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Cheerson CX-10A test package

Cheerson CX-10A quadrocopter test

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on December 8, 2021

Flying a quadrocopter should be pretty much fun. But as with any RC hobby, the models are often very expensive and even the slightest mistake can tear a big hole in your pocket. Therefore, it is recommended, especially as a beginner, to start small. With the Hobbytiger Micro Quadrocopter you really start very small. The quadrocopter is no bigger than a palm. How the little dwarf fly and if he is good, I have tested.

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The model sold here is in fact a Cheerson CX-10A, which can also be recognized by the packaging and the logo. Cheerson has a very good reputation in the scene and so you can assume that the Quadrocopter is good.

Cheerson CX-10A Trial Flight (Recorded with ThiEYE i60)

The small quadcopter (4x4x2.2cm) is supplied with a remote control, USB charging cable, an operating manual in English and 4 other rotor blades and is thus ready to start. The battery (100mAh) is permanently installed and can only be replaced by removing the housing. The loading time is about 15 minutes, the flight time 5 up to a maximum of 8 minutes.

Before starting, you should definitely take a look at the owner's manual first. There you will be told how to calibrate the quadrocopter, how to modify the flight modes, how to make loops or how to start the small part. Here is a quick short explanation:

The quadrocopter has 3 flight modes. A beginner mode, a normal flying mode and a sport pilot mode. The modes can be changed via the remote control.

To start the Cheerson CX-10A Quadcopter, move the left stick forward and backward. A beep or the LEDs of the quadrocopter signal the start readiness.

The left stick is for gas and for turning the quadrocopter. With the right stick you specify the direction of flight.
The Quadrocopter can loops at the push of a button. Simply press the right stick of the remote control and a beep will signal that we are in looping mode. Depending on the direction in which you move the right stick, the Cheerson CX-10A makes a flip in that direction.

Cheerson CX-10A test - delivery

Cheerson CX-10A test package

Cheerson CX-10A


Great flight behavior
Also for beginners
3 flight modes
Flip Mode


Integrated battery
Short range


This little part is really fun and great for beginners and kids. Before you start with a larger and more expensive quadrocopter, you should definitely have fun with such a dwarf before. With him you can practice on the one hand, but also fly correct maneuvers. The fun is really limitless and even a crash is not equal to the money. Even a crash of several meters survives this small part. Should a rotor break, there are the spare rotors or you can buy new ones that are already available for a few Euros.

As a beginner you should fly the CX-10A mainly indoors. Because of the low weight, it is a bit harder to steer in stronger winds. The workmanship is great and you also notice the flight behavior that no cheap materials were used here. Visually, the little one does a lot. The LEDs on the motors not only look good, they also show you the direction in which the CX-10A flies (blue is in front!).

I can give a clear buy recommendation for this quadrocopter. It is really suitable for all ages and beginners as well as professionals.

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Cheerson CX-10A


* 3 flight modes
*LED lighting
* Frequency: 2,4 GHz radio control
* Channel: 4 channels.
* Battery: integrated 3,7V 100mAh lithium-ion battery
* Charging time: about 30 minutes.
* Flight time: about 4-5 minutes.
* Battery for the transmitter: 2 * AAA batteries
* Remote range: about 20 meters.

What's in the box

* Cheerson CX-10A 2.4GHz
* 2.4GHz transmitter
* USB charging cable
* 4 replacement propeller
*User Guide

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