JISIWEI I3 - Vacuum robot with camera

by Timo26. August 2016





Functions: Wipe (wet and dry), vacuum
Tax range: 10 meters
Remote control: Yes
Auto load: Yes
Power (W): 30W
Suction power (Pa): 800Pa
Height obstacles: 1.5cm

Battery: 2200mAh
Charging time: 3 hours
Runtime: 2 hours
Suction tank: 600ml
Cleaning area: 200m²
Volume (dB): 65dB

What's in the box

1x remote control
1x charging station
1x EU adapter
1x cleaning brush
4x Seitl. to brush
2x wipe
1x English user manual

Vacuum robots from China are cheap and can take up very well with the relatively expensive models in this country. Chuwi vacuum robots are very popular, but another manufacturer is also jumping on the bandwagon and releasing high-performance robots under the brand name "JISIWEI", which are equipped with numerous gadgets. What makes JISIWEI different and what impression we make of the model "JISIWEI I3" you will find out in this article.

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The JISIWEI I3 vacuum robot is already the second model of the manufacturer. Even the predecessor "JISIWEI S +" surprised by unusual gimmicks, such as an HD camera, but also by an interesting design. These games, however, have cost the manufacturer a lot. You have to pay a hefty 350 € for the JISIWEI S +. The new model I3, however, does not want to miss this feature variety and is already available from 160 €.

Camera, app and voice commands

The JISIWEI I3 is also equipped with one camera, This solves with 1 Megapixel up and over one App with the smartphone or tablet be addressed. In addition to one Live image transmission there is also a possibility to Motion detection including alarm notifications, Pictures and videos can be taken as well as received small microphone the corresponding tone on. Attached is the camera on the frame of the vacuum robot. Of the Viewing angle is at 120 °. Why you need such a function just s.ein vacuum robot is of course questionable. A nice gimmick, this feature but always, because you can also externally, for example, while on the move, access the vacuum robot. The JISIWEI I3 is located in the local WLAN and is directly with a Cloud connected. So who is on vacation and just want to jet through the apartment, who can operate the vacuum robot from a distance and also check if everything is in the countryside. Another gimmick is the transmission of voice commands, With so-called "Voice Prompts" the vacuum robot can also be operated. For example, if you say "Clean", the JISIWEI I3 starts its cleaning tour. However, all voice commands must be communicated to the robot in English. German does not understand the device!

cleaning modes

Overall, between 7 different cleaning modes to get voted. Here is an overview:

Kreis cleaning: 3 suction profiles are available here. The suction robot moves from a fixed point, in schnekenhausartigen circles to the edges of the room. You can choose whether the robot should move in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Another option is cleaning in closed circles. The robot moves a complete circle, change its position by a few centimeters and drives another closed circle.

Edge cleaning: The JISIWEI I3 orientates itself to the edges of the room and drives it off first. Then it moves along the edges to the center of the room.

Web cleaning: The robot moves through the room in lamellar paths.

Zigzag cleaning: From the edge of the room to the edge of the room in zigzag movements.

Arbitrarily: The vacuum robot travels through the room without a fixed profile.

JISIWEI I3 cleaning modes

Suction power and sensors

The suction power of the 30W devices will be with the manufacturer 800Pa indicated, at a volume below 65dB, The dust container has a Capacity of 600ml, A wiping function is also available. For this can be on the bottom of a included Microfiber cloth (120x180mm) Fasten. A small, additional water tank also allows a wet wipe. On the bottom of the JISIWEI I3 are two sweeping brushes attached, which move the dirt to the suction. By means of different Infrared Sensors The JISIWEI I3 can move through the room without collision. To prevent a crash, there are also several IR sensors on the underside of the robot housing. Obstacles climb the I3 up to a height of 1.5cm.

Battery and charging

The capacity of the battery is included 2200mAh, The maximal Running time is 2 hours, Fully charged, the device is after 3 hours, The included charging station is also the base station of the vacuum robot. As soon as the battery gets weak or the user turns off the battery "Return to Home" Function is triggered, the JISIWEI I3 tries to find the way to the charging station by itself.


The JISIWEI I3 presents itself very well on the data sheet and also various experiences to the predecessor let us guess that JISIWEI is a qualitatively good suction robot manufacturer. The functionality is powerful and can compete with the Chuwi ILIFE series, but also with models of relevant brands. Appearing to the vacuum robot in September 2016. So you can be curious!

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