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ELS PET Smart Cat Litter Box Hero

ELS PET: Self-cleaning cat toilet in the Black Friday offer

Cats are fascinating creatures who happily let us into their lives. But let's be honest, taking care of your toilet isn't exactly the highlight of the day.

If you're tired of scooping the litter box every day, the ELS PET Self-Cleaning Litter Box could be the ideal solution for you.


Futuristic design

Having recently taken a look at the PAWBBY cat litter box the ELS PET represents an exciting alternative. Although it offers similar functions, it takes a completely different visual direction.

With its spherical design and the striking color combination of white and pink, the ELS PET looks much more futuristic and can be appropriately described as a "space egg".

ELS PET litter box with cat from the front

The design of the ELS PET is spaced out!

In this stylish space miracle with a volume of 60 liters, cats and tomcats between 1,5 and 12 kilograms find enough space to do their business.

ELS PET offer

On Black Friday, the cat toilet is available on Amazon at an offer price of just 339 euros instead of 549 euros (RRP). Alternatively also have  OTTO  and  Kaufland  the pet gadget is on offer for 379 euros.

To the Amazon offer

Self-cleaning and safety

The most exciting part is undoubtedly the self-cleaning function. Five minutes after the cat leaves the toilet, the automatic cleaning process starts. The entry flap closes and prevents the cat from entering the toilet while cleaning.

ELS PET cat leaves litter box

When the cleaning process is ongoing, the lighting changes from blue to green.

In contrast to many other models, the ELS PET is not cleaned by rotation. Instead, the clumps are sifted to the back of a waste chamber and collected in a 4 liter waste bag, which usually needs to be replaced every 15 days.

The manufacturer emphasizes that this cleaning process is particularly efficient, especially when it comes to avoiding sticky residue.

 This video illustrates how ELS PET works: 

ELS PET Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box-Safety Door

To prevent litter from being carried out of the toilet, the ELS PET is equipped with a step that makes it easier for cats to get in and at the same time catches any litter that falls out. In the final step of the self-cleaning process, bacteria and viruses are killed using UV light.

 The entire cleaning process only takes about 2 minutes. To avoid unpleasant smells, the waste bin closes automatically after cleaning, additionally supported by the closed cat flap. According to the manufacturer, the ELS PET is compatible with all types of clumping cat litter.

Easy handling

The ELS PET cat litter box can be conveniently operated either using control buttons directly on the device or via the associated app for iOS and Android, which is connected via WiFi (2,4 GHz).


You can use the app to keep an eye on cleaning and toilet behavior.

Not only can you use the app to control the self-cleaning process, but you will also be reminded to change the waste bag. The app also provides valuable information about your cat's toilet routine.

Source: Press Release

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