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by Timo6. July 2016
The ZEROTECH Dobby is a small one Pocket size dronewho, among other things, with a high-resolution 4K camera equipped and has a lot on the box. This brand new gadget will be released, though End of July 2016, which is why no reviews have yet been published, but in this preview we will already take a closer look at the small selfie drone.





Weight: 199g
Size (unfolded): 135mm × 145mm × 36.8mm
Size (folded): 135mm × 67mm × 36.8mm

Maximum altitude: 3000m
Maximum altitude (streaming): 3m
Floating Accuracy:
* Vertical +/- 0.1m - ~ +/- 0.5m
* Horizontal +/- 0.3m - ~ +/- 1.0m

Battery life: 9 minutes
Battery capacity: 970mAh
GPS Outdoor: GPS / GLONASS dual mode
Tax range: 100m
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Image sensor: 1 / 3.06 inch CMOS
Lens: FOV 75 °; 28mm; f / 2.2
Tilt: -90 ° ~ 22.5 °
Image resolution: 4208 × 3120
Video resolution: 4K @ 30fps iImage Stabilization 1080p @ 30fps
Recording format: JPG / MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC / H.264)
Internal memory: 16GB
Connection: Micro-USB

ZEROTECH Dobby Drone

The drone has arrived! The detailed test will follow soon!

Update (23.07.16): The manufacturer has announced on the official Facebook page, that in late July, an "International" version of Dobby will appear. Presumably this is a completely translated version of Dobby Drone.

Update (15.09.16): The Dobby is being tested diligently and here you can already watch the unboxing for the drone.

ZEROTECH Dobby (Review Part 1) | Unboxing the selfie drone

Update (26.09.16): The second video is online. In this video I'll show you the "Do.Fun" App, which controls the Dobby and a first indoor flight.

ZEROTECH Dobby (Review Part 2) | Do.Fun App & Indoor Flight with the Dobby

The hardware of a smartphone?

As already revealed in the introduction, the ZEROTECH Dobby drone is a small selfie quadcopter equipped with a high-resolution 4K camera. Particularly interesting is the sophisticated and powerful hardware that is in this 135mm × 67mm × 36.8mm big and 199g heavy drone was housed. In addition to the actual Flight and camera function The Dobby drone has a comparable hardware with a smartphone. Was installed among other things a 2.3GHz quad-core processor with a Adreno GPU 330, The SoC (System on Chip) is supported by 2GB memory and 16GB internal memory.

Dobby quadrocopter drone processor

Anyone who wonders why a quadrocopter needs such hardware at all should be told that the ZEROTECH Dobby is much more than a conventional quadrocopter. This drone can be operated autonomously. All calculations, as well as the image stabilization done by the aforementioned hardware. The Dobby drone is based on the GPS Compassbut also on the basis of one Position tracking by facial recognition, In the autonomous phase of flight, a fixed object or a person is tracked at every turn. Emerging wind or other obstacles are skillfully bypassed or compensated.

ZEROTECH DOBBY introducing video

Control via the smartphone

Of course, the Dobby can also be controlled manually. In combination with a smartphone or tablet and the corresponding app, the ZEROTECH Dobby can be configured, but also controlled. The drone can be positioned via live image output. The control is done via the touch screen of the input device, or with the help of Gyroscope control, Recordings are then stored either on the smartphone or tablet, or on the inserted SD memory card. The maximum range by means of the WiFi control is with 100 meters specified.

Control of the ZEROTECH Dobby

The camera of the Dobby drone

The maximum resolution is 4208x3120 pixels with plenty 30 pictures-per-second, A reduced resolution of, for example 1080p is also possible. Here, the maximum refresh rate is constant. The native resolution of the CMOS image sensor is included 13 Megapixel with a F-number of f / 2.2, By the 75 ° viewing angle (FOV) and the automatic Inclination by -90 ° to 22.5 ° The camera of the ZEROTECH Quadrocopter conjures out outstanding selfies.

The recording modes are numerous. In addition to the conventional photo and video mode, are also called Burst recordings possible. Here, the Quadrocopter takes several pictures in a very short time. In addition, there is one Timelapse function and "Beauty function", In the "Beauty function", the image is compensated by the hardware of the camera and processed automatically.

4K high-resolution camera

Miscellaneous about the ZEROTECH Dobby

In addition to the manual and automatic flight, the drone can also be controlled by a voice recognition control. To what extent the drone is also able to speak English or even the German language and what this function looks like in the end, we probably will not hear until the first ZEROTECH Dobby reviews are published. Also on the life of the battery, with 970mAh quite small, you can be curious. The ones targeted by the manufacturer 9 minutes flight time appear realistic. The specified Altitude of just under 3000 meters The Dobby Quadrocopter will probably not reach.

Update: To Dobby Drone another video was published, which explains the individual functions closer. Here is the video:

ZEROTECH DOBBY Demonstration Video (EN / 1080P)

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If this drone really delivers what it promises, then that would be awesome. Months ago I once saw a video about a similar drone, which also has an Auto Follow feature, but was a fair bit more expensive. But I can not remember the name.

Do you already know if you will test the Dobby? The price is really tempting, but I'd rather wait for the first reviews.


Hi Frank, the presentation of the Zerotech Dobby is definitely interesting. You certainly mean the "Lily" drone that was introduced last year. Whether I will have the Dobby in review, I currently do not know. Of course you can find a possible test report here and on my YouTube channel!


Hammer part! I'm looking forward to the first videos of the Zerotech Dobby. On YouTube, I could only find videos from the manufacturer myself.


Zerotech Dobby are cheap at geekbuying this week!


Gearbest is currently cheaper ????


Hello Timo, thank you for the detailed report. How about the voice control? - Have you tried that or do you know if the international version could be controlled in different languages?