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by 10. May 2018
A calibrated and profiled monitor is a must for any web designer, photographer or graphic artist. The globellColorSuite is a calibration and profiling solution Made in Germany, consisting of a colorimeter and a matching software. In the multi-week test, I have the globellColorSuite compete in various applications.

Globell Color GmbH




* Inorganic glass filter
* High-end sensor
* Contact and distance measurement

Operating system: Windows 10 and Mac OSX
* profiling
* 3D Gamut Viewer
* Test Images

What's in the box

1x colorimeter
1x gooseneck
1x stand
1x software license
1x User Manual

First impression of the globellColorSuite

globellCollorSuite packaging

What's in the box

Unpacked and ready - the globellColorSuite includes everything for the (professional) calibration and profiling is needed. The suite is delivered with a hardware colorimeter, a stand with gooseneck, a software license key and a user manual.

globellCollorSuite scope of delivery

Operating instructions and software download

The Manual is both in German, as well as in English authorizes and guides the user through the necessary steps for commissioning. A detailed illustration and additional hints help with understanding problems.

The globellColor software is only available for download. The included "License & Quality Card" has printed the link to the download page in addition to the license key. The software is downloadable via the manufacturer's website and is in one Windows and Mac OSX Version available.


The hardware and also the software of the globellColorSuite are "Made in Germany", The structure of the comparably bulky globellColor colorimeter is hardly different from other manufacturers' calibration solutions. Features include the offset inside Two-lens opticsby one Wear-resistant foam is surrounded, as well as a ¼ inch thread to stand and tripod mount. Inside, a sensor works in combination with the (inorganic) glass filters permanently accurate measurements possible.

globellColor colorimeter

That the Globell Color GmbH with seat in Kempen a high quality standard shows, among other things, the cooperation with the Lens specialists Meyer-Optik-Görlitz and the Japanese monitor manufacturer EIZO. Each globellColorSuite undergoes an extensive review before it goes on sale. On Test Certificate is located next to the hardware ID of the device on the "License & Quality Card".

The quality of workmanship the colorimeter and also the holder is straightforward. Somewhat unfavorably solved is that the glass optics has no protective cover. Although this is protected by the housing surrounded, it is still advisable to put the colorimeter in the padded packaging after each use.

globellColor colorimeter optics

field test


Unlike many calibration solutions, which are suspended with a counterweight, the globellColor colorimeter uses one Stand with flexible gooseneck, Both the contact and the distance measurements are possible. to Contact measurement the colorimeter is leaned against the display with the contact surface protecting the monitor. A positioning aid displayed in the center of the screen facilitates precise alignment.

globellColor colorimeter use with a notebook

For the Distance measurement In addition, a Standfußerweiterung is required, which was present at the time of the test only as a pre-series design. Alternatively, the colorimeter can be easily screwed onto a tripod to check, for example, the projected image of a projector. An advantage of the distance measurement is the particularly realistic measurement process. The ambient light flows into the calibration and profiling, so that a measurement similar to the human eye takes place.

globellColor software

The globellColor software is easy to understand and allows you to start a successful calibration process with just a few clicks.

The connected monitors automatically recognize the software. Multiple monitors can be calibrated individually or consecutively in series. To distinguish between several monitors, the model name along with the serial number of the respective monitor is indicated. About the sub-point Settings> Screen Settings Additional parameters for the LUT upload, the designation as well as the screen technology of the respective monitor can be made. All common are supported Screen technologies of CRT, LCD CCFL via LCD LED (Wide-Gamut) and LCD GB-R-LED, as well as is one Calibration of projectors possible. If display hardware with Display Data Channel / Command Interface (DDC / CI) globellColorSuite can communicate directly with it.

About the point "Calibration & Profiling" can the ad calibrated, tested and profiled become. For Windows users the calibration and profiling takes place in one step. A successful calibration results in an ICC profile that is automatically recognized and used by Windows. Calibrating and profiling is once again different Mac OSX system, Only through the profiling a valid profile for color management-enabled programs is created.

The calibration settings can be user-defined or based on given profiles. Especially for laymen, the given profiles are suitable. These are subdivided according to application areas and include typical areas such as web design, photo or video editing and film. Experienced users can adjust luminance or gamma settings, color temperature, maximum and minimum luminance as well as color space.

Other functions of the software are an automated schedule, history display, general software settings, including language, units of measure and ICC profile version, as well as extras, such as various test images and an 3D Gamut Viewer, For quick access, the globellColor Assistant is stored as a notification icon in the taskbar. It can be used to manage monitors and to apply or cancel the already performed calibration.

Third-party software such as CalMAN, DisplayCAL or HCFR was not yet supported at the time of testing. However, according to Globell Color, future support for third-party software is already in the pipeline.

Calibration and profiling

measurement speed

The measuring speed with the globellColor colorimeter convinces. On extensive calibration process including profiling needed about 7 minutes, A profiling turn is already after 2 ½ minutes done and a simple one Examination lasts a minute.

measurement result

The result of a calibration is automatically inherited from Windows 10 ICC profile and a detailed, multi-page test report in PDF format. The measuring accuracy of the globellColorSuite is considerable. The calibration result checked with a color reference and gray card keeps the colorimeter traceable and, above all, accurate.


The multipage audit report includes comprehensive Measurement data and graphics, The beginning of a test report contains a practical summary of all measured data. Furthermore, the test report includes Luminance histograms, color temperature, RGB level and CIE diagram.

A Summary of the color difference (Delta E) there is at the end of each report. At the time of the test, there were still a few discrepancies regarding the presentation and legend regarding the CIE chart. Upon request to Globell Color, a bug fix is ​​already in progress and will be implemented in future software updates.

Globell Color has one for all readers of the blog Coupon provided, with which you the globellColorSuite reduced by 10% get. The code is: gc04-tech18 and is valid until the end of May 2018! You can redeem the voucher in the Shop of the manufacturer.

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Final Words


Easy to use
Contact and distance measurement
User-friendly presets
High measuring speed
High calibration quality
Comprehensive test report


No protective cover for optics
Minor software bugs

First impression
calibration speed
calibration quality

The globellColorSuite is an excellent calibration solution that convinces both hardware and software. Easy to handle, a display can be calibrated, checked and profiled in just a few steps. The calibration settings are comprehensive. User-friendly presets for different application areas also allow laymen an uncomplicated calibration process. Special mention should be made of the high measuring speed and the precise calibration quality. A detailed test report allows a detailed evaluation of individual measurements.

Negatively noticed at the time of the test are minor software errors that mainly affected parts of the test report. However, the manufacturer endeavors to eliminate these errors in future software updates.

If you are looking for a "Made in Germany" colorimeter that is suitable both for contact and distance measurement and also delivers precise measurement results in the long term through the use of inorganic color filters, you should definitely take a look at the globellColorSuite!

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Dietrich Berger

Where can I get the software from? The manufacturer is insolvent and has closed his website!