Test of the Neon Electronic MCB1584-12 hi-fi stereo system

by 30. January
In search of a stereo system with many playback options, I came across the MCB1584-12 from Neon Electronic. According to the product description, this should be capable of Bluetooth and support almost all popular audio formats. How this beats as a "HiFi miracle" advertised device, I have looked closer.

Neon Electronic




45W speaker
Bluetooth streaming
MP3 / WMA / FM
CD, CD-R / RW, MP3 discs
3.5mm headphone jack
AUX input

What's in the box

The playback unit
* The amplifier
2x speaker
2x speaker cable
1x audio cable
1x connection cable
1x FM antenna
1x remote control with batteries
1x Operating Instructions

First impression

The brand Neon Electronic I was not known yet and even after lengthy research I could find out nothing about the brand. Only one dealer page from the Far East provided information that Neon Electronic is a rather large manufacturer of multimedia devices.

With correspondingly low expectations, I unpacked the stereo and gave me an overview first. All necessary connection cables were included in the delivery, so that the stereo system was immediately ready for use after the correct connection. The multilingual user manual also explains how to connect and use the stereo.

Regarding the processing I was quite positively surprised. The stereo is processed high quality and I could find no material defects. Due to the beautiful aluminum design, the speakers look very modern and fit perfectly with the playback or amplifier unit. The connection options are fixed and well-made. The control buttons have a good pressure point and sit firmly in the housing of the playback and amplifier unit. Only the quality of the speaker cables could be a bit better. Here I would have liked higher quality copper cables.


The MCB1584-12 from Neon Electronic supports almost all popular playback options. So the stereo can be used among other things as a Bluetooth receiver, which allows you to send music via a Bluetooth enabled playback device (smartphone / tablet) directly to the system. Pairing with the smartphone is similar here to connecting with a standard Bluetooth speaker.

Furthermore, the stereo system supports playback via a USB data medium. My external hard drive was easily recognized. The music selection is controlled via the function keys on the playback unit. The display also shows the current directory or title. I could play both MP3 and WMA.

Of course, the MCB1584-12 also supports the playback of CDs / MP3 CDs as well as FM. However, the stereo system does not have a modern DAB + receiver. Music can also be transferred to the system via the AUX connection.


The sound of this little stereo from Neon Electronic really blew me away. The two 45W strong speakers have a decent "whopping". Nevertheless, the overall picture is very well tuned whereby the validity of mids and heights is not lost despite the powerful bass. Of course you can make the respective fine tuning to the music on the system itself. The stereo has a very good equalizer with many settings. At high volume I felt the sound slightly tinny, but I could adjust the sound through the equalizer perfectly.

First impression

The MCB1584-12 stereo system from Neon Electronic convinced me both in terms of design and high-quality processing, but also in terms of sound. The sound of this system could hardly be better. After a little fine tuning, you can create a fantastic sound.

Due to the numerous playback options, the system will also be well supported in the future. An additional DAB + tuner would of course have the overall picture rounded, but I personally do not depend on this. Anyway, my music games are mainly via Bluetooth.

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