be accessed via it.

Smart Lock

Ab Android 5.0 there is the so-called "Smart Lock" function, by means of which the smartphone can be unlocked in different ways. The Mi Band 2 can be as trusted device which allows the smartphone to unlock without pin or pattern input, as long as the Mi Band is near the smartphone. In the test, this function was first-class and consistently convincing.


Notifications can be received via the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. This vibrates the bracelet and the display is on alert icon displayed. However, if you want to use the notification function, you should download an alternative to the Mi Fit App. These Third-party apps Most offer an extended range of functions, which makes individual notifications even easier to customize.

Personally, I liked the individually configurable notification LED of its predecessor better. Thanks to the different colors, notifications could be better distinguished.


The Mi capsule is loaded by means of a 2 pin charging cable, This has a USB plug and can be connected to the PC or any conventional smartphone charger. According to the manufacturer, the battery has a capacity of 70 mAh, The fitness bracelet will be charged with 0.4A. The charging time is just under 2 hours

With everyday use including Smart Lock and notification function loses the bracelet round 15-20% of the battery per day, With deactivated notification function, the consumption was included about 10%, A pretty good result considering that this fitness bracelet can also be used as a replacement watch!

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Final Words


Smart alarm function
OLED display
Good battery life


Heart Rate Monitor
Notifications with the MiFit app

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is a cheap fitness bracelet with interesting features. The integrated display makes operation much easier and data can be called even faster. The battery life is reduced thereby hardly. In addition, the fitness bracelet can also be used as a conventional wristwatch. The range of functions has remained largely unchanged compared to Mi Band 1S. The pedometer, as well as the sleep monitor were convincing in the test. Only the heart rate monitor was noticed negatively by numerous incorrect measurements.

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Uschi Mirwald
Uschi Mirwald

Thank you for the detailed report. I bought this band for my daughter, but: Can not you set the stride length anywhere?
Thank you for your feedback.


Hey Uschi, via the app of the manufacturer (Mi Fit), the stride length can not be set manually. Mi Fit uses an average body height. Alternatively, there are other apps that are compatible with the Mi Band 2. Recommended is for example the app "Notify & Fitness for Mi Band". With this you can also adjust the stride length manually.

Uschi Mirwald
Uschi Mirwald

Ok, great, thank you Timo