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Zepp E Smartwatch from Huami.

Zepp E - Huami (Amazfit) unveils new smartwatch

With “Zepp”, the Chinese smartwatch manufacturer “Huami” has put another brand into the race. The Zepp E is the first smartwatch from the new (premium) brand that focuses entirely on the digital well-being of the user and wants to improve habits through artificial intelligence.

Huami - Amazfit - Zepp

Update 10. September 2020

 New information on the German launch of the Zepp E! With a recommended retail price of 249 euros, the smartwatch is now also available in Germany. The  Amazfit Official Store on Amazon  has listed the Zepp E in 5 different colors.

Some Amazfit users have certainly noticed it. At the end of August, the Amazfit app was renamed Zepp. Apart from the new name and a “Σ” (sigma) as a logo, the app has remained unchanged so far. However, there is a long history behind the Zepp brand. Zepp was founded in Los Gatos, California (USA) in 2012. The company's focus was on smart sensor technology for baseball players, tennis players and golfers. In mid-2018, Zepp was finally acquired by Huami, the company behind the much better known brand “Amazfit”. 

Zepp E in round and square.

Zepp is a good example of how Huami tries to further develop the market strategy in the area of ​​sports and fitness. By taking over Zepp, the Chinese company was able to secure patents for sensors, algorithms and deep learning, which enabled the development of (health) systems such as PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence). A good two years after the takeover, Huami is reviving the almost forgotten brand.

Zepp E smartwatch

Elegant design with AMOLED display

Zepp positions itself alongside Amazfit as a “professional brand for the digital management of user well-being”. The Zepp E is the first smartwatch that Huami markets under Zepp. When it comes to design, the company attaches great importance to a particularly elegant appearance that also meets a business casual dress code. For this purpose, the smartwatch appears in two versions. The Zapp E Circle with a circular 1.28 inch AMOLED display (326 DPI), embedded in a high-quality stainless steel housing, or the Zepp E Square with a square 1.65 inch AMOLED display (341 DPI), also in a stylish stainless steel housing.

Zepp E Smartwatch (1)

The hardened protective glass is curved towards the edges of both models and merges almost seamlessly into the housing. For even more variety, the Zapp E is available in more than 5 different colors. Depending on the color, the smartwatch is equipped with a leather, fluoroelastomer or metal strap. Exchangeable watch faces also ensure individuality.

General Brand: Zepp
Model: Zepp E.
Type: smartwatch
Display Type: AMOLED
Diagonal: 1.28" (Square) 1.65" (Circle)
Resolution: 348 × 442 (Square) 416 × 416 (Circle)
Sensors * Biological Tracking Optical Sensor
* Acceleration sensor
* Geomagnetic sensor
* Ambient Light Sensor
* Linear vibration motor
Battery Capacity: 188 mAh
Duration: up to 15 days
Charging time: 2 hours
Dimensions Weight: 36g (Square) 32g (Circle)
Size: 43.3 × 35.7 × 9.0 mm (Square) 42.2 × 42.2 × 9.1 mm (Circle)

Functions of the Zepp E Smartwatch

The range of functions of the Zepp E has so far not shown any major differences to the Amazfit models. The smartwatch with the  Amazfit GTS  comparable, whereby the Zepp E manages without GPS. The health of the wearer is monitored by an optical BioTracker. The sensor measures the heart rate and estimates the amount of oxygen in the blood (SpO2). Artificial intelligence uses the collected data and uses it to create a health profile of the user (PAI). Among other things, the 24/7 stress level and the extent to which physical fitness changes over the long term can be read out.

Zepp E Smartwatch also suitable for swimming.

The Zepp E can also be used to track sporting activities. A total of 11 sports programs are available, including running, cycling, climbing, skiing and swimming (5 ATM waterproof). The synchronization (Bluetooth 5.0) of the collected data takes place via the already mentioned Zepp app.

Long-lasting battery

A battery with just 188 mAh doesn't sound like a lot of capacity, but Zepp promises a battery life of 7 days under normal use and 15 days in "Basic Watch Mode". The smartwatch is charged via a magnetic 2-pin charging cradle. The charging time is given as 2 hours.

Zepp E Smartwatch in different colors.

Price and availability

The Zepp E is now available in Germany. The recommended retail price is 249 euros.

Source: Press Release


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  1. Pen

    26. August 2020 12 to: 29

    Hi and thanks for the informative contribution. On another page I read that the watch also has GPS and even NFC built in. Instead, I read the exact opposite with you. What's wrong now?

    • Timo admin

      26. August 2020 12 to: 36

      Hi Pen, GPS and NFC are not listed on the data sheet that we have. These parameters are also not mentioned on the product page. You can be pretty sure that GPS and NFC have not been used.

  2. Steffi

    21. September 2020 15 to: 58

    Hello, I've been thinking about getting a smartwatch for a few days. At the moment I am wavering between the Amazfit GTS and the Zepp E, which are both from the same manufacturer and use the same app (right?). The watch is primarily intended to help with sports tracking.
    The Zepp E now costs € 250 on Amazon. I would get the GTS for a fair bit less. The price difference is huge and I don't really know whether the extra charge is worth it. Now my question: What are the differences that justify the higher price?

    • Timo admin

      21. September 2020 21 to: 17

      Hi Steffi, unfortunately I cannot give you a comprehensive answer to this question because we have not yet received a test copy. What the Zepp E can do in contrast to the GTS is the SpO2 measurement. However, the Zepp E manages without GPS. There and in the design are probably the main differences.

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