Inflatable Air Lounge - The air sofa for the summer 2019

by Timo10. May 2018
Air sofa, Laysack or even Chillbag is probably the trendiest summer gadget, which can be described just as air-filled couch. In this post we look at the different models of the "Inflatable" sofa closer, as well as I tested one of the models myself.

First impression of the air sofa

Most air-conditioners are delivered in a compact nylon carrying bag, reminiscent of a sports bag as far as possible. The Laysack itself is folded up accordingly and can be transported to save space. On annoying Beigepäck, such as an air pump or linkage is completely omitted.

The chillbag is made of the same nylon as the carrying bag. The material is reinforced by additional, fine mesh nylon threads and is therefore extremely durable. The principle of the air sofa is a two-chamber system, which one must fill with air one after the other. Inside each of the two chambers is a plastic bag that catches and holds the air. Flexible metal rails hold the air in the bag by folding and rolling it up. The stop is a plastic buckle.

Laysack | Air Sofa | Chillbag | Aircouch | Inflatable Beach Lounge in Review

Tips for filling

A manual is not included with most inflatable couches. Before you handle the chill bag you should look at a tutorial on the net, as the first attempts will end up in frustration. But if you get the hang of it, the Laysack is filled with air in a few seconds.

You should first fill each chamber individually. Running over the meadow to finally fill the bag is also not recommended. A chamber of the Laysack can already be filled by flat, sweeping and fast movements with 2-3 trains. Speed ​​is the be-all and end-all. The subsequent winding process additionally compresses the air so that you can lie comfortably on the sofa bed.


The air sofa is to be aligned with the seam upwards. With too much air you are usually too unbalanced on the sofa, which leads to rapid loss of balance. Depending on your height and weight, you should decide for yourself, with which amount a pleasant feeling of lying is achieved. A feeling every moment to make the departure then you have guaranteed not! There will be no escape in the long run. You usually only have to refill after a good 3 hours.

Depending on which model you choose, the Airsofa is equipped with various additional functions. For example, there are loungers with side pockets where you can stow your smartphone or beverage. What to look for when buying in any case, is a sufficient mounting option. Especially when no one is lying on the chill bag, it can be blown away even on a gentle breeze. Therefore, different manufacturers deliver their product with additional loop and tent pegs.


The aircouch is a real summer gadget. Both cheap and expensive models offer a satisfactory level of comfort and usually differ only slightly in the quality of workmanship and additional functions. The difficult to fill at first glance is easy after a few attempts by the hand. Overall, the air sofa, the air couch, the Laysack or the Chillbag, however you may call the gadget, a cheap and at the same time on useful summer gadget to relax properly, for example, on the beach or swimming lake.

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