KZ ZS6 Review - Knowledge Zenith In-Ear

by 16. December 2017
If you look around for inexpensive in-ears that still have something on their case, you will come across the in-ear headphone solutions of the manufacturer "Knowledge Zenith". This test report deals with the only in the end 2017 published hybrid in-ear "KZ ZS6".

Knowledge Zenith


Concentration camp ZS6


Drivers: 2 Dynamic Drivers + 2 Balanced Armature Driver
Size: 6 mm and 10 mm

Frequency range: 7 Hz - 40 kHz
Impedance: 15 ohms
Sensitivity: 105 dB (+/- 3 dB)

Microphone: Yes
Wired Remote Control: Yes
Cable type: removable 2 pin plug
Cable length: 1.2 m
Plug: 3.5 mm jack
Weight: 14g (earphone)

What's in the box

1x Concentration Camp ZS6
1x headphone cable with microphone and remote control
3x pair of silicone earpads (S, M and L)
1x user manual

Foreword: KZ ZS6 Hybrid In-Ear

Knowledge Zenith is - who would have thought it - a manufacturer from China, which specializes in cheap in-ear earphone solutions. The manufacturer became known several years ago, especially through the models KZ ATE and ATE S sowie die KZ ED seriesthat are still a secret tip in many hi-fi forums today.

Concentration Camp ZS6 Review

Design, workmanship and delivery

The Concentration camp ZS6 belongs to the newer models of the manufacturer and appeared in September 2017. The design impresses with a high-quality, anodized aluminum sound bodywhich is held together by 3 striking screws. However, this design is not unique. Especially those who deal with in-ear headphones beyond the 100 € brand, which is the similarity of the ZZZZZZZZ "Orion" by Campfire Audio to have noticed. A rogue who thinks evil doing it!

The cable is interchangeable. The connection with the earphones takes place via a typical 2 pin plug, Clearly visible L and R marks are available both on the plugs, as well as on the bodies. The cable is with a so-called "Memory wire" equipped, whereby earhooks can be freely shaped. The cable itself is rubber-coated, with a slightly sticky structure. Disturbing cable noise should be prevented. A Inline remote including microphone is located on the right cable branch.

The quality of workmanship of the ZS6 concentration camp convinced and corresponds to the price. The supplied cable is a matter of taste. Especially the slightly sticky rubber coating and the malleable memory wire will not hit every taste. For a little money, however, you can get almost anywhere alternative cables with the typical 2 pin connector, so that the supplied cable can be easily replaced. The manufacturer also offers one Cable with Bluetooth module on, so that the in-ear can also be converted into a practical sports headphones. Of the What's in the box includes next to the two earphones and the cable yet 3 pair of silicone earpads in sizes S (Small), M (Medium) and L (Large) and one Manual.

KZ ZS6 Scope of delivery

To the KZ Bluetooth cable

sound quality

The ZS6 concentration camp works with a total of 8 drivers, 4 per earphone. These are subdivided into two dynamic drivers (6 mm) as well as two balanced armature drivers (10 mm). It frequency range the manufacturer states 7 Hz to 40 kHz at. The impedance is 15 Ohm. sensitivity is 105 dB, Essentially, the ZS6 concentration camp is one All-round in-ear with a tonal V-sound curve.

KZ ZS6 Earphones (1)

The low end is highlighted, albeit moderately. On the downside, the in-ear loses a little bit of power. Of the mid-range It is warm overall, with punchy lower mids, which makes the voices and instruments particularly colorful. In the foreground stands with this in-ear above all the treble, The in-ear impresses with a particularly airy and detailed high-altitude reproduction. However, it is unpleasant in the upper heights. Sharp sibilance can make your ears ring! A clear damper, for this otherwise good-sounding in-ear.

Another damper for conventional music enjoyment is the high efficiency of the in-ear. Although the ZS6 concentration camp can be driven extremely easily by this, at the same time the background noise of the player is also promoted. Remedy creates an external volume control. The example of a conventional smartphone is already sufficient low volume settings to achieve a pleasant playback volume.

KZ ZS6 Earphones (2)

Wired remote control and microphone

The supplied cable is on the right cable branch with a One-button wired remote control with microphone fitted. The wired remote control makes it possible to control music playback and answer calls. The control of music playback only refers to a play and pause function and the skipping of titles. The volume can not be controlled via the remote control. The Microphone convinced by a particularly clear recording quality including a good noise filtering. Talks can easily be made about it.

KZ ZS6 cable

To the concentration camp SIlver-Plated cable


The wear of the concentration camp ZS6 depends very much on the respective institution. Starting with the supplied cable, it is not for everyone, the malleable Memory Wire to lay around the ear. The cable can, however, as already mentioned, be replaced or you carefully removed the coil spring from the cable. On the other hand, the problem is more extreme edgy and large sounding body, Especially wearers with small auricles, the earphones are difficult to use, which causes them to sit too loose. But even with a large auricle, the in-ear can be uncomfortable with its many edges. The noise isolation is average on this half-open in-ear.

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Final Words


Good workmanship
Removable cable
Wide frequency range
Detailed and dynamic sound
Powerful bass


Cable with memory wire
Pushy upper treble

First impression

Knowledge Zenith is well-known for its low-cost in-ears and has also brought to the market a surprisingly good-sounding in-ear ZS6 that can play both in terms of sound quality, but also in terms of build quality in quite higher price ranges. Despite the good overall appearance, there are also some criticisms. First and foremost, the wearing comfort, which despite the brazen copy of the Campfire Audio Orion design can not convince. Add to that the pronounced high-pitched range, which does not suit everyone's taste. On the whole, however, the ZS6 concentration camp is definitely worth a look.

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