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Fritzbox Mesh Set Test

FRITZ! Mesh Set Test - FRITZ! Box 7590 & WLAN Repeater 1750E

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 27. April 2024

The FRITZ! Box 7590 is the current showcase router from AVM. In the so-called FRITZ! Mesh Set will get interested the router including a wireless repeater 1750E. In the following test we take a closer look at the mesh set.

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Foreword: FRITZ! Mesh set

To provide a larger living area with only one wireless router is difficult. Mostly there are several dead spots where no WLAN signal is received. Help is provided by repeaters that expand the network. However, there are problems with the WLAN change of the terminals. So it may happen that the terminal still remains connected to the original network despite better reception to the repeater network and no change takes place. Intelligent Mesh should compensate for this disadvantage and enable a seamless and uninterrupted WLAN coverage.

Fritzbox Mesh Set

Design, workmanship and delivery

The FRITZ! Mesh Set includes everything needed to build a small mesh net. Included in delivery are the FRITZ! Box 7590 including the respective connection cable and instructions, as well as a FRITZ WLAN Repeater 1750E.

The FRITZ! Box 7590 comes in a sleek red and white design. The router can be used both lying and mounted on the wall. The antennas are visually inconspicuous hidden in the housing. The top of the case contains the status LEDs, which provide information about the DSL, the WLAN, the telephone, the WPS and the Info. Detailed labels are available. Adjacent control buttons control the respective function.

The connection options are a lateral USB 3.0 connection and a connection for analog telephony. On the back there is another USB 3.0 connection, a WAN connection, four Gigabit LAN ports, two analogue telephone connections, an ISDN connection, a connection for the Internet and the power connection.

Fritzbox router 7590

Commissioning & user interface

The setup of the FRITZ! Box and the repeater is easy. The setup wizard guides you through all steps in an understandable way. Users of an older FRITZ! Box can transfer existing configurations to the new model. The FRITZ! Box 7590 comes with FRITZ! OS 6.83, but can already be upgraded to FRITZ! OS 7.

Fritzbox user interface

The FRITZ! OS 7 user interface is extensive. There are many settings and functions. As a result, the system is also nested and the desired function can only be found after several clicks. Useful features include an integrated media server, a NAS, a smart home control and mesh management.


WiFi & Mesh

The FRITZ! Box 7590 is among other things a dual-band AC router, which can build a 2.4GHz and 5GHz net. The theoretical maximum possible transmission speed is up to 1.733 Mbit / s in the 5GHz network. With MU-MIMO support, multiple clients can be serviced simultaneously to provide the maximum available bandwidth as needed.

Fritzbox connections

For the performance test, the powerful Intel Wireless AC-8265 WLAN card was used. The transmission speed was determined by transmitting a file via a NAS. The distance of the router to the clients is 2 meters. In the 2.4GHz network, a maximum transmission speed of 30 MB / s was measured. The 5GHz network has reached 95 MB / s.

Important is of course the wireless range. Compared to other WLAN routers, the range is at the highest level and can cover an 3-floored residential building. If you want to extend the range, we recommend the FRITZ WLAN Repeater 1750E, which is included in the Mesh Set. The construction of a dense network has made AVM user-friendly. Connect the repeater, pair with the router and a mesh will automatically be established. In the mesh composite, the delivery of the respective node succeeds fluently, so that no connection gaps arise.


The DSL modem of the FRITZ! Box 7590 supports for the first time 300 Mbit Supervectoring VDSL connections. Due to the lack of a powerful DSL connection, the FRITZ! Box could only be tested on a DSL 16.000 connection. There was what the management maximum loosely achieved. Stability problems did not occur.

Fritzbox Repeater 1750E


Worth mentioning is also the NAS function of the FRITZ! Box. Data media can be connected to the router via USB 3.0. The write speed measured in the test with a FAT32 formatted USB stick is moderate 20 MB / s. The reading speed reaches a maximum of 23 MB / s. A highlight is the FRITZ! NAS not off. In turn, the administration interface of the NAS is well implemented. Connected media can be accessed easily with just one click via the browser.

power consumption

Last but not least, the power consumption. In idle, the consumption is about 10 watts. Under higher load the consumption likes to increase to 12 Watt. Very decent values!

Fritzbox Mesh Set Test

FRITZ! Mesh set


Design and workmanship
Fast dual AC WLAN with MU-MIMO
signal stability
Signal range
DSL supervectoring compatible
DECT and many telephone functions
Low energy consumption


Slow USB 3.0 sockets
Somewhat confusing user interface


You can not go wrong with the FRITZ! Box Mesh Set. Excluding the weak transmission speeds of the USB 3.0 sockets, the FRITZ! Box 7590 offers an all-round carefree package consisting of high-performance hardware and functionally extensive user interface.

Particularly interesting is the AVM mesh, which is easy to build and expand. WLAN to the last corner is guaranteed no problem!

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FRITZ! Mesh set


FRITZ! 7590
RAM: 512MB

1x DSL
4x Gigabit Ethernet
1x Gigabit WAN
2x USB 3.0
2x a / b port

4 x 4 WLAN AC + N with multi-user MIMO
300 Mbit VDSL ports including supervving
Telephone system with DECT base

2.4G WiFi: up to 800Mbps
5G WiFi: up to 1.733Mbps

NAS: External USB media
Mesh: Yes
Usage: 9-10 Watt

Size: 250 48 x x 184 mm
Weight: 522g

What's in the box

1x FRITZ! Box 7590
1x FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 1750E
1x power supply
1x 4.25m DSL telephone connection cable
1x 4m DSL cable
1x 15m LAN cable
1x installation guide
1x TAE / RJ45 adapter
1x TAE / RJ11 adapter