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The enjoyEC N8830 smartphone in the test

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on December 8, 2021

Today, almost all smartphones come from the Far East and so the market is growing steadily, with the large, well-known manufacturers and more and more small manufacturers wanting to get involved in the market. A presumably small manufacturer is EnjoyEC, whose smartphone is named N8830, I've taken a closer look.

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The N8830 was delivered in a simple cardboard box that only hinted that a smartphone was in it. Technical details or notes were not printed. When I unpacked the smartphone, I was surprised to find that a screen protector had already been glued on. Although the film was accurately glued on, unfortunately there was a small speck of dust underneath the display, leaving behind an unsightly bubble.

The enjoyEC N8830 (I9199s) smartphone in the test | Hands-On | Review

Next, I looked at the scope of delivery. In addition to the smartphone were in-ears with microphone, a USB data and charging cable, the 3000mAh battery, another screen protector, a "back case" made of rubber, a smartphone case in leather look and window and a booklet with warnings included. An operating manual was not included.


The first impression

The smartphone makes a good impression. The frame is made of metal and is also well made. The back is made of plastic and can be like a normal smartphone by a click closure decrease. The Bezel is a nice size and definitely not too big. The function key below the display has a good pressure point and sits as far as firm. The side buttons are also good and firm.

Before I inserted the separate battery, I first removed the faulty screen protector and stuck on the enclosed foil. This went smoothly and without dust inclusions. The plastic back was easy to remove and also clipped on well again. If you use the enclosed mobile phone case, you have to clip the back and clasp the back of the case.

The boot process was quite fast and after about 20 seconds you were on the lockscreen.



The built-in hardware I would call average. Installed is a MediaTek MT6582 quad-core with a maximum frequency of 1.3 GHz. According to the data sheet, only 1GB are specified on RAM, but according to the CPU Z, the smartphone offers 2GB. However, what bothers me about the hardware is that only 8GB ROM is available. The system already assumes via 7GB that only 1GB memory remains. Although you can also insert an SD card, but 16GB ROM should already offer a smartphone.

The smartphone is also dual-SIM capable, offers an SD card slot and also has a Bluetooth, WLAN and GPS module integrated.

What I miss is the 4G ability.

user interface

The user interface reminds me a lot of that of the Samsung TouchWiz. The icons and the menu look almost identical. EnjoyEC relies on Android 5.0 here. Despite the fact that no Stock Android was preinstalled here, relatively few third-party apps were preinstalled. Except for a flashlight app, I didn't find any apps that were unknown to me or that seemed dubious. Fortunately, the Google Play Store was already integrated, which is not always the case when you buy a China smartphone.

Incidentally, the N8830 can be updated directly via the settings menu. Updates can be received here OTA (Over The Air). Unfortunately there was no current update to a higher Android version (last version of the 16.01.2015).

Other games like a gesture control or settings regarding the notification LED are also possible.

The user interface is also quite fast and keystrokes are recognized immediately. Incidentally, the user interface is controlled via 2 buttons on the touch panel and via a physical button below the display.

Also nice are the numerous, visually appealing widgets that you can activate.



The display makes a good impression. Despite the size of 5.7 inches and a resolution of 1280x720, the smallest pixels cannot be seen. The colors are strong and the black level is also good. There is nothing to complain about regarding the viewing angle. I would describe the display as extremely fixed in terms of viewing angles. According to the CPU-Z, the DPI number is 320 DPI.


The N8830 offers 2 cameras. A rear camera with 13MP and a front camera with 5MP. The camera app is similar to the TouchWiz. It can be as numerous settings such as white balance, scene mode or make various settings for exposure or color correction.

The shutter lag is quite low and the auto-focus works relatively well. Unfortunately, I would say that the built-in camera is rather low to medium level. There is a relatively strong noise in the pictures to recognize.

The night shots are not really good either. Although the smartphone has a LED flash, but the two act not good together. The flash comes on, but the finished picture is far too dark. Only when I changed the exposure a bit, the pictures were reasonably usable.

With surprise I had to realize, however, that the pictures of the front camera are pretty good. The smartphone is therefore capable of selfie, but I would have liked to have EnjoyEC put more emphasis on the rear camera here.

Telephony, WLAN, Bluetooth

The reception with the N8830 is good. My interlocutor understood me well, as well as I understood him well. The WLAN connection and also the Bluetooth connection are also stable and there were no crashes.


The GPS fix lasted a bit, but the signal was relatively stable and accurate afterwards. Incidentally, a compass is also integrated so that you can use the smartphone as a pedestrian navigation.


The battery is specified with 3000mAh. In standby, the battery keeps its capacity constant. Power eaters that gnaw in the background, I did not notice. The average SoT (Screen on Time) is about 5-7 hours. A normal value.


enjoyEC N8830


Good display
Large range of accessories
Good performance


Camera could be better


You get a good mediocre smartphone offered, where there is hardly anything to complain about the price. Although the camera could be a little better, but the display is really top. On the whole, it meets my expectations.

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enjoyEC N8830


* OS: Android 4.2
* Display: 5.7 inch HD
* SoC: MTK6582 Cortex-A7 quad-core 1.3 GHz
* GPU: PowerVR SGX544
* RAM: 1GB
* Camera: 13MP
* Other: 3G, GPS, OTG, Bluetooth

What's in the box

* Cover
* Flip cover
* Protector
* USB data / charging cable
* Plug
*Operating manual
*In ear headphones