YOOLOX 10k Test - Powerbank with Qi charging function

by 22. October 2018
The YOOLOX 10k is a wireless charging powerbank of the Munich-based startup "YOOLOX". Since the end of September, the initially financed on Kickstarter Power Bank is officially available. In the test, the YOOLOX 10k was able to prove her skills.





Type: Lithium-ion
Capacity: 10.000 mAh (3.7V) / 37 Wh
Deep discharge protection: Yes

charging options
Micro-USB input
* Quick Charge 2.0
* 5V / 2A or 9V / 1.8A

USB-C input / output
* Quick Charge 3.0
* Power Delivery 3.0
* 5V / 2A or 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A (output)

USB-A output
* Quick Charge 3.0
* 5V / 2.4A or 12V / 1.5A

Qi output
* 5V / 1A

Size: 150 75 x x 17 mm
Weight: 270g

What's in the box

1x Power Bank
1x Micro-USB cable
1x user manual

YOOLOX 10k Powerbank

YOOLOX 10k Powerbank

High quality look with soft touch

The YOOLOX 10k is with 150 x 75 x 17 mm about the size of a smartphone. With a Weight of 270g However, the power bank is a bit heavier. The housing is made of plastic and with a Soft touch coating Provided. The matte surface gives the powerbank a high-quality look and improves the feel.

Construction of the power bank

The embedded in the rest of the housing top is centered with 7 suction cups arranged in a circle Provided. Slippery smartphones are thus guaranteed to adhere to the Qi cargo area. On the bottom is the YOOLOX logo. The power bank can be switched on via a side pushbutton.

YOOLOX 10k top

Overall 6 LEDs let you know the status of the powerbank. Four of the LEDs provide information about the remaining capacity of the power bank, two more LEDs inform about the activity of the Qi charging function. Next Qi charging The powerbank can load classic wired. There is one USB Type-A output, one USB-C input and output as well as one Micro-USB input.

YOOLOX 10k bottom

The quality of workmanship is straightforward. The What's in the box includes in addition to the power bank a multilingual user manual and a micro-USB cable. Due to the comparatively high price, it would have been desirable if YOOLOX had an appropriate USB-C cable attached.

YOOLOX 10k delivery

Measurement results

YOOLOX announces the capacity of 10k Powerbank 10.000 mAh (mAh) on. Who thinks he can charge a smartphone with 2500 mAh battery 4x is wrong. The capacity of the power bank refers to one Voltage of 3.7 Volt (V), This is usually the rated voltage of a lithium-ion battery, as it usually occurs in power banks.

Smartphones are in turn charged via USB, whose voltage is 5V. More precise is the indication of the watt-hours (Wh) that many manufacturers give. In the case of YOOLOX 10k be 37 Wh specified. Dividing 37 Wh by 3.7V results in 10 Ah or 10.000 mAh at 3.7V. If you divide 37 Wh again by 5V, only 7.4 Ah or 7.400 mAh remains. A smartphone with 2500 mAh could not even load 3x completely.

What does the YOOLOX 10k really do?

I measured the capacity of the battery with the EBD-USB meter. For the test, the power bank is initially fully charged. Then the power bank is discharged again with the aid of a resistor, until the deep discharge protection intervenes and the power bank switches off automatically. The calculated power in watt-hours is then converted into milliamp hours at 3.7V.

Unload the YOOLOX powerbank with 1A resistor

The test revealed a given Performance of 34.91 Wh, This corresponds to a capacity of 9451 mAh with 3.7V, which in turn coincides with 95% with the manufacturer's specification.

How fast does the YOOLOX 10k load?

The powerbank supports Qi charging and is equipped with a total of three USB sockets. Here are the technical data:

  • Micro-USB input
    • Quick Charge 2.0
    • 5V / 2A or 9V / 1.8A
  • USB-C input / output
    • Quick Charge 3.0
    • Power Delivery 3.0
    • 5V / 2A or 9V / 2A or 12V / 1.5A (output)
  • USB-A output
    • Quick Charge 3.0
    • 5V / 2.4A or 12V / 1.5A
  • Qi output
    • 5V / 1A

The YOOLOX 10k will charge as soon as the smartphone is connected by cable. To enter the Quick Charge mode The power bank needs exactly one minute to change. Qi charging can only be activated at the push of a button. The LED indicator provides the indication of the active Qi charging function.

Für den wireless charge test was a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S used. The smartphone is equipped with a 3400 mAh battery. To charge the battery by 10% (Qi), the YOOLOX 10k requires a total of 16 minutes. Ideally, this would correspond to a charging current of 1.28A, which in turn corresponds to the manufacturer's specification.

Both the USB-A, as well as the USB-C port exceed the manufacturer's specification. Up to 3.2A are possible on 5V. Up to 2.3A on 9V and up to 1.6A on 12V. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S was fully charged with 6.46A within 2.66 minutes at maximum 100V.

How long does it take to charge the YOOLOX 10k?

The power bank can be charged from any USB power source via the Micro USB or USB-C. To charge the YOOLOX 10k as fast as possible we recommend a quick charger. On Quick Charge 3.0 Charger requires 3 hours and 47 minutes to fully charge the power bank. An ordinary 5V 2A charger requires 5 hours.

Price Comparison

Price history

Current prices

1-5 working days

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Prices last updated on: April 4st, 2020 23:02

Price history

Current prices

1-5 working days

Price too high? Use our price alarm clock!

Prices last updated on: April 4st, 2020 23:02

Final Words


Design & build quality
Qi loading area with suction cups
High loading speeds
Quick Charge 3 and PD 3 support


Lean scope of delivery

First impression

The YOOLOX 10k is a solid power bank with a high charging speed. Thanks to the USB-A and USB-C port, as well as the Qi cargo area, the Powerbank can be used flexibly. Quick Charge 3 and PD 3 also support current charging standards.

Those who are not afraid of the extra charge for the ordinary power bank and would like to benefit from Qi and Quick Charge, should take a look at the YOOLOX 10k.

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