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Tesvor M1 robot vacuum review

Tesvor M1 Review - Vacuum robot with 4000 Pa suction power

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 27. April 2024

We tested a robot vacuum from Tesvor. The M1 should score with its strong suction power of up to 4.000 Pa. The virtual mapping and the free app should also enable remote control of the robot. You can read here whether the Tesvor M1 was able to convince us.

Our rating

First impression of the Tesvor M1

The first impression of the Tesvor M1 is consistently positive. The packaging, the supplied accessories, the replacement brushes and the robot itself leave a valuable impression. Only the charging station of the robot itself is less valuable. However, considering the price, this is quite manageable.

Commissioning and control

The scope of delivery includes 4 brushes, a brush for cleaning, 2 filters, a magnetic tape (2 meters), the remote control (without batteries), operating instructions and the charging station including charging cable.

Commissioning went smoothly. The brushes are quickly attached to the underside and the robot's charging station is simply connected to the electricity.

What is annoying, however, are the adhesive residues that are left of the sticker. These still had to be removed with kitchen paper and glass cleaner.

The magnetic tape itself can be easily attached to the floor so that the robot does not drive over the closed area.

The control itself can be operated using the supplied remote controls. An app is available for technology fans and people who want to send the robot remotely, which is available on iOS and Android. But more on that later.



The Tesvor M1 has a total of 4 suction profiles. The "Sweeping" program lets the vacuum robot vacuum intelligently through the apartment and thus tries to clean the entire area of ​​the room. Once the area has been completely cleaned, it automatically returns to its charging station. The return to the charging station does not always work properly. Often the robot got lost in another room or drove in the wrong direction. To fix the problem, the robot must be placed near the charging station to find its way back.

The "clean spot" function works on the principle of rotation. The vacuum robot drives randomly to any place and then starts sweeping according to the principle of rotation, with the circles getting bigger and bigger. If it hits an obstacle, it bypasses it and continues to follow the principle of rotation.

The "Sweeping corners" program reliably cleans the edges of the apartment. The robot vacuum then returns to the charging station.

The user of the Tesvor M1 has the option of independently driving the vacuum robot to specific locations and cleaning it there by hand. This worked only to a limited extent, since the robot responded late to the commands and is therefore difficult to control. This is probably meant as a little gimmick.




The Tesvor M1 has a total of 4 suction profiles, which can only be controlled via the "WeBack" app. Only 2 profiles can be controlled via the remote control itself.

From "breastfeeding mode" to "max mode", the modes "normal" and "strong" are still available. However, when operating from the "Strong" mode, entertainment in the same room is no longer possible. Nevertheless, the full suction power at 4.000 Pa is really impressive and the cleaning is very satisfactory.

These two modes "Max mode" and "Strong" are more for when you are not at home and the robot is allowed to develop its full suction power.

The "silent mode" can convince with an unobtrusive fan noise. The mode is particularly suitable for normal everyday use.

The "Normal" mode creates an intrusive noise, but this does not bother you if you are in another room.

Time and plan

The robot vacuum can of course also be controlled with a switching schedule. This can be set using the remote control or the app. It is crucial that you set the desired suction power beforehand. When the vacuum robot starts, it cleans the entire apartment.

Other functions

In addition, you can buy a water tank for the Tesvor M1 for about € 28, which then wipes the apartment. Unfortunately we could not test this function.

In addition, the Tesvor M1 has a fall protection function, which is supposed to protect against stairs. This worked consistently reliably in the test and made the robot turn around in front of the danger zone.

The magnetic strip, which is attached to the floor so that the robot does not clean the room, also serves its purpose.


The control of the Tesvor M1 via the app is quite reliable. One disadvantage, however, is getting used to translating into German. For example, the robot “hibernates” when it is at the charging station.

The app can also be used to call up the battery status or charge level while on the go. In addition, the suction power or another program can also be selected remotely.

If the robot has a problem, a message appears at the top of the app status. However, a push notification on the smartphone is not sent.

Tesvor M1 robot vacuum review

Testor M1


High suction power
Can be controlled at any time using the app
Controllable with voice assistants
Return to home function
Wiping function (with attachment)


App translated incorrectly
partially disoriented
Material selection sometimes cheap
Volume at full suction power


Overall, the Tesvor M1 convinced me and the price of 250 € is quite justified. The Tesvor M1 can also score with the various suction profiles and fan modes. The app connection works largely reliably and the user can flexibly adjust the vacuum robot. Only the translation into German is a bit amusing and a negative point.

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Testor M1


Suction power: 4000 Pa
Volume: ~ 68 dB
Height of rise: 2 cm
Dust container: 0.6 liter


Capacity: 5200 mAh
Runtime: 2.5 hours

Weight: 4200g