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The Zhiyun Smooth X smartphone gimbal with telescopic extension.

Zhiyun Smooth X - smartphone gimbal for vloggers

Attention friends of mechanical image stabilization! Zhiyun has launched a particularly handy smartphone gimbal. The Zhiyun Smooth X is foldable to a compact palm size and, in combination with the new ZY Cami app, is the ideal companion for on the go. The gimbal is now available at an affordable price of just under 60 euros.

Zhiyun SmoothX

Foldable design

No matter when and where, always at hand and also easy to use. That is exactly the idea behind the Smooth X. The foldable design makes this smartphone gimbal the perfect companion in everyday life and when traveling. When folded, the Smooth X is hardly bigger than a smartphone and can therefore be easily carried in a backpack, in your pocket or in your hand. An integrated telescopic rod extends the gimbal by an additional 26 cm and enables particularly interesting shooting perspectives.

Easy handling

The operation of the Smooth X is kept very simple. The gimbal is operated via 2 buttons and a joystick. The joystick controls the movements (300 ° Pan and 285 ° Roll), a button changes the mode and another button starts the recording. A side zoom slider allows you to zoom without having to touch the smartphone display. Switching between landscape and portrait mode is possible at the push of a button. This makes the Zhiyun Smooth X an ideal gadget for vloggers and streamers. Incidentally, the gimbal is charged via USB-C. The battery lasts about 4 hours.

ZY Cami

ZY Cami app with intelligent gesture control.

Zhiyun has also introduced a new app to match the Smooth X. ZY Cami is a camera app, a smart gimbal control and editing program in one. Intelligent object tracking keeps people and objects in focus. Simply mark the subject and the Smooth X follows the movements without losing sight of the subject. Recordings can be started “hands-free” with a gesture. If you show a V gesture into the camera, ZY Cami starts recording the video. The editing program included in the app provides the user with numerous cutting templates. This includes, among other things, various effects (time lapse, slow motion, transitions) and music.


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