VicTsing Gaming Mouse Under Test (Easterntimes Tech T6)

by 29. February 2016
Gaming mice with over 6000 DPI are no longer uncommon today. However, if you want to draw on well-known brands, some of which even market mice with 10.000 DPI, you have to dig deep into your pocket. The VicTsing Gaming Mouse is an entry-level model with LED lighting and an adjustable DPI value. Whether this mouse could convince me as a gamer, you will learn in this review.

Eastern Times Technology Co. Ltd.


VicTsing Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse (ET-T6)


Plug and Play
DPI: 400-6400 (1000/16000/2400/3200/6400)
Size: 123x82x39mm
Interface: USB 2.0
Lighting: LED
Cable length: 1.8m

What's in the box

1x gaming mouse
1x Operating Instructions

Test the VicTsing Gaming Mouse - Eastertimes Tech T6

First impression

Already the box in which the VicTsing gaming mouse was delivered shows which target group this mouse is aimed at. The quite nice, box-like box is resealable and is ideal for transporting the mouse, but can also be used elsewhere.

In the box were in addition to the gaming mouse nor a manual and a mini disc with drivers. By the way, the box also showed that this mouse is produced by "Easterntimes Tech" and marketed under the name "T6". (Link to the manufacturer)

The design of the VicTsing gaming mouse is mostly simple. The mouse's surface has a soft coating, but on the left and right the mouse is partly made of smooth plastic, partly of a slightly roughened plastic. In the middle are the rubberized mouse wheel and the DPI key. This can be used to set DPI numbers for 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200 and 6400.

The gaming mouse has a total of 6 programmable keys whose triggering power is about 70g. Accordingly, the keys are very smooth, making the mouse especially suitable for FPS games. On the underside several Teflon pads were attached, as well as there is a "mode button", which I could not see any function. The mouse cable is textile coated and measures 180cm.


The VicTsing gaming mouse is Plug & Play and can be used immediately after connecting via UBS. The DPI mode can also be changed without previously installed drivers.

However, if you want to use the mouse in full, you need to install the driver on the mini disc. Among other things, the DPI number (400-6400) can be freely selected via this driver and its interface, macros can be created, the keys can be freely programmed and the mouse lighting can also be adjusted.


Overall, 5 colors are available. If the mouse is used without the driver, the LED's luminous color is oriented in the respective DPI mode. Unfortunately I could not change the effect mode with the "Mode button".

Only with the driver you can choose the light color and also change the lighting or effect mode (speed / intensity).

Final Words


High DPI values
Comprehensive software


Looks a bit cheap
Keys have some play

everyday practicality

The VicTsing gaming mouse lives up to its low price. The sensor works accurately and the functionality is impressive. I honestly did not expect a macro-function with such a cheap mouse.

Nevertheless, one notices that the mouse is cheap in some way. The laterally "roughened" plastic would have been gummed in a higher-quality mouse certainly, as well as you realize that the keys have some play. By the way, the mouse is clearly aimed at right-handed people!

As a long-established gamer, I only use the mouse as a transitional mouse. But if you only play from time to time with the PC and still need a stylish mouse with macro function and high DPI number, the VicTsing gaming mouse will certainly be enough.

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