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Narwal Freo: Robotics startup brings robotic vacuum cleaners to Germany

After a successful start in North America, the Narwal Freo is now also available on the German market. With state-of-the-art functions and innovations, the vacuum robot with mopping function promises flawless floor cleaning.

Narwhal Freo

Narwal, the robotics startup known for its advanced cleaning technology, continues its global growth trajectory and is now bringing its latest high-end robot vacuum cleaner, the Narwal Freo, to Germany.

This launch follows a successful launch in North America. The Narwal Freo, which boasts DirtSense technology and other advanced features, will be available in Germany from June 15 at the special price of 849 euros.

DirtSense Cleaning

The Narwhal Freo wants to stand out from the competition with innovative suction and wiping functions. One of these features is the AI-controlled DirtSense Cleaning, which allows the robot to automatically analyze the degree of dirt on the floor.

Narwal Freo Underside of the vacuum robot

In Freo mode, it automatically takes care of cleaning the floors based on the pollution detected. Users then receive a clear cleaning report with the cleaning work carried out.

SmartSwing Edge Cleaning

Another special feature of the Narwal Freo is the SmartSwing Edge Cleaning function. In combination with the patented, double-speed rotating, triangular mops, the Freo enables cleaning into every corner.

Narwhal Freo wipe modes

The device automatically adapts to the edges and ensures that no stain is overlooked. The vacuum robot removes stubborn stains with a high contact pressure of 12N.

Mopping floors and vacuuming carpets at the same time is possible by raising the mops when driving over carpets. After the wiping process is complete, the mops are cleaned with fresh water in the charging station and dried with hot air at around 40°C.

Ease of use

Ease of use is also a priority. With the Narwal app and a touch-sensitive LCD screen, the device can be operated easily and intuitively. In addition to this, the robot vacuum cleaner offers a user- and animal-friendly noise level of 39-57 dB.

The Narwhal Freo is available from, among others  Amazon . Further information is provided by the  Manufacturer's product page .

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