Test of the WIMIUS A1 Action Cam

by 23. February 2016
Action Cams from the low price segment, which can also record it with the more recent GoPro models, are rarely found. Although there are some SJCAM models that are quite capable of doing so, but other manufacturers remain rather in the shade or rely on the time-tested "rebranding" method. The cam looks like a SJCAM, but does not bring the same performance. Sunco or WIMIUS takes a different approach with the A1 and has developed an action cam that not only has a fast Ambarella chipset, which incidentally is also used in the GoPro models, but this camera also uses a high quality Sony IMX206 image sensor. How the "WIMIUS A1" beats in total, you will learn in this review.

Sunco Electronic Co. Ltd.




Image processor: A7LS75
Image sensor: IMX206
Display: 1,5 inch LCD
Outputs: Micro USB, Micro HDMI
SD card: SDHC up to 64 GB
Battery: 1050mAh

Video resolution:
2304x1296 @ 30p
1920x1080 @ 60p / 30p

Image Resolution:
16, 14,12, 8, 5, 3, 2,1,2 - Megapixels

* WiFi and App
*Time lapse
* Self-timer
* Loop Recording
* App-Control

What's in the box

1x Waterproof Case
1x battery
1x replacement rear screen
1x bike mount
2x rail brackets
1x helmet mount
3x angle bracket
1x joint mount
2x adhesive pad
4x cable ties
1x tether
1x cleaning cloth
1x charger
1x micro USB cable
1x Operating Instructions

First impression

Delivered is the "WIMIUS A1 " (Link to the camera) in the typical "China Action Cam cardboard box". The included accessories are also unlike those of a typical China Action Cam. Contained were next to the camera with waterproof housing yet:

  • a replacement rear disc for just this bracket
  • a bicycle mount, two rail brackets with adhesive pad, a clip for these rails, three angle brackets, one articulated bracket
  • two adhesive pads, four cable ties, a tether, a cleaning cloth
  • a battery with 1050mAh, a 5V 1A charger and a micro USB cable
  • a multilingual operating manual, also in German

The waterproof housing with folding mechanism is well made, looks solid and should also be waterproof to 30 meters without problems. The pressure points were a bit stiff at the first moment, but with time they had relaxed in a positive way and I was able to use the camera consistently well through the case. All other accessories included in delivery are also well made and conform to standards.

The WIMIUS A1 Action Cam is visually appealing and also sets itself apart from the conventional design. For example, in the A1, the rubber ring placed around the lens is patterned. Also, the gold-silver front was slightly highlighted. Incidentally, there are also two LEDs on the front side that indicate an active recording or an active WLAN. Additional LEDs are located on the bottom of the housing and on the back. Incidentally, the camera will be powered by Sunco Electronic ( and also marketed under the name "Sunco SO71". Under the name Sunco SO71, the camera is mainly sold abroad.

Not only is the design exceptional in this Action Cam, but the size is not based on the usual case sizes. The WIMIUS A1 measures proud 61x42x32.5mm and is therefore a few millimeters larger than comparable models. This small but subtle difference means that the camera can not be used with a conventional, SJCAM standardized, waterproof housing!

In addition, there is a crucial difference in the battery. This has proud 1050mAh (otherwise 900mAh) and is therefore slightly larger in length, but also narrower. So you also have to be careful with the replacement battery purchase, because the standardized 900mAh replacement batteries do not fit into the camera!

All important connection options are available on the camera. In addition to a micro SD card slot and the micro USB socket, there is also a micro HDMI socket. Class is also the integrated tripod socket in the camera body and the worry-free closure of the battery slot, which can also be closed with a small "lock".

Of course, the WIMIUS A1 also has a display. The display diagonal is 1.5 inches.

Commissioning and user interface

Battery in, SD card in and the camera is ready to go. For this you do not need an instruction manual. What you need an operating manual, however, are the numerous functions of the camera. How to set the camera according to your needs and how to download the WimiusA1App or connect the camera to the Wi-Fi is explained well and understandable. Incidentally, the Action Cam can be used with SD cards up to 64GB!

When switched on, you will immediately receive the live edition. At the edge there are also icons that roughly reproduce the most important settings such as the recording mode, the resolution, the charging status or the WLAN connection. In addition, you can still see the date and time, the available memory and whether the microphone of the camera is active.
If you click through the video and photo mode to the gallery and on to the settings, you can expect a wealth of settings. Here is a short list for a better understanding:

video mode

Video resolution (2304x1296 @ 30p, 1920x1080 @ 60p / 30p, 1280x720 @ 120p / 60p / 30p 848x480 @ 240p / 120p / 60p / 30p) | Quality (Super Fine, Fine, Normal) FOV (Far, Medium, Narrow) | Time Lapse | Date display | Motion detection | Loop recording | Microphone volume

Photo mode

Image resolution (16M, 14M, 12M, 8M, 5M, 3M, 2M, 1.2M, VGA) | Quality (see above) | Self-timer | Burst Mode | Auto Shoot | date

System Settings

Date and time | Format | Factory settings | WiFi | WiFi LED | WiFi SSID | WiFi password | Language | ISO, exposure | Standby | Autom. Shutdown | Sounds | DVR | Status LED | OSD | TV Out | Rotate picture | Delay | Refresh rate | Metering | AWB | TV mode

Video and picture quality

WIMIUS A1 (Sunco SO71) Action Cam Recording / Footage 1080p @ 60

The clear highlight of the WIMIUS A1 Action Cam is the fantastic video and picture quality. I already ran many action cams through my hands and rarely could it take one of these cameras with a GoPro. By contrast, the WIMIUS A1 is the best China Action Cam I've tested so far in terms of recording quality. Of the Ambarella A7LS75 Chipset is incredibly fast and makes for smooth 60 images-per-second on 1080p. Incidentally, the same chipset is also used in the SJCAM SJ5000 Plus.

The image sensor uses the WIMIUS Action Cam on one SONY IMX206that reaches stately 16 megapixels. In combination with the 166 ┬░ wide-angle lens, the A1 really conjures up fantastic shots. Outdoors, the video footage, as well as the images were to be used consistently in both sunshine and rainy weather. A test shot inside the building was a bit noisy according to the lighting conditions (night and dimmed light).

Microphone and speakers

Although the sound recordings of the WIMIUS A1 are clear, if you use the camera with the waterproof case, the recorded sound is far too quiet even with this Action Cam. It is interesting, however, that the Sports Cam has its own menu item for the microphone volume. Hereby you can raise these in comparison to other models, which considerably improves the recording. The microphone can also be completely deactivated with this camera.

The loudspeaker of the WIMIUS A1 is sufficient to watch the shot videos on the fly. Beeps are also clearly reproduced.

WiFi feature and app

The WiFi can be activated or deactivated on this camera both via the start screen and also via the system settings of the camera. The SSID as well as the password can be set individually in the settings.

To use the camera with a smartphone or tablet, you need the "WimiusA1App", which is available for download from the Google Play Store and the iOS Store. Before you start the app, but you should select in the wireless settings of the smartphone, the camera and connect to this.

Within the app, a live image of the camera is output. The live picture had a delay of about one second for me, but was otherwise played almost error free. Within the app can also make video and image settings, you can start recording and save it to the smartphone or tablet, as well as the recordings and share. Overall, the app works quite well and is a nice extension to the other features of the WIMIUS A1.

Final Words


Top video and picture quality
Ambarella A7LS75 and SONY IMX206
WiFi module and app control
Numerous setting options
Very good workmanship
Tripod thread on the housing
Good scope of accessories


Difficult to get spare parts

First impression
video quality
picture quality
Battery life

Already with the WIMIUS S1 and the WIMIUS S2, the Chinese manufacturer has launched Action Cams, which offer an almost perfect price / performance ratio. The WIMIUS A1 Action Cam is still a fad and can be quite the higher-quality China Action Cams assign, which is why the A1 can easily take it with GoPro or current SJCAM models. The highlight, of course, is the consistently convincing video and picture quality, but even with the sound recordings I could see an advantage of the WIMIUS A1 camera in direct comparison with competing models.

However, it seems problematic to me that this camera does not conform to the "standard" and therefore spare parts are harder to get. Although this problem only affects the waterproof case and battery, it is these parts that are essential for an action camera.

Nevertheless, the WIMIUS A1 is a very good action cam, which should definitely be included in its shortlist!

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Hi Techreviewer, the Ambarella chipset and the Sony image sensor have aroused my interest. With which action cam would you most like to compare the Wimius A1? I've already looked at the Wimius S2 and S1, which cost a good deal less. Do you know what hardware the two action cameras use?


Hello J├╝rgen, the "WIMIUS S1" is also sold under the name Sunco SO10. The camera has a SPCA6330M DSP and an AR0330 image sensor. The camera is similar to a SJCAM 4000, which also uses the Aptina AR0330 image sensor.

The "WIMIUS S2" is also available under the name Sunco SO80. This camera has a SPCA6350M DSP and an OmniVision OV4689 image sensor. The SJCAM 4000 + (Plus) also uses this sensor.

The picture quality will not necessarily be the same, but on these cameras you can orient yourself well. In any case, the S1 and S2 should meet their price.

With the Ambarella A7LS75 and the Sony IMX206, the WIMIUS A1 ranks alongside a SJCAM 5000 Plus or the more recent GoPro models.


What's up with 25p and 50p? 30p / 60p bring me here in Europe not so much! At least I could use 120p for slowmotion.

Kai Ritz
Kai Ritz

Hello, have just purchased the cam but comes after the turn on only the wimidu logo, the sound then nothing more ...
I know because I bought her privately not even where I should turn.
Does a sD card have to be in it? Does this have to be in fat32?
... in any case, she is stuck with the logo.


Hello Kai,

the SD card must be formatted in FAT32. Inevitably, no SD card has to be inserted. The cam can be operated normally so. A screen with a logo sounds like a boot loop. Normally only the firmware helps to flash. It is best to contact the manufacturer of the camera. The WIMIUS A1 is identical to the Sunco SO71 and is only listed under a different name.

Here the link to the manufacturer:



I am looking for a replacement battery for this Cam.
Someone an idea where to get one?

Thank you.


Hi, replacement batteries are often at this URL: Or just ask the seller whether replacement batteries are still for sale.


Hello. Does the A1 need to re-enter the date after changing the battery? LG ben


Hi Ben, the date is saved after a battery change.