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by Timo11. July 2018
The Xiaomi Xiaowa vacuum robot is joined by another suction aid for the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner range. As a so-called "Youth Edition", the Xiaowa vacuum robot is a slimmed-down version of the previously released Xiaomi suction aids and is also priced with converted 130 € rather attributable to the low price segment. All information can be found in the following post!



Xiaowa Suction Robot Youth Edition


Suction power: 1600 Pa
Volume: ~ 59 - 66 dB
Height of rise: 2 cm
Dust container: 0.64 liter

* 360 ° transmitter
* Infrared sensors
* E-Compass

Capacity: 2600 mAh
Runtime: ~ 90 minutes

App: Mi Home
Size: 35.30 x 35.00 x 9.50 cm
Weight: 3000g

(Xiaomi) Xiaowa suction robot

Update (09, March 2018)

As one of the first import dealers has Geekbuying is Xiaowa suction robot added to the assortment. There it will be listed for about 242 €. The shipping date is the mid-April 2018 trader. More likely, however, is a shipment from mid-May. Until then, the price of the Chinese EIA should have at least somewhat adjusted. Already ordering the new Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is not recommended. If you still want to take a look at the product page, you will find the link below.

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Almost half a year after the Roborock S50 is published in Xiaomi "Youpin" Store another suction robot appeared. Of the Xiaowa Suction Robot Youth Edition Although not wearing the Mi-abbreviation in the name again, but comes from "Roborock", a Xiaomi subsidiary that has developed and produced all Xiaomi suction devices so far. Financed is the 999 RMB (~ 130 €) expensive suction robots through crowdfunding. The target of at least 500 supporters has already been exceeded many times over. The shipping date for backers is Roborock with the 20. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Xiaowa Youth Edition will be available as import from mid-May. But now to the functions ...

Xiaowa test

Bye laser room recognition

To meet the budget price of just under 130 €, waived the Xiaowa Youth Edition on a laser room recognition, Instead, the vacuum robot is based purely on a transmitter module, which is located on the top of the housing. This makes it possible to return to the charging station, which is triggered automatically either at the push of a button or at a low battery level (30%). A room map can not be created, which is why no route planning is possible and the cleaning is rather arbitrary!

The collision detection done with the help of a total of 6 infrared sensors, With 50 scans per second, the sensors are able to detect obstacles early. To detect reflective objects, the suction aid is additionally equipped with a front bumper that gently touches obstacles. about 4 more sensors on the bottom The Xiaowa vacuum robot is also able to detect heels and prevent crashes. A room delimitation by means of "Virtual Wall" (Magnetic tape) is supported.

Xiaowa review


Dirt and dust is over one lateral auxiliary burr and centrally located main brush captured. It is noticeable that both brushes did not differ from the predecessor models and that they are therefore compatible with each other. The Suction power is at 1600 Pa and thus slightly below the first Xiaomi suction robot (1800 Pa) and accordingly also under the Roborock S50 (2000 Pa). Remarkable is again Capacity of the removable dust containerthat at 640 ml lies. In comparison, the Roborock S50 has a capacity of only 480 ml. For the filtration of finest particles, the dust container is additionally with a replaceable HEPA-Filter provided.

Xiaowa Review

The cleaning programs amount to an arbitrary cleaning, a circle cleaning and an edge cleaning. The suction power is adjustable in 4 levels. The sound level is according to first test reports between 59 and 66 decibels. Carpet edges and door sills are overrun with maximum 2 cm height. As soon as the vacuum robot is on a carpet, the suction power is automatically increased. A "Entwirrfunktion" allows the brushes to be rotated in the opposite direction to release them from trapped cables or other obstacles. A wiping function is not available!

obstacle detection

App and Others

The operation of the Xiaowa vacuum robot is done either via 3 control buttons (cleaning, power, charging station)that are on the top, or over the Mi Home App, The connection between the app and vacuum robot is made via WiFi. Via the Mi Home app, the movements of the suction aid can be remotely controlled, the suction power can be adjusted, as well as time-controlled suction profiles can be configured. In addition, the app provides information about the battery level and the system itself.

Xiaowa Mi Home App

The built-in Accumulator, consisting of several 18650 Li-ion cells, comes on one Total capacity of 2600 mAh, An 60 m² living space can be cleaned with one battery charge. In addition to the app, the battery level can also be read via a white and red LED on the top of the vacuum robot.

Initial Coverage

Compared to the numerous other vacuum robots from China, the Xiaomi Xiaowa Youth Edition sounds unspectacular at first. Assuming, however, that you get offered a product in the best Roborock processing quality, which is also constantly evolving, the benefits are clear in the Xiaowa vacuum robot. First reviews from China read quite well and can expect a performance-related and functional convincing suction aid. Once we have a test copy, the detailed test follows!

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Not bad at the price. Although I already have the big brother, but for the second floor that would be worth considering. Do you already know what function has the cap?


Thanks for the article. I'm currently in the decision whether I should buy the old model or this new here. For the price of the old one I would very probably get two of the Xiaowa. My point is that I have two floors and do not constantly want to carry the vacuum robot from floor to floor. What do you think?


Hi, I've been loafing for a while with a robotic vacuum cleaner. Do you still need to vacuum regularly or not so often? And how does it work with objects you have standing around, does it go against it or are they recognized? I look forward to your answer. Best regards and a nice evening - Steffen.