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AnkerMake M5C: The beginner-friendly high-speed 3D printer

AnkerMake introduces its new, compact and fast 3D printer. With a high level of user-friendliness and little effort, the AnkerMake M5C promises a cheap entry into 3D printing.

Differences to the AnkerMake M5

The AnkerMake M5C is largely based on the technology of its predecessor, the AnkerMake M5. However, there are also important differences.

Compared to the predecessor model AnkerMake M5, the new model M5C has a slim design. It's compact (466 x 374 x 480 millimeters) and light (11 kilograms) , making it an ideal choice for smaller workspaces.

The AnkerMake M5C on a desk

The AnkerMake M5C is characterized by a high level of user-friendliness.

At 5 x 220 x 220 millimeters, the M250C's volume is slightly smaller than the 235 x 235 x 250 millimeters of the M5. In addition, the M5C model omits features such as a touchscreen and camera and is equipped with a single instead of dual Y-axis belt. But what he lacks in looks, he makes up for in strength.

 Here are the differences in the comparison: 

 AnkerMake M5C   Anker Make M5 
 Size:  466 x 374 x 480 mm 502 x 438 x 470 mm
 Weight  11 kg 12,6 kg
 pressure field  220 x 220 x 250 mm 235 x 235 x 250 mm
 print speed  500mm/s (fast mode), 250mm/s (normal mode) 500mm/s (fast mode), 250mm/s (normal mode)
 pressure acceleration  5.000mm/s² (fast mode), 2.500mm/s² (normal mode) 5.000mm/s² (fast mode), 2.500mm/s² (normal mode)
 auto leveling  7 x 7 points 7 x 7 points
 Filament  1,75 mm 1,75 mm
 Pressure field temperature  100 ° C 100 ° C
 Energy consumption  350 watts, 350 watts,
 Interfaces/Ports  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-C Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB-C
 CPU  Twice XBurst(1,2GHz) + XBurst0(240MHz) Twice XBurst(1,2GHz) + XBurst0(240MHz)
 Storage  8GB EMMC 8GB EMMC
 slicer software  AnkerMake Slicer, Prusa and Cura AnkerMake Slicer, Prusa and Cura
 Camera with AI recognition  - Detection: With AI, Real-time monitoring: Up to 720p, Time-lapse videos: 1080p, Night vision: Infrared + LED
 Display  - 4,3 inch touch screen

Stable and fast

With wear-resistant components, AnkerMake wants to ensure the longest possible service life. The double Z-axes are made of stainless steel and an aluminum base ensures the most stable and low-vibration operation possible.

The all-metal hotend reaches temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius and supports common materials such as PET, ABS, TPU, PA and many more. Printing takes place with a high precision of 0,1 millimeters on a flexible PEI magnetic plate.

The AnkerMake M5C on a table in the school next to students

Ideal for letting children dive into the world of 3D printing.

What sets the AnkerMake M5C apart from its competitors is its remarkable print speed. With a standard print speed of 250mm/s, it beats most competitors by a whopping 75%.

Using the PowerBoost™ 2.0 smoothing algorithm and an improved motion control system, the M5C can achieve impressive print speeds of up to 500 mm/s and an acceleration of 5000 mm/s² in high speed mode.

Ease of use

The 3D printer is controlled via the AnkerMake app, which is available for iOS and Android, and via the AnkerMake slicer software, which can be downloaded for Windows and MacOS.

The AnkerMake M5C on a table next to the laptop

With the AnkerMake Slicer, print files can be edited and transferred in no time at all.

Users can connect the M5C to a smartphone or laptop via both WiFi and Bluetooth for full pressure control - anytime, anywhere.

Price and availability

The AnkerMake M5C can be purchased from today for 449 euros at the  AnkerMake website  be pre-ordered. Delivery is scheduled for mid-August.

Source: Press Release

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