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CMF by Nothing: Leak reveals details about the Watch Pro and other products

Carl Pei, founder of tech newcomer Nothing, recently announced the budget-friendly CMF lineup, but without going into specifics. Now a leak has anticipated the excitement, providing insights into the specs, pricing and release date of the new Watch Pro, Buds Pro and Power 65W GaN Charger.

Leak: CMF by Nothing

According to the Telegram channel Alchemist Leaks, the official launch of the first CMF by Nothing product line is scheduled for September 26th. Debutants include the CMF Watch Pro, the CMF Buds Pro, and the Power 65W GaN Charger.

With a striking orange design line, which is in line with the previously introduced CMF brand logo, CMF presents itself in stark contrast to the rather minimalist design of the umbrella brand Nothing. Obviously, Carl Pei also wants to make a clear statement with CMF in order to stand out from the crowd.

CMF Watch Pro

CMF Watch Pro Leak

Source: Alchemist Leaks

Rumor has it that the brand's first smartwatch could feature a square case with a black or orange silicone strap.

The generously dimensioned display should be surrounded by an elegant metal frame. In terms of dimensions, the watch would be no larger than 46,9 x 39,87 x 11,4mm and weigh a maximum of 31,1g. Thanks to the IP68 certification, the device would be protected against dust and water.

The alleged technical specifications point to a 1,96-inch AMOLED display with a 50 Hz refresh rate, which could support a variety of customizable watch faces and a maximum brightness of up to 600 nits.

The battery capacity is said to be 330 mAh, which would correspond to an approximate running time of up to 13 days. In terms of functionality, there is talk of more than 110 different sports modes, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS location and heart and sleep monitoring.

On the software side, the new Watch Pro will most likely not use Google Wear OS. It remains to be seen whether we are still dealing with a fully-fledged smartwatch or much more with a fitness tracker.

The Telegram channel Alchemist Leaks gives the expected price for the CMF Watch Pro at around 50 euros. This information is not yet confirmed, but gives a first impression of what ambitions Nothing is pursuing with its new product line.

CMF Buds Pro

CMF Buds Pro Leak

Source: Alchemist Leaks

According to the leak, the CMF Buds Pro are equipped with 10 mm drivers and dynamic Super Bass technology. In addition, three microphones should be installed per earbud, which ensure noise reduction during calls and enable active noise cancellation of up to 45 dB.

Power would be provided by a 460mAh battery in the charging case and a 55mAh battery in the earbuds. In combination, there is talk of a 37-hour runtime. An IP54 certification provides some protection from dust and splashing water.

With a price of around 39 euros, the CMF Buds Pro would be positioned in the budget-friendly segment.

CMF 65W GaN charger

CMF 65W GaN Charger

Source: Alchemist Leaks

Finally, the Power 65 GaN charger from the new CMF by Nothing product line should be mentioned. This device would use advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, which is known for its efficiency and compact design. With an output of 65 watts, it could provide fast charging of various devices.

With an expected price of around 33 euros, this charger would be in the middle price segment.

Release Date

According to the information leaked so far, the official launch of CMF by Nothing's new product line is scheduled for September 26th. Expectations are naturally high, especially given the promising, albeit unconfirmed, specs.

The information known so far is quite exciting and suggests an ambitious range of products, but only the official presentation will clarify the actual properties and prices of the new CMF products.

Source: Alchemist Leaks

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