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Netatmo Smart Radiator Thermostats Now With Window Open Detection

Netatmo radiator thermostats now with window open detection

The smart radiator thermostats from Netatmo are now equipped with a window open detection. With this new function, the room heating is switched off as soon as a window is opened. In this way, energy losses can be avoided.

 Netatmo radiator thermostat 

The window-open detection is available for the Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Pack and the Additional Smart Radiator Thermostats. A free and automatic software update has been provided for all Smart Radiator Thermostats, even if they are already on the market.

Netatmo Radiator Thermostat Starter Set with two thermostats and monitor

With the Smart radiator thermostats starter package you can regulate the temperature in houses heated with collective heating. Users can set up the individual heating of all rooms according to their habits and requirements and control the heating by remote control. With the additional Smart Radiator Thermostats, which complement the starter package or the Smart Thermostat from Netatmo, it is possible to control individual radiators. In this way, even more energy can be saved and living comfort can be improved.

 How does window open detection work?  

As soon as a window is opened, the smart radiator thermostat from Netatmo detects the temperature drop via its sensors. The heating is then switched off automatically to save energy. A symbol is displayed on the radiator thermostat to inform the user.

Netatmo radiator thermostat attached to the heater

The room heating is reactivated as soon as the Netatmo smart radiator thermostats detect that the window has been closed - or 30 minutes after open windows have been found.

If desired, the user can manually set that heating should continue despite the window being open. The heating can be switched off by clicking on "Continue heating" in the Energy app.

The function can also be completely deactivated via the app. Then the radiators heat continuously, even when a window is opened.

 Price and availability 

All functions of the smart radiator thermostats are available free of charge. This does not require a subscription and there are no additional costs. The Smart Radiator Thermostat Starter Package is on and and in electronics stores for € 199,99.

Source: Press Release

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