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by 12. December 2017
Xiaomi became known in this country mainly by low-priced and high-quality smartphones. Meanwhile, the manufacturer also has a considerable range of household and health products. For the first time I took a close look at a "Mi Health" product, the Xiaomi "Magic Touch" TENS massager.

Xiaomi (Leravan)


Xiaomi Magic Touch TENS massager


Frequency: Low frequency range
Pulse Width: 200 microseconds
Output voltage: 80V

Intensity Levels: 10
Massage modes: 5
Timer: Yes

Battery: 40 mAh
Size: 4.40 x 4.40 x 1.05 cm
Weight: 20g

What's in the box

1x TENS unit
2x electrode unit
1x protection pad
1x transport bag
1x Micro USB Charging Cable
1x user manual

Foreword: Xiaomi TENS massager

Xiaomi Magic Touch TENS box

What is a TENS massager?

Before we look at the actual product, let's look at what "TENS" at all means. The abbreviation "TENS" stands for "Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" and is the area of Electrotherapy assigned. Electrical impulses, which the TENS device delivers to the skin surface, are intended to influence the nerve pathways and relieve the sensation of pain. The effectiveness of TENS is controversial.

Xiaomi - yes or no?

This is delivered Xiaomi "Magic Touch" TENS massager - at least that's what it says on the packaging - in a simple cardboard box that, in addition to a lot of Chinese, does not provide any indication of Xiaomi as the manufacturer. In fact, on the packaging is a complete different manufacturer reprinted his products under the brand "Leravan" offering. One might ask oneself whether one has gone to a simple advertising lie on the glue, because the Magic Touch massager is called by almost every online store as Xiaomi product.

With the product names, many import shops are not so precise. After all, products from Xiaomi sell significantly better. Absolutely wrong are the online shops with the Xiaomi addition also not. Xiaomi is now in huge group with numerous subsidiaries. In addition, Xiaomi has its own brand produced by many third-party companies. It's the same with the (Xiaomi) Magic Touch Massager. The device is produced by the Xiamen Mofa Li Technology (Group) Co., Ltd., a company specializing in massagers. The product is financed and distributed directly by Xiaomi, including through the official Mi-Store.

Design, workmanship and delivery

The design of the Xiaomi TENS massager is very modern. On the one hand you get the compact TENS unit with Dimensions of 4.40 x 4.40 cm and a Thickness of just 1.05 cmAnd the replaceable electrode unit, The TENS unit is available in black, green and white. The replaceable electrode unit is available, inter alia, with different patterns, such as in camouflage or with the Kumamon mascot, as well as in plain white.

The quality of workmanship leaves no wish unfulfilled. Of the What's in the box includes once the TENS unit, two electrode units, a plastic zipper for safe transport, a protective pad to obtain the electrode adhesive surface, a micro-USB charging cable and a Chinese user manual.

Xiaomi Magic Touch TENS included


For use, only the charged TENS unit must have two, located on the bottom, pushbuttons be connected to the electrode unit. Then stick the electrodes, which are equipped with a gel-like adhesive layer, to the desired location. The Magic Touch massager is turned on by pressing the power button (press 2 seconds) on the TENS unit. A beep and a green or flashing LED indicate that the massager is active. About the plus and minus button, the Intensity in 10 stages be adjusted. A short click on the power button allows you to switch between the total 5 massage modes, A beep confirms the change in intensity and massage mode.


Wearing comfort and adhesiveness

Glued on and started. The Xiaomi Magic Touch massager can be easily attached to just about any part of the body. Due to the compact size and the low Weight of only 20g the Xiaomi massager is hardly noticeable. The gel pads stick well unless you choose a hairy body spot. Even after about 30 use, the electrode pad did not yet need to be replaced and stuck almost like after the first use. The manufacturer speaks of one about 50 use, For the preservation you should stick the adhesive pad after use on the supplied protective cover.


When switched on, the Xiaomi TENS device starts immediately. The intensity level always starts again after switching on to level 1. There is no memory for the modes or the intensity level. You have to click through it until you have reached the desired mode or intensity. The frequency is in the low frequency range. More exact information does not make the manufacturer for this. The Pulse width (pulse duration) is up to 200 microseconds. output voltage is below 80V.

Sensations and successes

Depending on which part of the body you stick the Xiaomi massager, you feel the electrical impulse as completely different. For particularly sensitive parts of the body, 3 is already sufficient for a noticeable muscle twitch. At less sensitive parts of the body, you can confidently set the device to 5 level in order to feel anything. The electrical impulses range from pleasant to painful. The feeling is comparable with a slight tingling sensation to a stinging, followed by a veritable twitching of the muscles. How to set the device, everyone has to find out for themselves.

Of course, it is also decisive whether the TENS device actually helps to relieve or prevent tension and relieve pain. Who does not wake up in the morning and have it back or neck for several days? That's exactly what happened to me during the test phase. Throughout the day I applied the massager approximately 3x to the strained area. The pain relief occurred and even 1-2 hours after the application, the pain was noticeably relieved. One should not expect miracles, however, and one should always keep in mind that the effectiveness of TENS is controversial. Nevertheless, the tension has felt solved faster and was already gone after a day.

massage modes

Interesting are the 5 different massage modes, Each mode has a different sequence of pulses designed to simulate different massage techniques. Mode 1 is the automatic modewho plays through everything a bit and switches between powerful and highly frequented impulses. There is also one "Massage", a "Kneading" a "Pressure" and a "Knocking Mode", After exactly 15 minutes, the Xiaomi Magic Touch Massager automatically shuts off.


The TENS unit is with a 40 mAh battery fitted. Charging is via a conventional micro USB socket. Thus, you can charge the massager, for example, the PC, the laptop or a conventional smartphone charger. The charging time is proud 2 ½ hours, The battery level is indicated by a status LED which, depending on the status, glows green or flashes or flashes red if the battery is almost empty. One battery charge is enough for about 15 uses.

Price Comparison

Price history

Current prices

10-30 working days
10-30 working days

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Final Words


Attractive design
Compact and portable
Pleasant wearing comfort
Interchangeable electrode pads
10 intensity levels
5 massage modes
Rechargeable battery instead of batteries


High loading time
Comparatively expensive
Electrode pads from China only

First impression
Battery life

Even if the Xiaomi Magic Touch TENS device is not a price boaster, because in this country there are similar products for the same price, could convince especially this TENS device in the test. Above all, the massager can score points in terms of its compact size, low weight, unusual design, exchangeable electrode pads and its ease of use or extensive range of functions. As already mentioned, the price, as well as the availability of the electrode pads, which are only available from China, are again critical. The load time of more than 2 hours is quite high. If these circumstances do not bother you, the Xiaomi TENS massager will provide you with a product in the usual Xiaomi quality.

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