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Liene Mini Photo Printer Hero

Liene photo printer: photos from your smartphone directly into your hand!

Want to hold the freshly taken photo in your hands straight away? The Liene photo printer makes it possible and delights technology fans and families alike. A small photo gadget for big moments!

Liene photo printer

The days when photography involved bulky cameras and endless sessions in the darkroom are long gone. Today, high-performance cameras are firmly integrated into our daily companion device, the smartphone. The art of photography has not only become easier and more convenient, but also much more mobile.

But as digital as the age of photography may be, the longing for a physical print that you can hold in your hands remains for many. Who doesn't know the feeling of carrying a shiny photo in a wallet or putting it in a small frame? Sure, you could get the file to be developed somewhere, but isn't that still more cumbersome than it should be?

Liene photo printer photographed from the front

Luckily, many photo equipment companies have recognized this need and launched portable, wireless mini printers that deliver amazing results. These printers, usually barely larger than a smartphone, print pocket-sized photos over WiFi while maintaining color intensity and detail.

In this dynamic landscape of photo technology, one device in particular stands out: the  Liene photo printer . But what makes it the favorite among mini photo printers?

Compatibility on a new level

The special thing about the Liene photo printer is its wide range of compatibility options. No matter whether it is an Android or iOS smartphone, a PC or a MacBook, all devices find their place here.

Liene photo printer photographed from above

Thanks to the built-in WiFi connection, setup is a breeze and allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time. A highlight that can particularly score points at family celebrations or friends' evenings.

With its dimensions of just 205 x 124.6 x 85.4 mm, the photo printer is a real space miracle that fits in every pocket. And thanks to the built-in battery, you don't have to worry about power on the go. A worry-free printing experience is guaranteed.

High definition for the most beautiful moments

But what would a photo printer be without convincing print quality? This is where the Liene photo printer shows its strengths: with a resolution of 300 dpi and the advanced 4 PASS technology, memories are put on paper in HD quality.

Liene photo printer compact size


With dimensions of 100 x 148 mm (4 x 6 inches), the photo paper corresponds to the classic and popular postcard format. An automatic protective film ensures long-lasting results, protected against fading and fingerprints.

Creative freedom with the Liene Photo app

It gets even better: With the Liene Photo App, nothing stands in the way of creative design. Various filters and settings for light and darkness make every image shine in new splendor. The app also offers four different edge styles to choose from to add a personal touch to every snapshot.

Everything is there to get started right away

The package comes with everything you need to get started right away: In addition to the printer itself, it also includes 20 sheets of glossy photo paper and a cartridge. The first 20 printouts are saved, and thanks to the app's practical notification function, you are reminded in good time to purchase new cartridges.

Liene photo printer when printing

Get it now

Curious? The Liene photo printer is giving up  Amazon  at the offer price of only 109,43 euros. Simply enter the code Liene10off in the ordering process.

The journey into the future of photography can begin – with the Liene photo printer. An exciting gadget that should be part of every technology collection.

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