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CNICK Ring: The Tesla key for your finger

The latest innovation from CNICK combines contactless payment and Tesla control functions in a smart ring.

Payment function on your finger

The CNICK ring opens new doors for contactless payments. The CNICK ring, developed in Tbilisi, Georgia, allows users to conduct transactions at any location that accepts VISA and MasterCard.

This payment function was realized through a partnership with the credit card companies VISA and MasterCard as well as Fidesmo Pay. The latter is a payment service provider that works with various European banks. In Germany, these include the Comdirect, the Consorsbank and various Volksbanks.

CNICK ring opal

Each CNICK ring is handmade. Here for example in the shimmering opal.

To ensure user security, CNICK relies on tokenization. This method securely links the user's bank card to the CNICK ring. This makes the ring a reliable payment solution that requires no batteries and is always ready to use.

Tesla control made easy

However, the capabilities of the CNICK ring are not limited to contactless payment. In 2019, CNICK presented the world's first smart ring with Tesla key functions, which can be used to lock, unlock and start Tesla vehicles.

The ring replaces the traditional car key and eliminates the need to carry a wallet or smartphone. The Tesla Control feature is compatible with Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured in 2021 or later, and all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

CNICK Ring Tesla

To unlock it, all you have to do is hold the ring against the B-pillar.

What is interesting here is that the CNICK ring is added just like a Tesla Key Card, which makes the process of setting up and using the ring particularly user-friendly.

Design meets functionality

The CNICK ring not only sets new standards on a technical level. With its variety of designs and the use of sustainable materials such as wood and zirconia ceramic, it goes beyond the usual standards and brings a breath of fresh air into the world of smart accessories.

Brand new on the market is the CNICK ring made of argentium silver, a silver alloy that is far superior to conventional sterling silver in terms of its resistance.

CNICK ring materials

The ring is available in wood, zirconia ceramic and argentium silver.

In addition to the technology and the sustainable range of materials, the company also offers various personalization options. Customers have the opportunity to choose from different colors and personalize their rings with engravings, making each ring unique.

To ensure durability and comfort, each ring is complemented with a transparent waterproof coating.

Price and availability

Prices for the CNICK ring start at 119 euros and end at 199 euros, depending on the material and personalization option you choose. Interested parties can purchase the smart ring directly in the company's online shop. The delivery time is approx. 1-2 weeks.

CNICK online shop:

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