Xiaomi VR glasses "Mi VR Play" test - Virtual reality headset

by 16. September 2016
Xiaomi jumped on the Virtual Reality bandwagon and released a first, "cardboard-like" VR glasses. The Xiaomi "Mi VR Play" glasses can be used with a 4.7 - 5.7 inch smartphone and should show above all first VR options. What makes the Mi VR Play and different from many other VR glasses or headsets, you'll learn in this review.



Xiaomi Mi VR Play


Material: Elastane (Lycra)
Lenses: aspherical, coated
Compatible: 4.7-5.7 inch smartphones
App: Yes
Switch: Yes

Size: 20.10 x 10.70 x 9.10 cm
Weight: 209g

What's in the box

1x Xiaomi Mi VR Play
1x tether
1x hint card

First impression of the Xiaomi VR glasses

Xiaomi Mi VR Play Virtual reality headset in the test

What's in the box

The scope of delivery of the Xiaomi VR glasses is more or less unspectacular. In addition to the actual Glasses, which is delivered in quite appealing cardboard box, are still in this Tether for head attachment and Note card in Chinese.

Design & Processing

In terms of design, Xiaomi has taken an interesting path, which is why the Mi VR Play differs from conventional VR glasses. Instead of putting on a PVC housing, that is Xiaomi VR Elasthane Headset (Lycra), As a result, the VR only weighs glasses 209 g whereby a long-lasting and pleasant wearing feeling is achieved. Also interesting is the slot in which the smartphone is inserted. This one is going through two zippers open, own two side openings adequate ventilation and allows active use of the smartphone camera. The smartphone is powered by a extensive upholstery protected from damage and sits by Silk-Touch coated upholstery non-slip in the holder.

Also at the application can score the Xiaomi VR Headset. The zipper closes clean, the seams are made clean, the lenses are firmly in the inlet and have no errors and the headband is solid processed.

Use and App

You can use the Xiaomi VR glasses with standard ones 4.7 to 5.7 inch smartphones, The glasses are compatible with different VR apps and have a top side metal switches, about that too Google Cardboard Apps can be controlled. Xiaomi itself also offers a matching VR app, which can be downloaded via the included QR code. This app offers both the ability to download VR videos and play, as well as VR games can be downloaded. Unfortunately, this app is only available in Chinese language, as well as the films and games offered are mainly aimed at Chinese consumers.

Nonetheless, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play can be used like a traditional Cardboard goggle. Operation is extremely easy thanks to the additional switch. Also the quality of aspherical lenses convinced, which are a little too small for my taste, which is why the field of view is limited. Also, I miss a way of lens correction. Both the distance between the pupils and the distance between the lenses and the smartphone can not be adjusted individually. Especially those who are very short-sighted, the Xiaomi VR glasses can unfortunately only use with additional visual aid.


The wearing comfort convinced. With the included headgear, the glasses are taut in front of the face. The used spandex creates a comfortable fit especially in the face area, which is why the Xiaomi Mi VR Play can be used for a longer period of time than other VR goggles.

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Final Words


Design and workmanship
Very easy
Solid bracket
Cardboard compatible


No lens correction
Small field of vision

First impression
everyday practicality

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play is one of the better "Google Cardboard" alternatives. The glasses are particularly pleasantly surprised by the comfortable zipper holder and the pleasant wearing comfort. With the additional metal switch, the Xiaomi VR Headset can also control Cardboard Apps. On the other hand, the lack of lens correction and the comparatively small field of view are critical.

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