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Xiaomi MIJIA suction robot


Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum - vacuum robot from China

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

Update (24: September 2017)

The successor model of the Xiaomi vacuum robot is now available. The so-called  "Roborock S50"  Although not marketed directly by Xiaomi, it comes from Roborock, the maker of the first Xiaomi robotic squeegee. You can find more information in our Contribution to the Roborock S50.

Vacuum robots from China are inexpensive and are also enjoying growing popularity in this country. The Chuwi ILIFE models have shown the way. The Xiaomi vacuum robot plays in a significantly higher price range, but also offers a comprehensive range of functions and is more comparable to an iRobot from Roomba.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner -

LAD and other sensors

With the presentation of the Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaner, Xiaomi has also shown that the company not only clumsily copies technologies, but can also present technologies it has developed itself. A “Laser Distance Sensor” scans the entire area around 360 °, a total of 1800 / second. With the data obtained, the Xiaomi vacuum robot can move extremely precisely in the room. In addition, the so-called SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) calculates the best possible cleaning route and creates a virtual room map. The map can be called up via the “Mi Home” app.

3 processors (Allwinner R16, STM31F103 and TMS320F28026DAS) with 4 processor cores ensure sufficient computing power. A total of 12 sensors are installed. These include the LDS, but also several ultrasonic sensors for collision and crash prevention, a gyroscope, an e-compass and even an acceleration sensor. This means that the Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is not a conventional vacuum robot, but rather stands out among the China vacuum robots thanks to the large number of sensors.

Power, brushes and battery

The suction power is 1800Pa. Inexpensive models from other manufacturers usually only reach 1000Pa! With the brushless DC motor from the manufacturer “Nidec”, the vacuum robot moves particularly quietly through the premises. The brushes amount to a main brush and a side brush. The main brush can adapt to uneven surfaces, which means that the Xiaomi vacuum robot can also climb carpet edges or other obstacles. Power is supplied via a base station to which the device can find its own way. The battery has a capacity of 5200mAh and allows an operating time of 2 1/2 hours.

Mi Home App

The Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner is operated using a smartphone or tablet via the “Mi Home” app. This app is responsible for numerous Xiami products and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. The connection is established via WLAN, which means that the device can also be controlled remotely when you are out and about. Fixed cleaning times can be scheduled via the app, various cleaning modes (quiet, normal and performance) can be activated and you can even display the room plan created by the SLAM algorithm, including the current position of the robot.

Spare parts

Relevant online shops have now also listed various spare parts and an interesting additional part for the vacuum robot. Gearbest has a two-part replacement brush set that costs around € 7, a fraction of the replacement parts for a Roomba or Vorwerk robot vacuum. There is also a virtual wall, which allows the suction area to be precisely delimited. The “wall” is a rolled up magnetic strip with a length of two meters. The “Mi Virtual Wall” is priced at around € 12.

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Spare Parts


With the “MIJIA” vacuum robot, Xiaomi is once again presenting a phenomenal product that (at least) does not need to hide from the current brand competition on the data sheet. Well-known companies such as Bosch, Sharp or Nidec were also taken on board for the development of the device, which already suggests that Xiaomi will not only want to stay on the Chinese market in the future.

Here is a summary of individual reviews of the Xiaomi vacuum robot. The excellent suction power is widely praised. Compared to a Chuwi ILIFE V7S, the Mi robot vacuum cleaner cleans far more effectively thanks to the better environment tracking and the stronger suction power. However, the predominantly Chinese app and the Chinese voice output have been criticized many times. So far, no translated version of the app has been released, All in all, the Xiaomi MIJIA Vacuum Cleaner is probably the best vacuum robot from China!


Hard-working users of have meanwhile also translated the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum app into German! The installation is very easy and can also be understood by laypeople. Anyone who has rooted their smartphone only needs to exchange the translated APK in the data system directory. But even users without a rooted smartphone can install the translated app with the help of a tool. You can find more information under this Link.



  1. Alfred

    2. September 2016 at 17: 41

    Oh shit, I just ordered an ILIFE robot a few days ago. This sounds almost better than the Roomba. Will you test him?

    • Timo Administrator

      4. September 2016 at 14: 43

      Hi Alfred, I do not know yet if I will test the MIJIA vacuum robot. You've made a good choice with the ILIFE device as well. The Xiaomi also plays in a significantly different price range again!

  2. Martin

    8. October 2016 at 01: 42

    How fast are the prices for such things in the China shops. Is it worth the wait or is not there much going on?

    • Timo Administrator

      8. October 2016 at 12: 55

      Hi Martin, that's always hard to judge. In China, the MIJIA vacuum robot costs 1699 Yuan, which is about 227 €. Gearbest is pretty much the only shop where the robotic vacuum cleaner is available, so there is no price war on the product. Of course there is also the demand. The price is unlikely to fall below 300 € this year. I could imagine that there will be a flash sale shortly before Christmas, when the device will be available for about 280-299 €.

  3. Hanna M.

    21. February 2017 at 23: 45

    I've always wanted a vacuum robot, but the iRobot Roomba was just too expensive for me. About a month ago I was then delivered here. So far I have only had good experiences with the Xiaomi teat. He drives very quietly through our apartment and has already taught a very good room plan. He also manages my rugs without any problems and on tiles he sucks well anyway. I've even ordered spare parts for it, although the included brushes still look like the first day. Thanks again for the tip with the Saugi here:) !!!

  4. Januz

    10. March 2018 18 at: 10

    It would be nice if everyone involved could use a code, e.g. B. from GearBest publish, would also pursue this. The last “MirobotMArde” was probably only valid for one day, but is still online on many portals (including here). Or has it just expired for me?

    • Timo Administrator

      10. March 2018 18 at: 29

      Hello Januz, it is not possible to check every single coupon every hour. How long a coupon is valid, you do not know. Unfortunately, traders are not able to provide a precise overview of maturities and even automated auditing options, which is why every code has to be checked manually. I exchanged the above coupon for a new one. The price is higher.

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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum


Suction power: 1800Pa
* LAD (Laser Distance Sensor)
* Ultrasonic sensors
* Accelerometer
* E-Compass
* Allwinner R16
* STM31F103
* TMS320F28026DAS

Battery: 5200mAh
Runtime: 2.5 hours
App: Mi Home

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