Lenovo HW01 Review - Fitness Bracelet

by 20. March 2018
A branded fitness bracelet with little information on the net? Sounds weird, but it does apply to the Lenovo HW01 fitness bracelet! Whether the (still) unknown Smart Wearable is also good and can keep up with the competition, more in this review.



Lenovo HW01


Material: silicone
Closure: pin buckle
Size adjustable: Yes, 14 steps
Length: 24.5 cm

tracking unit
Display Type: OLED
Display diagonal: 0.91 inches
Display resolution: 128 x 32 pixels
Bluetooth: Standard 4.2
Heart rate sensor: Yes
Vibration: Yes
Audio: No.

Pedometer: Yes
Sleep Monitor: Yes
Heart rate measurement: Yes
Date and time: Yes
Alarm function: Yes
Stopwatch: Yes
Notifications: Yes
Music playback control: Yes
Motor Reminder: Yes
GPS run mode: Yes

Battery type: lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 90 mAh
Battery life: up to 14 days
Battery charging time: 150 minutes
Charging socket: Micro-USB

App: Android> 4.4 or iOS> 8.0
Protection class: IP65
Size: 24.5 x 1.8 x 1.2 cm
Weight: 23g

What's in the box

1x Lenovo HW01
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x user manual

First impression of the Lenovo HW01

From now on there is also that Lenovo HW02 fitness bracelet, In the detailed test, we took a closer look at the successor model!

To the Lenovo HW02 review

What's in the box

The fitness bracelet was delivered in a nondescript cardboard box with a large "Lenovo" print. In addition to the wearable, a micro USB charging cable and a multilingual user manual are included.

Design and workmanship

The bracelet is available in the Colors black and red, Our test copy in the color black is inconspicuously simple, whereby the fitness bracelet does not appear too intrusive even when worn in everyday life. This is closed adjustable silicone strap (14 steps) by a metal pin buckle, Unlike a snap closure, the pin buckle is visually no eye candy, but this holds guaranteed, no matter what sporting activity.

The processing of both the tracking unit, as well as the silicone bracelet is not to complain about. The non-removable tracking unit is firmly and without gaps connected to the silicone bracelet. Nevertheless, the wearable is only after the Degree of protection IP65 protected against dust and splash water, which is mainly due to the rear micro USB charging socket. The silicone bracelet itself is processed without leaving any residue.

Large selection of fitness watches


The display is from Type OLED and has one Diagonal of 0.91 inches. The resolution is 128 x 32 pixels. With no touch function, the Lenovo HW01 Fitness Tracker is operated via a capacitive control button below the display.

Due to the OLED display technology used, the HW01 does not need a backlight. Each pixel is self-luminous, which also achieves a rich black level. If a pixel is supposed to represent the color "black", it simply remains switched off with an OLED panel! Another advantage is the energy efficiency. The display of the Lenovo HW01 only displays the colors black and white, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the display.

The readability of the Lenovo HW01 display is good. The pixels are very bright and the display remains legible even in strong sunlight. The viewing angle stability is also convincing. Only from unusual viewing angles, the display is difficult to read, but this is not the display itself, but rather because the display sits a few millimeters in the housing and is protected by a thick, scratch-resistant plastic cover.

App and features

To use the Lenovo fitness bracelet, a special app is required. This app is in Google PlayStore for Android devices from version 4.4 and in the Apple AppStore for iOS devices from version 8.0 available. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you still have to log in access account invest. The app itself is translated into English despite the Chinese name. German can not be selected as language!

Date, time and stopwatch

One of the essential features of the Lenovo fitness bracelet is the Display of time and date, The bracelet is capable of the time after the 12-hour system und dem 24-hour system display. At least it was able to do that before we connected the wearable to a smartphone. After unpacking, an 24 hour time was displayed without errors. After pairing and syncing with the smartphone, the time jumped to the 12 hours system, even though the smartphone itself was set to 24 hours. Within the app and the fitness bracelet itself, there is no way to set the time manually. Also, the instructions are no instructions on how to correct the time. In order to actually use the bracelet as a replacement watch, there is one gesture recognition, which detects the lifting of the arm and activates the display. This gesture recognition can also be disabled, because even with the slightest movement already activates the display of the Lenovo HW01. Especially at night it can be annoying when the display suddenly lights up brightly.

About the fitness bracelet itself can also be timekeeping to be started. The elapsed time is only displayed in minutes and seconds!

Steps, distance and calories

The pedometer on the Lenovo HW01 works phenomenally accurate. Where other pedometers count steps during driving or seated office work, the HW01 fitness bracelet did not take a single step. An individual stride you can not specify the bracelet. Personal data is collected via the user account of the app. There, in addition to the sex, the body size, weight and age are indicated. In addition, an individual daily target can be specified in steps. Once you have reached your destination, you will be notified by a brief vibration.

About the fitness tracker you can see the number of run steps, the run track and the burned calories show. All data obtained can be synchronized with the app and even directly in Google Fit transfer. Within the app you get a meticulous statistics on the collected data. In addition to a day view, there is also a week view and a month view. In addition, you can see at what time of the day which physical activity was measured. In separate run mode you can follow the route via GPS. If you activate the running mode within the app before jogging or running, even more accurate data will be collected with the help of the Smartphone GPS and processed by the app.

Heart rate measurement and sleep monitor

The heart rate measurement is done via a combination of Photodiode and green shining LEDthat measures the blood flow under the skin. The accuracy of such a measurement method is of course limited and does not replace a professional heart rate monitor. The measured values ​​of the Lenovo HW01 heart rate monitor are consistent with comparable fitness bracelet models. A measurement can be triggered directly via the user interface of the fitness tracker. Alternatively, within the app also a automatic, quarter-hour measurement to be activated. All measurements are also synchronized with the app and can be viewed in a statistic.

The sleep monitor is a nice additional feature that could convince us less in the test. According to the manual, the wristband automatically switches to a sleep mode from 18 clock, which in turn stops until 10 clock in the morning. If the bracelet detects a lying position during this period, the measurement starts. So if you lie in bed in the evening and read a book, the sleep measurement starts, even though you do not actually sleep at all. Manually the sleep monitor can not be started, which does not give an accurate result and can not measure sleep phases outside of the above mentioned period. The collected data can be viewed again in the app. Next to the Tiefschlaf will also be the light sleep and the waking hours measured. The heart rate measurement is continued within the sleeping phase every fifteen minutes.


The Lenovo HW01 fitness bracelet is capable incoming notifications display. For example, if a WhatsApp message is received on the smartphone, the bracelet will vibrate and the WhatsApp logo will appear on the screen. Unfortunately, only notifications of given apps, calls and SMS can be sent to the fitness tracker. The reception of notifications worked perfectly in the test and was set in a few steps.

Music control, alarm and settings

An interesting feature is the Control of music playback directly from the Lenovo HW01. If, for example, you listen to music with your smartphone during sports, you do not have to take the smartphone out of your pocket to control the music, but you can also enjoy music playback through the capacitive one-touch control on the Lenovo HW01. Within the app there is the possibility of one alarm to program. One wakes only a gentle vibration of the bracelet. One way to adjust the vibration intensity individually.

Within the app there are different Options for the fitness bracelet, Among other things, you can see the battery level, which is also displayed on the display of the fitness bracelet. All functions, such as notification reception or music control can be manually activated or deactivated. The quarter-hour-measuring heart rate sensor can also be deactivated to save the battery. There is also a function to find the bracelet and also to find the smartphone. You can use the app to make the bracelet vibrate and vice versa you can use the bracelet to sound the smartphone. Firmware updates are transmitted directly to the Lenovo HW01 via the app.


The battery life of the Lenovo HW01 surpasses any fitness bracelet we've tested to date. With fifteen minutes of heart rate monitoring, active notifications, and continuous use of gesture-activated gestures, the fitness bracelet has consumed just 7% of the battery every day. Only after a good two weeks was the battery used up. The loading time is 2 ½ hours. We charged the bracelet over one Micro USB socket on the bottom. On the one hand, this does not depend on a shaky point connector, on the other hand, the silicone cover, which is intended to protect the USB socket from liquids, does not provide sufficient protection for swimming with the fitness bracelet.

Price and availability

Price history

Current prices

10-30 working days
10-30 working days
10-30 working days
10-30 working days

Price too high? Use our price alarm clock!

Prices last updated on: April 5st, 2020 17:02

Final Words


Simple design
Good workmanship
Easy to read OLED display
Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Translated app (English)
Precise pedometer
GPS run mode
Music playback control
Phenomenal battery life


Fixed sleep monitor
No manual change 12/24 hours
Predefined app notifications
Protection class IP65 only

First impression
Battery life

It took a long time until a China fitness bracelet finally appeared, which can bring the water to the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 in terms of price and performance. For just 27 € you get with the Lenovo HW01 an optical simple fitness bracelet, with precise pedometer and a truly phenomenal battery life. Only the app is slightly in need of improvement. Above all, the fixed sleep monitor and the non-exchangeable hour system has somewhat dampened the quite positive experience with the Lenovo HW01 fitness bracelet. One can only hope that with increasing prominence App and firmware updates will be released, which make the already convincing fitness bracelet to an even better Smart Wearable.

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Does it really include a stopwatch? The Xiaomi Amazfit, which is too expensive really.


I bought the lenovo hw01 from gearbest. Worked fine for a few days. But then it would like to do an update, something like "improve russian" or so. Then i started the update and the progress bar never moved! Waited for 15 Minutes but nothing happend. The HW01 shows the cloud icon with the arrow. That's it.
When the battery is empty (after hours) the cloud comes to a close.
So I guess this thing is dead.
Unless someone knows how to reactivate it via usb with a flasher or something. Any idea?


Hello Timo,
Can you sync the bracelet with Google Fit and do you know if the app is compatible with a Cubot Dinosaur?
I wish you a happy Easter!

Best regards,



Maybe you can help me. The tape is not recognized in the app. The phone sees the tape under the bluetoot settings, but it does not exist in the app. Do you have an idea?


I can not download it for iPhone (in APPSTORE) here in Germany "Lenovo Smart Bracelet" ... .requested is not currently available in the US store ".. so where I could have got my iPhone..without it my smartband it worthless ....

Please help if you know the way ...


Do I have to have the app (say mobile phone) running to track the GPS, or can I connect it to the app after running and sync the data?

Vijaya Raju B
Vijaya Raju B

lenovo-hw01 from few days i see Steps, distance and calories also sleep monitor not working. can you please help with the solution for this