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Digital Media Marketing Student in front of Scrum Board

Digital Media Marketing: A course of study with a future

Many people want to study “something to do with media,” but what does that even mean? Lars, 25, is studying digital media marketing at Kaiserslautern University and is about to complete his bachelor's degree. He tells us how he came to study digitally and what R2D2 has to do with it.

The decision to study digital media marketing

Digital media shapes our society and, especially for the young generation to which Lars belongs, they are an integral part of everyday life. The decision to study something in this direction was obvious to him. »My father is a computer scientist. I basically grew up with computers,” he explains. »But I didn't want a dry computer science degree. I was looking for something that combined technology and creativity. When I heard about the Digital Media Marketing course, I immediately knew: This is it!”

The course, located in the Department of Computer Science and Microsystems Technology, places a strong focus on computer science - more so than other media courses. At the same time, students are trained in the basic skills of marketing and digital content creation. “At first I was surprised at how much computer science there was in the curriculum,” admits Lars. "But it only has advantages, because in contrast to other media courses, you also learn to understand how the digital world works in its bits and bytes."

Content and structure of the course

Lars was particularly enthusiastic about the practical orientation of the course. »We didn't just study theory. We also applied what we had learned practically,” emphasizes Lars. »In the 'Moving Image' module we learned film production using self-made short films. In the end, everyone knew how to properly operate a camera, tell a story visually, and edit footage to create a finished film. It was an incredible experience being creative while developing technical skills.«

Students of the Digital Media Marketing course working on a project

Students work closely together on their projects.

The advanced subjects also offered exciting insights and challenges. »In app development, we programmed our own Android apps. Online marketing was about advertisements, search engine optimization and website optimization. And in the marketing subjects, we did real market analysis and worked with real brands. That was as close to reality as it gets.”

What Lars fondly remembers is the close and friendly contact with the lecturers and professors during his studies. “You were always there when I had questions or just needed someone to talk to,” he says with a smile. »This warm and supportive environment not only helped me learn, but also made my studies a really enjoyable time.«

Career prospects after graduation

Digital Media Marketing is designed for a standard period of study of seven semesters. In the sixth semester, students complete a 20-week practical phase in which they apply what they have learned in external companies and thus gain initial experience for their future professional life. Graduates ultimately complete the course with a Bachelor of Science and have the option of pursuing a Master’s degree.

The prospects after graduation are promising for Lars. »The combination of IT and marketing opens many doors. I could work in media production, online marketing or software development. Or maybe I'll start my own business. The possibilities are limitless.«

Zweibrücken Campus

But Lars didn't just enjoy digital media marketing. The tranquil town of Zweibrücken, where the Kaiserslautern University campus is located, also offered Lars a lot during his studies. »Zweibrücken may be small, but it has its own charm and the picturesque Saarland is just around the corner. Not to forget the R2D2 on our campus, an old observatory painted by students. She embodies the unique flair of our university.«

R2D2 observatory on the Zweibrücken campus

The observatory is the landmark of the Zweibrücken campus.

Today, shortly before graduation, Lars looks back on his journey. “The 'something with media' was just a vague idea at the beginning,” he smiles. »Now, after this study, I have a clear idea of ​​what that means. Digital Media Marketing not only gave me knowledge, but also showed me how to apply it. It prepared me perfectly for the digital future, in which creativity and technology go hand in hand.«

 Are you interested in studying media? 

Then digital media marketing at Kaiserslautern University could be just the thing for you. Combine creativity and technology like Lars did.

 You can find further information about studying digital media marketing here Link

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