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Edifier MR4 Studio Monitors Review Hero

Edifier MR4 studio monitors in the test: cost little, sound good

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 22. January 2024

In the test, the Edifier MR4 studio monitors proved to be a price-performance miracle. For 100 euros, they offer impressive sound and are versatile, both for content production and as speakers for media consumption.

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Edifier MR4: design and workmanship

The Edifier MR4 combines elegant "bookshelf" design with modern technology in a compact form. Ready for immediate use thanks to the integrated amplifier, with a weight of 4,5 kg and dimensions of 28,8 x 14 x 19,75 cm, they fit even in smaller work areas.

Edifier MR4 speakers from the front

The Edifier MR4 in white.

Its box-shaped housing made of solid MDF (wood) merges seamlessly into a plastic front. Available in black or white, the white model particularly stands out with its contrast of light housing and dark membrane. Each speaker has a  1-inch tweeter and a 4-inch woofer installed.

Foam pads on the underside ensure stability and minimize vibrations. For optimized sound alignment and vibration separation, I still recommend using additional monitor stands, which are available for under 50 euros and noticeably increase the sound quality, especially in acoustically demanding rooms.

Edifier MR4: connections and technology

The Edifier MR4's analogue connection options are impressive. There are RCA (RCA) and TRS connectors on the back. At the front there is a 3,5 mm AUX input for various audio sources (e.g. CD player) and a 3,5 mm AUX output for headphones.

Also located at the front is a continuously adjustable volume control, which also serves as an on/off switch and allows you to switch between monitor and music mode.

Edifier MR4 back with connections

Here is the back of the MR4.

 However, the MR4 completely do without wireless or digital connections such as Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, S/PDIF and XLR. To get started right away, all the necessary cables are included in the scope of delivery. The power cable is firmly integrated and not removable.

Edifier MR4: sound quality

 Moderate background noise 

Active near-field monitors are often characterized by a slight background noise. With the Edifier MR4, the noise is moderate and is only noticeable in quiet phases or in standby, which does not affect the listening experience. For a fair assessment of the sound quality, I left the bass and treble controls at neutral settings.

 Two modes – two sound worlds: monitor and music 

The MR4's "Monitor" mode focuses on authentic, unadulterated sound reproduction. Ideal for detailed analysis and editing of audio content, this mode enables precise representation of mids and highs, essential for content creators to highlight fine details.

Edifier MR4 scope of delivery

As plug-and-play, the MR4 are ready for immediate use.

In contrast to this is the “Music” mode, which offers a more dynamic sound. A slight boost in lows and highs gives the sound more life and energy, perfect for everyday media consumption such as music, movies or gaming, where it creates an immersive experience.

 Bass and dynamics – surprisingly deep 

I was pleasantly surprised by the bass performance. Despite their compact design and a lower frequency limit of 60 Hz, they deliver a deep and clear bass that is not comparable to a subwoofer, but is more than sufficient for home use and semi-professional applications.

The rear controls for bass and treble provide scope for individual sound adjustment, with a possible change of up to 6 dB at 100 Hz for bass and 10 kHz for treble.

Edifier MR4 bottom

Each speaker is equipped with foam pads on the bottom.

 Frequency response, rich detail and surround sound – a stage full of clarity 

In the middle frequencies, the MR4 shine with detailed and lively voices and instruments without exaggerating. The treble is well balanced, contributes to the harmony of the sound and a slight emphasis at around 5 kHz gives the sound a pleasant brightness.

The MR4 is also impressive in terms of spatial representation. The stereo width and depth gradation create an impressive stage on which the elements of a mix can be clearly placed.

Edifier MR4 Studio Monitors Review Hero

Very good value for money
Modern "Bookshelf" design
Good sound for content production and media consumption
Two sound modes
variety of connections


Somewhat limited bass range
No wireless/digital connections


The Edifier MR4 are an excellent choice for hobbyist content creators involved in video production or music mixing. Their clear highs and full mids provide solid sound quality sufficient for most editing and mixing needs. Despite a slight limitation in the sub-bass range, these monitors prove to be robust and versatile enough for a variety of audio applications.

In addition, the MR4 are very suitable for general media consumption, be it watching films, listening to music or playing games. There is also a good selection of analogue connections, although connection options such as Bluetooth or XLR are missing.

In short, for the price-conscious content creator and everyday media consumer, the Edifier MR4 offer excellent value for money, making them a solid choice for those looking for usable studio monitors without having to dig too deep into their pockets.

Price Comparison
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