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Zepp Z smartwatch

Zepp Z - Smartwatch in a timeless classic look

“Huami” recently launched its new Zepp Smartwatch range. Now the Chinese smartwatch manufacturer has presented another watch model with the Zepp Z. We have summarized the key points of the presentation for you in the following article.

Zepp Z smartwatch

At the end of August, many Amazfit watch wearers were surprised by the renaming of the Amazfit app to “Zepp”. At the same time, the parent company “Huami” has the Zepp E smartwatches presented, which are functionally very similar to the Amazfit models, but tend less in the direction of sports watches and more in the direction of premium everyday watches.

Classic look with AMOLED display

The Zepp Z in the timeless "Classic Look" is aimed at everyone who wears their smartwatch not only for sports, but also in everyday life. The waterproof watch case is made of robust titanium alloy. There are three crowns on the side that serve as controls. The circular display with a 1.39 inch diagonal is of the AMOLED type and achieves a high resolution of 326 PPI. 

Zepp Z equipment and functions

The AMOLED display type ensures strong colors and almost infinite contrast. In addition, AMOLED displays are economical in energy consumption. According to Zepp, up to 15 days of battery life are possible in “Daily Use Mode”. In “Battery Life Mode” even up to 30 days!

Heart rate, SpO2 and PAI

Extensive sensors, combined with artificial intelligence, measure the heart rate (24/7) throughout the day, as well as the oxygen saturation in the blood (SpO2) and monitor sleep and stress levels. Again on board is “PAI” (Personal Activity Intelligence), which analyzes the health of the wearer based on physical activity.

12 sports programs and Alexa

Those who devote themselves to sporting activities can choose from 12 sports programs, which in turn are tailored to different sports (running, swimming, cycling, etc.). Other features of the Zepp Z are an integrated Alexa voice assistant and more than 50 pre-installed watch faces. GPS and NFC were again dispensed with!

Zepp Z Classic design

Price and availability

The Zepp Z is available now for $ 349 and can be ordered through the Zepp Store. The smartwatch should also be available on Amazon soon.

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