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Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan Header

Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan - Differences & Review 2024

Updated by Timo Altmeyer on the 28. April 2024

With the Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan, another household gadget joins the huge product range of the electronics giant Xiaomi. In this test you will find out whether the smart pedestal fan is actually that cool or just hot air.

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Xiaomi MIJIA Smartmi fans

Xiaomi (stand) fans differences (stand 2022)

We tested the first Xiaomi fan back in 2017. The model was based on the fan now known as the “Smartmi Standing Fan 2S”. Numerous new models have now been added and distinguishing between fans is becoming increasingly complicated.

Many visitors to our blog therefore ask themselves which Xiaomi fans there are and how they differ from each other. After all, there are now more than 5 models on the market. This section is intended to provide clarity and reveals where the differences lie!

 Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C 

The Xiaomi Floor Fan 1C was announced for the European market in April 2020. This is the cheapest model in the range. At the same time, it is the first Xiaomi fan that officially came to Europe in 2021 at an RRP of 39,90 euros. The fan offers the most basic functions. The 7-blade fan is adjustable and can therefore be used as a standing or table fan.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C fan

There are 3 ventilation levels that achieve an air flow of 9 - 27 m³/min. The minimum noise level is a maximum of 37.2 dB. The air flow generated has a maximum range of 16m. The oscillation radius is a maximum of 90°. The ventilation head can be tilted by 36°. A battery is missing. The fan can be controlled via the app, Google Home and Alexa.


Xiaomi MIJIA 1X fan

This pure pedestal fan has so far only appeared in China. There it is available for the equivalent of 35 euros. Visually, it is very similar to the Mi Smart Standing Fan 1C. Functionally, this fan is designed for particularly quiet operation. The minimum noise level is only 26.6 dB. The ventilation strength is infinitely adjustable. The maximum air throughput is 23,1 m³ / min. The range of the air flow is a maximum of 14m. The control can take place via app, via voice command (Xiao AI), or directly via the fan itself. The ventilation head can be tilted by 39 °. The oscillation radius ends at 140 °. There is no battery. 


Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 2S / 2 fan

One of the best known and most popular Xiaomi fans as an import is the Smartmi 2S. This review is also about this. The fan first appeared in 2017 and has undergone minor revisions over the years. The special thing about this model is the battery, which can also be used to operate the fan wirelessly. The model 2 and 2S also differ in exactly this. The Xiaomi Smartmi 2S comes with a battery, the Xiaomi Smartmi 2 without! In China the fan costs less than 40 euros. As an import, more than 80 euros are often due.

Xiaomi Smartmi 2S pedestal fan.

The fan can also be continuously controlled and achieves a noise level of 31.5 dB to a maximum of 60 dB. With constant ventilation, an air flow of 20 m³/min is achieved. There is also a “Natural Wind” mode, which distributes a light and changing breeze throughout the room. Horizontal panning is possible with up to 120°. The fan can be tilted by 7.5°. Of course, the Smartmi 2S can also be completely controlled via app and voice command. The fan is also particularly economical, so the 2800 mAh (33,6 Wh) battery can last for more than 20 hours at a time.


Xiaomi MIJIA 2 fan

This fan is the new premium model in the Xiaomi fan range. The new model costs the equivalent of 40 euros and has a 7 + 5 wing design. The fan can be used both as a stand and table fan. The noise level varies between 30.2 dB and 55.8 dB depending on the ventilation level. Panning and tilting is possible with up to 140 ° or 39 °. The economical DC motor achieves an air throughput of 20 m³ / min. At ventilation level 1, the consumption is just 0.6 watts. The ventilation is continuously adjustable towards the top. Control via app or voice command is possible.

Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan 3

The Smartmi Standing Fan 3 is currently the latest Xiaomi fan. The whisper-quiet operation with only 28.6 dB and the included 2800 mAh battery, which supplies the fan with power for up to 20 hours without a cable, are worth mentioning. We have dedicated a separate post to Standing Fan 3, which you can read about this Link got.


First impression of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan

Scope of delivery and assembly

A pedestal fan for just under € 160 is anything but cheap. Accordingly, my expectations of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan were extremely high. Well packaged, the fan is delivered in a total of 9 individual parts. The tool required for assembly is included and is surprisingly high quality. The instruction manual is typical for Xiaomi in Chinese. Due to the understandable illustrations of the individual steps, the assembly is very easy to understand even without knowledge of Chinese.

Design and workmanship

In my research for comparable pedestal fans that are also in a similar price range, I actually came across a model that looks confusingly similar to the Xiaomi pedestal fan. At € 300, the Balmuda GreenFan from the Japanese company Balmuda costs almost twice as much as the Xiaomi fan and also offers similar functions. Balmuda sued Xiaomi as early as 2014 because the "Xiaomi Air Purifier" looked very similar to the "Balmuda Air Purifier". So is the Xiaomi Smart Fan just a cheap copy of the much more expensive Balmuda pedestal fan?

At least at first glance one could conclude that it is. Visually, the Xiaomi fan impresses with its modern design with a matt white base, the anodized connecting rod and the visible propeller. The dimensions are 34 x 33 x 92 cm, with a weight of 3.74 kg. The processing of the entire fan is flawless and does justice to the high price.

Commissioning and app control

The Xiaomi fan can be used in battery mode or directly via the socket. However, since this is a product for the Chinese market, the power cable supplied is only equipped with a NEMA-1 plug. However, the cable is detachable and can be exchanged for a 2-pin power cable with an EU plug.

Commissioning is simple. Plug in and switch on using the power button on the motor. Four green LEDs on the motor and four additional LEDs on the aluminum rod indicate the total of four possible operating levels. The operating levels can be changed using the multifunctional switch-on button. If you have connected the fan via the power cord, the exchangeable 2800 mAh battery is charged at the same time.

Mi Home App

The smart control of the Xiaomi pedestal fan takes place via the "Mi Home App". This app is now the control center for all Xiaomi household gadgets. The app is available directly from the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore. The language of the user interface cannot be changed to German, but it can be changed to English.

A connection between the app and the fan is established via WiFi. The pedestal fan is equipped with a 2.4 GHz WiFi module (802.11 b / g / n) for this purpose. The user interface of the app is clearly structured. The start screen provides information on the current room temperature, which is measured by a temperature sensor on the fan. The app can also be used to choose between the 4 operating levels and you can even change the ventilation strength steplessly. Within the settings it is possible to program an automatic switch-off according to the operating time or a switch-off according to the time. A motorized swivel function allows the fan to rotate horizontally by 120 °. Vertical inclinations can unfortunately only be made manually and are not motorized.

Another feature of the app or the fan is the possibility of simulating a natural wind. An arbitrary air flow is generated using an algorithm.

field test

The last week of May was perfect for the practice test of the Xiaomi standing fan. With outdoor temperatures above 30 ° C, which also properly heated up my attic in the attic, the fan ran around the clock.

ventilation levels

At level 1, the fan generates a gentle breeze which, at a distance of approximately one meter, is sufficient to work comfortably in the 28 ° C attic. The ventilation is so quiet that the fan running at level 1 cannot be heard even at night and you could easily sleep next to it.

At level 2, an air flow that is twice as strong is generated, which you can feel the skin at a distance of one meter. Even at this level, the fan works so quietly that it goes down at normal room volume. In a quiet room, the device is only noticeable by a very low humming.

At level 3 the air flow increases again significantly. If the motorized rotation is activated, the fan at this level is already suitable for ventilating a smaller section of the room. The volume generated is still pleasant to work with, although the volume has increased significantly compared to levels 1 and 2.

At level 4, the Xiaomi Smart Fan generates a very strong airflow, which can be quite uncomfortable if the distance is too close. Instead, level 4 is ideal for ventilating a larger area of ​​the room. The volume also increases significantly and can be compared with a conventional pedestal fan from the supermarket.

Battery life and power consumption

The battery runtimes are very different and depend on the extent to which you switch through the step program, have actively connected the app and whether the turning function is activated. With the rotary function switched off and also constant level 1, the Xiaomi pedestal fan achieved a runtime of 16 hours. At level 2, 13 hours were possible, at level 3 another 10 hours and also at level 4 the running time was reduced to 6 hours. With the rotation function active, there are running time differences of around two hours. The charging time of the battery is 2 ½ hours. 

In the cable network, the power consumption is 8.76 watts in standby. At level 1, the consumption is 10.95 watts. If you also activate the turning function, the consumption increases to 13.14 watts. The consumption at level 2 is 13.08 watts, at level 3 at 15.33 watts and at level 4 at 22 watts.

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi fan cannot be switched off completely, so it is always on standby. The WiFi of the device cannot be deactivated either. If you do not use the app control, the power consumption could be further reduced by deactivating the WiFi.

Xiaomi Smartmi Standing Fan Header

Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan


Knotty processing
Smart app control
Infinitely variable ventilation strength
Low operating volume
Long-lasting battery life
Geringer Energieverbrauch


Very high price
No motorized slope
Constant standby
WiFi cannot be switched off


The Xiaomi standing fan is actually a smart gadget with lots of gadgets. Who does not shy away from the very high price, receives a really outstanding processed floor fan with very good ventilation, a barely audible operating volume and a long battery life. Point deductions are mainly in power consumption. Although this is already much lower, as with some a supermarket fan, but a lower consumption in standby, as well as the ability to turn off the WiFi, have been desirable.

Price Comparison
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  1. Erik

    31. May 2017 12 to: 19

    Battery operation sounds tempting but 160 € for a fan, no thanks: D.

    • Timo admin

      31. May 2017 16 to: 32

      At the price you really have to be a Xiaomi fanboy 😉

      • Mark Ulrich

        3. July 2017 16 to: 46

        there are hardly any alternatives if you also need a fan while sleeping. At 300 euros, the Balmuda is almost twice as expensive, and I had to return two orders from Amazon because the motors made annoying noises. The cheaper, better replica of the Balmuda, the Swiss Solis 753 for 120 euros, is no longer in production. I have been using it with satisfaction for 2 years. The only remaining "whisper fan" is the Xiaomi, except for the Klarstein Silent Storm (100 euros minus 10 euros new customer discount from the manufacturer) that can keep up. It has only been available since April.
        All the other fans that I had myself or that I saw in offices are many times louder, sleep is out of the question with them.

  2. Namonai

    2. July 2017 23 to: 05

    What does the background noise look like when the swivel function is on? Does something then crack or are other, disturbing noises audible?

    Still happy with the fan?

    • Timo admin

      3. July 2017 09 to: 43

      Hi, you can not hear engine noises with the swivel function. Nothing cracks or grinds. I can still recommend the fan (even if it's quite expensive).

  3. Mark Ulrich

    3. July 2017 16 to: 39

    The test coincides with my first impression. Here is my impression of how I just posted it on Facebook:

    so, the Xiaomi "silent" fan is here.
    Gorm von Wickie would say: "I'm delighted" 😀

    The "mihome" app is quick to set up. What I particularly like about it is the stepless slider for speed control. The app on the smartphone replaces a remote control.
    The most important thing: the volume. I'm in the office right now and have to verify it later at night in the quieter bedroom, but I have the impression that he can easily keep up with the Solis 753 / Balmuda Greenfan.
    Unlike my two returned Balmuda, the engine does not make any noise. Depending on your speed, you really only hear the wind, not the engine.
    Fine-tuned to a little below level 2 of 4, practically inaudible, the draft is just right for sleeping, just like with the Solis, if you set it up at the foot of the bed. More then quickly becomes too cool.
    So the part is worth it, for half the price of the Balmuda you get a device with more options (stepless instead of 4 steps, optional wind simulation), which is just as quiet. This makes it a worthy successor to the inexpensive Balmuda replica Solis 753, which is no longer in production and, as a clone, was better than the original.
    If you don't mind if the rotor has another 10 cm more diameter, you should take a look at the Klarstein Silent Storm. I'm still waiting for the delivery and can therefore only assume based on the reviews that it is conceptually similar - for only 99 euros directly from Klarstein from Germany (I ordered it for 119 from Amazon, as this may simplify the return).

    • Mark Ulrich

      5. July 2017 15 to: 18

      Addition: the Klarstein Silent Storm actually plays in the same league. But it is significantly larger. If you like it filigree, you should take the Xiaomi. If price is the most important thing (and service like easy returns), the Klarstein is better. Reviews of him on Amazon.

    • Judith Liesen

      28. June 2018 06 to: 09

      Hi all,
      In advertising / other reviews, the Greenfan always emphasizes that the wind distribution is totally pleasant. Since I am very sensitive to this, that would be my main criterion. Can the other two devices do the same, or is that just nonsense with sauce anyway? Thank you for the answers

      • Timo admin

        28. June 2018 09 to: 14

        Hi Judith, I have both the Xiaomi fan (2017 model) and the new GreenFan (2018 model) next to me in a direct comparison. Due to the same structure of both devices, the generated airflow feels pretty much the same. Compared to the usual supermarket fan, the airflow is much wider and softer. At level 1 and 2 I can have both of them standing next to me without any problems without my eyes getting dry. By the way, here is the link to the test report of the new GreenFan:

        I have not yet tested the new Xiaomi MIJIA fan linked above. But when I look at it like that, only the design has changed a bit. The functions and structure of the rotor appear to be the same.

        • Judith Liesen

          28. June 2018 20 to: 54

          Hi Timo, thanks for the quick answer! I'm really surprised that the Balmuda doesn't do much better with you. The rotator blades differ quite a bit, even if the rest may be the same. With the Balmuda the smaller ones are inside and the big ones outside, hence the supposed distribution of the wind. The Xiaomi is just normal rotator blades. Really no difference noticeable? Then of course I would rather only pay half of it?

        • Michael

          1. July 2018 10 to: 02

          Hi, I'm afraid that I caught the current model of the Xiaomi MIJIA fan, the big difference to the old version is that the current fan no longer has a battery.

          • Timo admin

            2. July 2018 09 to: 11

            Hi Michael, I'm surprised now. On the product side it says that the MIJIA had a 2800 mAh battery installed. In addition to the MIJIA model, the VIOMI VXFS12 (without battery) has also been released, which the shops initially advertised as a Xiaomi fan.

          • Michael

            2. July 2018 20 to: 09


            I bought the device at GearBest and it also has the original Xiaomi logo on the fan. 4 buttons are now available at the top to make all possible settings directly on the fan. No battery is mentioned in the instructions for the device either.

            GearBest itself has not yet responded to my ticket and the typical sticker with Attention Battery is attached to the box.

            If you look for the fan in the Xiaomi app in the shop, you can find him there in the shop even without a battery.

          • Jerominek

            4. July 2018 20 to: 29

            I got my two fans today, both without batteries.
            Really annoying because Gearbest Built-in says 2800mAh Li-ion battery.
            I have now also created a ticket. Am curious.
            @ Michael please tell me what you write with stretching
            On Youtube there is a video of exactly the fan, i.e. the 2018 version, at 3:50 min it is operated without a cable.
            Are there maybe 2 versions and they sent the wrong one ???

          • Michael

            5. July 2018 20 to: 02

            I'm still waiting for feedback from Gearbest, will provide feedback as soon as there is something new. Let's hope the best @Jerominek. And don't forget to let you know as soon as something happens to you.

          • Jerominek

            5. July 2018 22 to: 20

            Got an answer from Gearbest today, it has to be inquired in the product department, it takes up to 2 days. I'm curious. Also asked about the product weight on the package.
            This is at 4.6 kg on the Gearbest order page at 6,1 kg so it is wrong at the front and back. On the Xiaomi side, the fan costs a whole 45 euros, I also wrote about it.

          • Michael

            5. July 2018 22 to: 32

            Thanks for the feedback. I'll write to GearBest again tomorrow. Wait since June 30.06th. On answer..

          • Jerominek

            7. July 2018 04 to: 54

            Have you heard of Gearbest?
            That was the answer I got today:
            We have checked this issue. According to the manufacturer, there is a built-in chargable battery for this item.
            When using, it needs to be plugged the power cord into the power strip to provide power. The fan can operate.
            Anyone who should understand that should have a built-in battery, no idea where, the old one had it in the bottom, the new one has no opening at all, and it doesn't work without a cable.
            Gearbest's answer is totally nonsensical. It has a battery but must be connected to the socket in order to work.
            Will probably turn on PayPal

          • Markus

            7. July 2018 12 to: 31

            Mine also came without a battery. - Gearbest has now confirmed that to me. But that doesn't solve my problem that I only bought the fan because of the battery function. :

            We have confirmed the issue with the relevant department and have taken measures to ensure this issue is resolved.
            This is because od the wrong description.

            There is indeed no battery in this item.
            Please see our terms and conditions here for your reference:

            As an exceptional gesture of good will you can keep the item and there is no need to return it to us at this time.
            We can then offer you the following option:
            1. Partial Refund To Wallet
            We can refund you 15 USD to your Gearbest Wallet for use on your future orders.
            In addition we will reward you with extra points that you can use as discount towards your next purchase. (1 point for every $1 refunded).

          • Jerominek

            7. July 2018 15 to: 11

            It's a joke with the 15USD. According to the terms, you can send it back for free because it is a mistake by Gerbest, you sent the wrong article.

          • Michael

            7. July 2018 18 to: 23

            Hey, I still haven't received an answer, the whole thing is stored with me as an RMA and the status is:
            Post-sale status: Post-sale application (your RMA has already been submitted)
            06/30/2018 05:36:44 CST Your RMA has already been submitted

            The problem is, I can no longer write to Gerbest with contact us, as I am repeatedly asked to specify the order, which, however, has already been selected and cannot be changed.

  4. Frank V.

    13. August 2018 12 to: 53

    Got the (new?) Model with 4 control buttons directly on the device. Everything works fine, but I can't get any connection to the fan if I die. The fan’s WiFi is visible and I can also connect. The MI Home app then does not find the fan. All permissions have been granted. Nothing to do. No fan is listed under "add manually". Strangely enough, the fan can also be found under Bluetooth, but pairing fails with a meaningless error. what am I doing wrong here? The instructions are of no help even in English, you won't find anything about them on the Internet. In addition, the MI Home app on my Honor 8 doesn't look like it does in all videos or other websites ... WTF? Help 🙁

  5. Frank V.

    13. August 2018 13 to: 51

    Got it done. I had to switch to the "China Mainland" region in the MI Home app. Then finding the fan worked too. Then I was able to withdraw all rights from the app. Maybe it will help someone with the same problem ... 😉

  6. David

    6. June 2019 19 to: 39

    Is there now a new model or is there an update for voice support via Alexa / Google Assistant / Siri Shortcuts?

    And can you now negotiate a nice offer with Gerbest depending on the temperatures 😉

    • floo

      3. July 2019 10 to: 26

      I read somewhere that Alexa and Google Assistant are also supported. Can an owner confirm that?

  7. Gregor

    17. September 2019 08 to: 59


    Does the fan really use approx. 9 watts in standby? That is really too much. Can someone confirm that again please. That would be an exclusion criterion for me, unfortunately. Otherwise I like it very much.

    Thank you Gregor

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Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan


Stages: 4
Engine: Brushless
Operating volume: under 56 dB

 Battery and power consumption 
Battery Capacity: 2800 mAh (33.6Wh)
Battery charge time: ~ 2 1 / 2 hours
Battery life:
* Level 1: ~ 16 hours
* Level 2: ~ 13 hours
* Level 3: ~ 10 hours
* Level 4: ~ 6 hours

Voltage: 220V
Mains frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Power consumption: 36W

App Control: Mi Home App
WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n

Size: 34 x 33 x 92 cm
Weight: 3.74 kg