Lenovo HW02 Review - Fitness Bracelet

by 2. August 2017
The Lenovo HW02 is a new Lenovo fitness bracelet, lining up alongside the early 2017-released Lenovo HW01. To what extent both bracelets differ from each other and whether the newer model convinced, you will find out in this review!



Lenovo HW02


Material: TPU + TPE
Closure: 2-point snap closure
Size adjustable: Yes, 10 steps
Length: 20 cm

tracking unit
Display Type: OLED
Display diagonal: 0.42 inches
Display resolution: 40 x 72 pixels
Bluetooth: Standard 4.2
Heart rate sensor: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Audio: No.

Pedometer: Yes
Sleep Monitor: Yes
Heart rate measurement: Yes
Date and time: Yes
Alarm function: Yes
Notifications: Yes
Motor Reminder: Yes
GPS run mode: Yes

Battery type: lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 60 mAh
Battery life: up to 11 days
Battery charging time: 90 minutes
Charging socket: 4 pin connector

App: Android> 4.4 or iOS> 8.0
Protection class: IP67
Size: 20 x 1.6 x 1.1 cm
Weight: 20g

What's in the box

1x Lenovo HW02
1x charging adapter
1x user manual

First impression of the Lenovo HW02

Design, workmanship and delivery

The Lenovo HW02 is one out TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) manufactured fitness bracelet, which is available in 4 different colors. The inside of the bracelet is highlighted in color. The dimensions of the bracelet are 20 cm in length and 1.6 cm in width. The bracelet is closed by a Two-snap closure.

The tracking unit was at Lenovo HW01 still clearly visible. The Lenovo HW02 skilfully hides the tracking unit and display under the TPU + TPE interface. The sheath is translucent, so that the display is switched off while not recognizable, but turned on. Below the display is a Capacitive and multifunctional control button.

On the inside of the bracelet is the Heart Rate Monitor accommodated. Instead of a micro USB charging socket, as with the Lenovo HW01 The Lenovo HW02 relies on one 4-pin charging connector, A big advantage of the HW02 is that it is after the Degree of protection IP67 against dust and against temporary submersion is protected. In comparison, that is Lenovo HW01 only protected against dust and water jets according to IP65 protection. Showering and swimming are no problem! The application is not to complain about. Of the What's in the box Includes the fitness bracelet, charging adapter and a multilingual quick guide.


The Display is of type OLED and solve at a diagonal of 0.42 inches in 40 x 72 pixels on. The representation is limited to the color white, but lightly bluish transilluminated. There is no touch screen, which is why the operation is purely via the capacitive control button below the display. Using an OLED panel does not require backlighting. Each individual pixel lights up on its own, so that switched-off pixels do not consume any energy and thus achieve better energy efficiency.

The readability of the Lenovo HW02 display has disappointed in practice. Especially outdoors and in the sunshine, the display was barely legible. To be able to recognize anything at all, the hand had to be constantly held over the display. If you use the fitness bracelet purely indoor, the readability is not objectionable. Due to the moderate brightness of the display, the bracelet can also be worn easily at night, without the sleep is disturbed by an unexpected illumination of the display.

App and features

The Lenovo HW02, like the HW01, uses the so-called "Smart Bracelet" app, among others for Android devices in Google PlayStore and for iOS devices can be downloaded in the Apple AppStore. To use the app, a user account must be created, the creation of which requires a valid email address. The connection between the app and the bracelet is via Bluetooth. The language of the app depends on the system language. If the smartphone is set to German, the app will also be translated to German.

Date and Time

As soon as the Smartband is paired with a smartphone or tablet for the first time, the time and date of the connected device are automatically taken over. Depending on how the smartphone is set, the Time in 24 or 12 hours format displayed. Within the app and the fitness bracelet itself, there is no way to set the time or date manually. A gesture recognition activates the display as soon as you lift your arm and look towards the bracelet. This handy feature worked perfectly in the test and can be disabled as needed. Timing can not be started from the fitness bracelet.

Steps, distance and calories

The pedometer of the Lenovo HW02 is one of the most precise pedometer, which are installed in inexpensive fitness bracelets. The Error detection rate is comparatively lowso that just when driving and other activities that have nothing to do with walking or walking, almost no steps are counted. An individual step length can not be set! Personal data, such as gender, weight, and body size, are collected through the app's user account. On individual daily destination can be specified in an indication of steps. Once you have reached your destination, you will be notified by a brief vibration.

The fitness tracker provides information on the current step numberThe burned Calories and the run Distance, All data obtained is synchronized with the app and displayed graphically in a daily, weekly, or monthly statistics. About the app can also be run mode can be started, which collects even more exact data on the run track on the GPS of the smartphone.

Heart rate measurement and sleep monitor

On the inside of the wearable is a Combination of photodiode and LED, which measures the blood flow under the skin and thus determines the heart rate. One should always keep in mind that this measurement method do not replace a professional heart rate monitor can. The values ​​measured with the Lenovo HW02 seem plausible. Every fifteen minutes, the bracelet measures the heart rate and also synchronizes it with the app. Unfortunately, the automatic heart rate measurement can not be deactivated. A manual measurement can also be triggered via the bracelet.

As already with the predecessor, also the Lenovo HW02 with the sleep monitoring do not score. The sleep monitor automatically becomes active between the 18 and 10 clocks and starts the sleep measurement as soon as a longer movement stop is detected. For example, if you lie in bed and read, or even sit a little too quietly, sleep detection will already start. Manually the sleep monitor can not be started, so that one hardly gets accurate results. The collected data will be synchronized with the app again. The duration of the deep sleep, light sleep and the Wax phase, as well as the measured Heart rate.


On the smartphone incoming notifications can be transferred directly to the bracelet. For example, if you receive a call or a text message, you will automatically be notified by vibration and a brief flash. Notification content can not be displayed. Which app notifications are transmitted can be set within the app. The notification receipt worked perfectly in the test and was easy to configure. The vibration intensity is sufficient.

Alarm function and settings

The Smart Bracelet App also offers the option of several alarms to configure. One is awakened by the vibration of the bracelet, which is more or less reliable. The vibration level, however, can be adjusted within the app settings in 3 levels. Overall, the Lenovo HW02 offers far fewer settings options than it did on its predecessor. Firmware updates are received by the app and automatically played on the fitness tracker.


The battery has a capacity of just once 60 mAh, but scores points in the battery life. Despite regular heart rate measurements, incoming notifications, and active gesture recognition, the average charge was just one charge Duration of 11 days reached. The loading time is 1 ½ hours.

Price Comparison

Price history

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10-30 working days

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Final Words


Simple design
Good workmanship
Dust and waterproof (IP67)
Precise pedometer
GPS run mode
Very good battery life


Difficult to read display outdoors
Sleep monitor is not convincing
Predefined app notifications
Automatic heart rate measurement cannot be deactivated
No stop watch

First impression
Battery life

The Lenovo HW02 is another Lenovo fitness wristband that impressed in the test. A big advantage over the Lenovo HW01 is the dust and water protection according to IP67. However, there are compromises on the display, which is difficult to read outdoors. The pedometer works precisely and the heart rate sensor also delivers plausible results. Less convinced the sleep monitor, which proved to be barely usable. The fitness bracelet once again scored points over the battery life, which is comparatively lush with about 11 days. Considering the price / performance, the Lenovo HW02 is a good fitness wearable. Those who value IP67 protection should take the HW02. Who prefers a better and larger display, is better served with the HW01.

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