Xiaomi E-Scooter Pro - successor to the Xiaomi scooter presented!

by Timo21. May 2019
The also popular in this country Xiaomi scooter has been upgraded! Although the Xiaomi Scooter Pro looks (almost) like its predecessor, it offers a more powerful engine, a much wider range and a wider display.



Xiaomi Scooter Pro


Type: electric scooter
Material: aluminum + plastic
Foldable: Yes
Capacity: up to 100 kg
Protection class: IP54

Speed: max. 25 km / h
Engine: 300 - 600W
Torque: 16Nm

Battery Pack: 474Wh (12.8Ah 37V)
Charging time: ~ 9 hours
Distance: ~ 45 km

E-ABS: Yes
Brake: disc brake
Tire size: 8.5 inch pneumatic tires
Light: 1.1W LED

Size: 108 x 43 x 49 (114) cm
Weight: 14.2 kg

Xiaomi Scooter Pro

Update 01. July 2019

Gearbest has the new Xiaomi E-Scooter Pro on offer. You can use the coupon provided with us Scooter reduced for 497 € buy, Shipping is free and by airmail. The delivery time is 35-50 working days. Additional costs do not apply. All other information can be found in the following deal box. More offers can be found at the end of the article in the price comparison.

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Hardly new in design

Xiaomi remains the design of the Xiaomin M365 largely faithful. Only optically was the new Xiaomi Scooter Pro expanded by color accents. The batteries are still in the rubberized footboard, the rear wheel is the visible disc brake and the brushless motor is housed as well as its predecessor in the front wheel. The tires are air-filled 8 1 / 2 inch profile rubber tires with an inside diameter of 134 mm.

Xiaomi Scooter Pro specifications

Footboard or standboard, as well as the T-handlebar and fork are made of metal and are welded together. Improvements to the folding mechanism or the locking mechanism, as well as the suspension, Xiaomi has not made according to initial findings! The protection class IP54 protects the Xiaomi E-Scooter Pro from dust and splash water.

New ad with more details

The display on the handle has been completely redesigned. Instead of just the battery level, that shows Display of the Xiaomi Scooter Pro also the speed and the driving mode (E - ECO mode (15km / h), D standard mode (20 km / h) & S - Sport mode (25 km / h)). In addition, the display provides information about the Bluetooth connection, the headlight and maintenance. To what extent it is a sunlight readable display is not known. Below the display is the usual power button, which controls the entire operation (power, light and driving mode).

Xiaomi Scooter Pro LED Display

Stronger motor and longer range

In direct comparison with the Xiaomi scooter M365 The Pro model offers a more powerful engine and a larger battery with a longer range. The brushless motor housed in the front wheel now provides power instead of 250-500 Watt 300-600 Watt, The top speed achieved on a straight line is consistently around 25 km / h. Gradients master the Xiaomi Scooter Pro to 20%.

Xiaomi Scooter Pro Battery Pack

Noteworthy is the range that Xiaomi indicates with up to 45 km. The battery of the e-scooter consists of several 18650 lithium-ion battery packs, which come to a total power of 474 Wh (12.8Ah 37V). A battery management system protects the battery from overheating and overcharging. As shown in the test of the predecessor model, Xiaomi always assumes optimal conditions when specifying the range. The actual range is expected to be well below the stated value. Along with the larger battery also increases the charging time. This is whopping 8-9 hours!

E-ABS, App and Others

For more safety when braking continues to provide Anti-lock system (E-ABS), The braking process is indicated by a brake light on the protective cover of the rear wheel. At the same time energy is returned to the batteries during braking (recuperation). A smart operation of the Xiaomi Pro scooter allow the Mi Home and Ninebot App, This information can be used to retrieve information about the battery, mileage and other general information about the scooter.

Xiaomi Scooter Pro App Control


The Xiaomi E-Scooter Pro is not a reinvention but rather an upgrade of the Xiaomi M365 Scooter, Produced by Ninebot, the new and more powerful Xiaomi scooter promises to close the gap to the Ninebot ES3 / ES4 models.

The first import shops have already added the scooter to the range. The selling price is currently just under 150 € above its predecessor. Whether the surcharge is worthwhile and to what extent the price will adjust to the Chinese retail price of about 360 € remains to be seen. I will submit a detailed review of the Xiaomi Scooter Pro as soon as possible! An import is expected from mid-March.

What dampens the anticipation again is the still missing street legal. Although e-scooters will soon be allowed on public roads in Germany, the Xiaomi Scooter Pro will most likely not meet the strict requirements! A "retrofit kit" is unlikely.

Price Comparison

You want to know where to buy the Xiaomi Scooter Pro? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

18 € GearBest Coupon - Xiaomi Scooter Pro

With this coupon you can buy the new Xiaomi Pro Scooter reduced for 497 €.
18€ Discount
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I do not think they've improved anything on the design. In first videos from China you can see that the mechanism and the shutter are identical. Since I leave the fingers of. In my old gabs had the most problems. Once had a break in it and constantly tighten because it is loose. And 150 € more just for a new speedometer and a little more battery? No thanks Xiaomi ... I'm waiting for the new Ninebot.


Does the scooter now have air or hard rubber tires? Read a lot of different information in the different messages.


I shredded mine in the rain. Once through a puddle and already there was water in the charging socket. Luckily he could fix it himself. If they have not screwed on the design that would be a pity. Then the 150 € are not worth more. Especially since there are enough instructions how to get more out of the M365.