Yi Home Camera 2 Review - Surveillance Camera

by 8. September 2016
The Yi Home Camera 2 is the successor of the first Xiaomi Yi surveillance camera. In addition to new smart functions, the new model is now also available in Full HD. But is the new surveillance camera from Yi Technology really that smart, and what about the data being transferred to the Yi Cloud? More in this review!

Yi Technology


Yi Home Camera 2


Image sensor: Panasonic 1 / 2.8 "2.12 megapixel CMOS
Image processor: Ambarella Cortex-A9
Resolution: 1080p @ 25 / 20 or 720p @ 20
Codec: H.264 HP Level 5.1, Smart AVC
Field of view: 130 °

Memory: 2GB DDR3 RAM; 1GB Flash
Memory extension: Micro SD memory card

WiFi: 2.4GHz; 802.11 b / g / n
Encryption: WEP / WPA2

Night Vision: 11 IR LED 940nm
Speaker: 1W
Microphone: Yes

Size: 122x70x59mm
Weight: 132g

What's in the box

1x Yi Home Camera 2
1x adhesive pad
1x USB cable
1x power adapter
1x user manual

First impression of the Yi Home Camera 2

What's in the box

The scope of delivery is clear. In addition to the Yi Home Camera 2 are still one Charging cables, AC adapter, adhesive pad and a multilingual one Manual contain. A separate bracket is missing because the stand connected to the camera is also the bracket.

Design and workmanship

With a Size of only 122 x 70 x 59 mm and a Weight of 132g the Yi surveillance camera is comparatively small and light. The design is simple and the compact size makes the camera unassuming, so it can be placed inconspicuously. The design is more reminiscent of a modern webcam than a smart surveillance camera.

As already used by other Yi products, the workmanship is convincing. The plastic housing makes a valuable impression and the included accessories are processed error-free.

Hardware and equipment

Image processor and image sensor

Inside works one Ambarella Cortex-A9 image processorclocking with 600MHz. The storage equipment amounts to 2GB DDR3 memory and one 1GB SLC NAND flash memory, Via an SD memory card slot, recordings can be saved directly to a MicroSD memory card (8GB - 64GB).

The image sensor is on 2.12 Megapixel CMOS from Panasonic with vMaicovicon technology, which produces a detailed picture even in low light conditions. Videos are at maximum resolution of 1080p at 25 images-per-second added. The aperture ratio of the lens is F2.0. In addition, the camera has an extremely wide field of view of 130 °. The video compression is based on the H.264 Level 5.1 and MJPEG standard. An additional image enhancement is achieved by an 3D noise filter, the 3D LUT color correction and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) as well as HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Yi Home Camera 2 Review - Security Camera / FullHD Security Camera

IR night vision, WiFi and audio system

There are a total of around the lens 11 Infrared LEDs (940nm), With increasing darkness or in low light conditions, the Yi Home Camera 2 automatically switches to night vision mode. This feature can also be disabled in the camera settings. On the housing of the camera are more Status LEDs (yellow and blue) indicating a power connection (yellow) and an existing wireless connection (blue).

For data transmission, the Yi Home Camera 2 has one 2.4GHz WiFi module integrated. The are supported Standards 802.11 b / g / n, as well as the encryption WEP or WPA2. About one Two-way audio system Spoken can be received and played back. For this purpose, the security camera with a 1W speaker and a Microphone equipped.


Electricity gets the Yi security camera over the enclosed AC adapter with USB cable. This solution is comfortable because an arbitrarily long USB cable can be used. Even the power adapter is identical to that of a smartphone, which is why this can be easily replaced. Less comfortable is the mounting option. Due to the firmly attached holder, the camera can stand there perfectly, but the Yi surveillance camera can only be attached to the wall with an adhesive pad. There is no screwing possibility.

For commissioning is a Android or iOS device needed. First, the so-called "Yi Home" App be downloaded. Then you have to create a "Yi account". To do this, you either sign up with an email address or use the "Facebook Login".

Next you will be guided through the necessary steps for commissioning. The language of the app is German. An additional English language output explains the current status of the camera. In order to use the Yi Home Camera 2, it must be integrated into an existing WLAN. The WLAN data is transmitted by means of QR Codethat you create with the app and hold in front of the camera lens.

Yi Home App and Features

The app is clearly designed and offers numerous settings. Here you can manage several Yi cameras, as well as get a live picture of the respective connected camera.

main display

If you have selected a connected camera, video and photo recordings can be made via the app, you can send and receive voice messages, as well as get an overview of the triggered alarms.

In the test, the main display convinces by a simple operability and clarity. All necessary functions can be reached by a few steps.

alarm function

How and when an alarm is triggered can be set individually. Among other things, one can activity region be set one people detection can be activated and there is even one "Crying baby detection", The person recognition triggers as soon as a person is recognized. The "crying baby detection" is triggered by loud baby crying. There are additional types for each type of recognition 3 Sensitivity Levels (High / Medium / Low), One Alarm Frequency (High / Medium / Low) as well as one schedulewhen the alarm should be activated or muted.

A triggered alarm will save a short shot. This is with the "Yi Cloud" synchronized and is also available on the go. That too Live image is synced to Yi Cloud and can be viewed remotely from anywhere. That the camera constantly syncs with the Yi Cloud is already noticeable on the Delay of the video signal, This is delayed by about 6 seconds even though the receiving device used in the test was in the same network. The remote access is unfortunately not completely switched off. Only the saving of alarm recordings within the Yi Cloud can be deactivated. If you want to continue using the alarm function then you have to SD Memory Card Insert.

Although Yi technology promises that the data transmission is encrypted, as well as the security camera can be provided with a PIN, but unauthorized access can never be ruled out! The test detected about 90% of deliberately triggered alerts. The person recognition is overall rather inaccurate. Even pets were recognized as "person".

gesture control

With the function "gesture control" video messages can be transmitted. To do this, stand in front of the camera at a distance of about 2 meters and hold the outstretched hand at shoulder level. The Yi Home camera then lights up with a green LED to indicate that the gesture has been detected. If you then fold your hand into a fist, the video recording begins.

The gesture control worked fine during the test. If you followed the steps exactly, the error rate was zero.


The settings are extensive. There are other settings for:

  • Resolution (1080p @ 25 / 20 or 720p @ 20)
  • volume
  • Microphone
  • Status LED
  • object distortion
  • night vision


Once a Firmware update or app update is available, you will be notified via the Yi Home app. Updates are then downloaded and installed fully automatically.

Picture and sound quality

The image representation is high-resolution sharp and very detailed. Colors are accurately reproduced. Even in low light conditions, the Yi Home Camera 2 produces useful pictures. The change to the night vision mode succeeds well. However, the refresh rate is felt to be reduced in this mode, resulting in a slight "tightening". The picture quality, however, remains in line with expectations.

The sound transmitted to the Yi Home Camera 2 is clearly visible. Even at the highest transmission volume this does not sound tinny. Also, the transmitted to the receiver sound is understandably clear.

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Final Words


Design and workmanship
Functional range
Image and audio quality
SD memory card slot
USB power supply


Remote access cannot be disabled
Attachment with adhesive pad
transmission delay

First impression
video quality
picture quality

The Yi Home Camera 2 from Yi Technology is a comfortable monitoring solution that offers a comprehensive and well-implemented range of functions and surprises with a very good picture and sound quality. Thus, the Yi surveillance camera is in direct competition with the "Nest Cam" and represents a much cheaper alternative.

Just the range of functions and convenient operation, but to some extent due to the "Yi Cloud", which stores recorded videos, among others, and allows remote access to the video stream. Although Yi Technology promises a secure data connection (P2P) and data encryption, you never know where the data will be stored and how it will ultimately be used. If you want to be on the safe side, should completely exclude the Internet access for the Yi surveillance camera. The video stream is also available locally.

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Alexander Reder

I found the contribution to the Yi Home Camera 2 very helpful, but I have 2 for questions that are very important to me. Firstly, I would like to know if the Yi Camera could also be operated via a power bank instead of the power supply and secondly whether "a 2.4GHz WiFi module integrated" means that the camera itself WiFi-direct capable. If this is not the case, is it then possible to pair the camera with a WiFI-direct capable device like a cell phone (ie without a router)?
Thank you,

Alexander Reder


Hi Alexander, you can operate the camera with a power bank. WiFi-Direct is not available. By WiFi is meant that the camera does not create its own Wi-Fi, to which you can connect, but as a client must be integrated into an existing Wi-Fi.