Klipsch T5 Neckband Review - Bluetooth In-ear Headphones

by 19. August 2020

If you want to enjoy your favorite playlist through in-ear headphones while exercising, you often face a problem. Many in-ears just don't want to hold their ears properly. One quick movement and it's time to readjust or, in the worst case, look for the earphones on the floor.

One solution are headphones with neckband, which promise a secure and comfortable fit. For this test, I took a closer look at the Klipsch T5 neckband. A wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphone with a neckband.




Klipsch T5 neckband


Driver: Dynamic driver
Size: 5 mm

Frequency range: 10 Hz - 19 kHz
Impedance: unknown
Sensitivity: Unknown

Standard: 5.0
Range: up to 10 meters

* HFP 1.7
* HSP 1.2
* A2DP 1.3
* AVRCP 1.6

* aptX
* aptX HD

Microphone: Yes (cVc 8.0 Dual-M)
Operation: 3 buttons
Battery: up to 15 hours

Size: 24 x 18 x 4 cm
Weight: 26.4g

What's in the box

1x Klipsch T5 neckband
8x earplugs
1x MicroUSB cable
1x user manual

Design, workmanship and delivery

Before we get into the sonic properties of the Klipsch T5 neckband busy, let's take a quick look at the outside of the headphones.

The Klipsch T5 Neckband is delivered in this box.

The packaging already shows that we are not dealing with a cheap home-made headphone, but a real branded headphone. The US company Klipsch Audio Technologies has been in business since 1946 and is one of the top players in the audio segment.

The packaging adorns the golden one Klipsch quality seal, a trademark of the manufacturer. The T5 neckband and the rest of the strap are opened What's in the box attractively presented. In addition to the headphones, it also includes a microUSB charging cable, silicone earplugs in various sizes and operating instructions.

Scope of delivery of the Klipsch T5 Neckband.

The Design of the headphones looks well thought out and the processing quality is right. The neck band is through the Real leather cover pleasantly soft and flexible to move. At the ends there are elongated housings in which the hardware is housed. The right end is decorated with the Klipsch lettering. On the left there are 3 control buttons on the inside and the microUSB socket on the bottom. It's a shame that Klipsch didn't opt ​​for the newer USB-C standard. The particularly compact and lightweight earphones are connected to the bracket via 14cm long, textile-coated cables.


With the T5 neckband, Klipsch attaches great importance to being comfortable to wear. With a Weight of light 26.4g and the soft real leather cover, the neckband is barely noticeable around the neck.

Klipsch T5 Neckband (1)

They are also easy earphones, each only 2g on the scales and with the Klipsch patented, oval earplugs sit extremely comfortably and with a good hold in the ear canal. A IPX4 rating is available. The headphones are then protected from splashing water on all sides, making them sweat-resistant and suitable for sporting activities.


On the hardware side, the Klipsch T5 Neckband is properly set up. The current Bluetooth 5.0 Standard ensures easy connection establishment, fast transmissions and a long range.

High-resolution audio codecs are used for better sound quality aptX and aptX HD supported. The prerequisite for using these codecs is that the player also supports aptX. This is the case today with many Android smartphones with a Qualcomm chipset. AptX is not available to users of Apple products.

The earphones of the Klipsch T5 Neckband.

Each earbud comes with one dynamic 5 mm driver fitted. The one specified by Klipsch frequency range lies between 10 Hz and 19.000 Hz, The two Microphones work with cVc 8.0 noise reduction.

sound quality

First of all: Sound perception differs from person to person. In the following I describe how the Klipsch T5 neckband sounds to me.

Sound signature and spatiality

The Klipsch T5 Neckband aims for a predominantly balanced sound signature on. Lows, mids and highs come into their own, without one frequency range drowning out the other. The spatial representation is not very pronounced, but is sufficient for a degree of localizability.

Klipsch T5 Neckband (2)

Depths, mid and highs

Bass are available, if not particularly powerful, but pleasantly crisp. The bass reproduction is somewhat limited towards the bottom.

The transition to the mid-range is well separated. The middle sounds pleasantly soft and without emphasis from the low frequency range. Unfortunately, there is a lack of precision here. Tonal subtleties are quickly lost and individual instruments are difficult to separate from one another.

Let's switch to that Heights, they sound extremely calm, with a gently removable level. There are no unpleasant sibilants.

cable noise

A side effect that affects pretty much every wired in-ear headphone is cable noises that arise when moving. Although the T5 Neckband only has short cable connections between the headband and the earphones, it takes care of that Textile covering the cable for a lot of noise. The sound experience can suffer, especially with quiet music passages, which are often found in classical music.

Operation and headset

3 keys Operation

Music and calls can be extensively via the multifunctional 3-button control element of the headphones. The middle button is used to switch the headphones on or put them into pairing mode, which allows up to two devices to be paired at the same time.

Klipsch T5 Neckband (3)

Microphone and calls

Incoming calls on the smartphone can be made directly through the headphones. The one built into the neckband is practical vibration functionthat makes the headphones vibrate noticeably when a call comes in, so you are guaranteed not to miss a call. However, it is just as practical that the function can be switched off.

Calls can be accepted or rejected using the control element so that you don't even have to pick up your smartphone.

The two noise-filtering microphones Do a good job with cVc 8.0 technology. In general, the microphone quality is very clear and only becomes minimally tinny with increasing noise filtering.

Klipsch T5 Neckband (4)


The battery life of the Klipsch Neckband T5 is remarkable. Klipsch itself specifies the battery life as 15 hours. In the test at medium volume were even more than 15 hours of music playback possible. The battery can be fully charged in about an hour.

Price Comparison

Would you like to know where you can buy the Klipsch T5 neckband? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

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Final Words


Noble design
Very comfortable to wear
Balanced sound signature
Vibration function for calls
microphone quality
Long battery life


Lack of sonic precision
Strong cable noise

First impression
Battery life

A particularly pleasant and safe wearing comfort, a neutral soundstage and a long-lasting battery life make the Klipsch T5 neckband an almost perfect everyday, travel and sports companion.

Why only almost? There are reductions in sound quality, which is severely impaired by annoying cable noises. In addition, the mostly neutral sound of the headphones does not suit everyone's taste. If you expect powerful bass and groovy dynamics, you should look for other headphones.

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