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CMF by Nothing: Carl Pei presents a new product range for the general public

Following the launch of the Nothing Phone (2) - the brand's most powerful Android smartphone to date - and the affordable wireless earbuds, Nothing Ear (2), Nothing now presents a new range: CMF by Nothing.

CMF by Nothing

The newly announced range aims to incorporate Nothing's distinctive design DNA into affordable devices for a wide audience. Although CMF by Nothing is positioning itself as an independent product line, customers can still rely on high-quality and innovative Nothing products - only that some of them will now also be available in cheaper versions.

Off to a strong start, the company plans to unveil a smartwatch and a new pair of earbuds before the end of the year.

New products usually represent a company's technical know-how, which is why we expected them to be introduced under the main brand. It is all the more surprising that Nothing is initially launching the smartwatch for the cheaper CMF product range. Maybe Nothing will surprise us with a premium version that we don't know about yet.

 Here is the announcement of CMF by Nothing in the current Nothing Community Update Q2 2023: 

Nothing Community Update | Q2 2023

Nothing has yet provided any information on the technical data of the new CMF products. However, it is to be expected that the minimalist Nothing design will also come into its own here. Possibly even with a transparent case and glyph lighting. On the software side, an integration of Wear OS would be plausible.

The exact release date of the CMF products is not yet known. However, further information will follow in the “coming months”.

Source: Press Release

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1 comment

1 comment

  1. Felix

    4. August 2023 11 to: 25

    Hopefully with a transparent case, lighting and WearOS. Then it gets really interesting. :O

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