Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review - The Best of the Cheapest!

by 10. November 2019
Xiaomi presented the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 3 at the end of May. The inexpensive and globally popular fitness bracelet shines in a new look and offers, among other things, a new OLED touch display. I tested the fitness tracker extensively for several weeks. You can find the experience gained in the following review!



Xiaomi Mi Band 3


Material: TPE
Closure: pin buckle
Size adjustable: 155 - 216 mm
L: 247 mm

tracking unit
Display Type: OLED
Display diagonal: 0.78 inches
Display resolution: 128 x 80 pixels
Bluetooth: Standard 4.2
Heart rate sensor: Yes

Pedometer: Yes
Sleep Monitor: Yes
Heart rate measurement: Yes
Date and time: Yes
Alarm function: Yes
Stopwatch: Yes
Notifications: Yes
Music playback control: Yes
Motor Reminder: Yes

Battery type: lithium polymer
Battery capacity: 110 mAh
Battery life: up to 20 days

App: MiFit
Water protection: 5ATM
Size: 17.9 46.9 x x 12 mm
Weight: 20g

What's in the box

1x tracking unit
1x bracelet
1x charging adapter
1x user manual

Foreword: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Two years after the appearance of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which has been well received outside of China, Xiaomi released the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Band 3, That from Huami produced and distributed by Xiaomi Fitness bracelet has been redesigned optically but also on the hardware side and comes with some improvements. It is particularly interesting, however, that Xiaomi remains true to the previous pricing policy and offers the Mi Band 3 at the unbeatable low price of only 169 Yuan (~ 22 €).

Update 10. November 2019

For all bargain hunters we have a new offer ready. With the following coupon you can do that Mi Band 3 International at online retailer Gearbest for just 12 € to buy. Differences to the Chinese Mi Band are the additional ones Markings CE and FCC, as well as the bracelet comes standard with English firmware and English manual. For more deals on where to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, see the price comparison at the end of this post.

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 International is also available on Amazon Germany. The price of the smartband is included 24€, The sale, as well as the shipping, are made directly through Amazon, so that in addition to the fast shipping also comes to enjoy all the Amazon warranty benefits!

To the Mi Band on Amazon

Packing the Mi Band 3

Design, workmanship and delivery


Like its predecessor, the Mi Band 3 is made of one tracking unit and a interchangeable bracelet together. The bracelet consists of one skin-friendly, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and is available in black, hot orange and deep blue. Due to the materials used, the bracelet is extremely durable. A Xiaomi disassembly test shows that even after 2000 removal of the tracking unit no wear on the bracelet occurs. Also in the self-test showed after one month use only very minor traces of use.

Mi Band 3 Bracelet (1)

Owners of the predecessor should note that the Wristbands of both smartbands NOT compatible with each other are! The bracelet of the Mi Band 3 has a total length of 247 mm, is adjustable in size in 9 steps (155 - 216 mm) and is closed by a pin buckle.

Mi Band 3 Bracelet (2)

tracking unit

The capsule-shaped tracking unit has been completely redesigned and is with Dimensions of 17,9 x 46,9 x 12 mm clearly grown. The Display owns one Diagonal of 0.78 inches. In comparison comes the display of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 only on 0.42 inches. An advantage of the larger display is the display of notification content. The resolution is 128 80 x pixels, More than just white does not represent the (monochrome) display.

Mi Band 3 tracking unit (1)

The Touchscreen is available. This makes possible a practicable operation by swiping gestures. Below the display is an additional, capacitive control button. To criticize is the readability in sunshine. Under direct light is hardly visible on the display. In addition, the touchscreen does not always respond precisely.

Mi Band 3 tracking unit (2)

The tracking unit of the Mi Band 3 is waterproof and hold you Water pressure from 5 Bar (5ATM) was standing. This corresponds to the pressure of a water column from 50 meters. Wearing the smartband while showering or swimming is no problem.

The colleague of 1techreview Xiaomi Mi Band 3 took a closer look at the video review!

Processing quality and scope of delivery

As expected, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is well-made. The bracelet is of good quality and shows after repeated removal of the tracking unit, as well as repeated closing of the pin buckle, no wear. The same applies to the tracking unit. A special protective layer prevents fingerprints and scratches.

The What's in the box is usually clear. Included are the bracelet, the tracking unit, 2 pin USB charging adapter and Manual, It should be noted that Xiaomi products are mainly intended for the Chinese market. Accordingly, instruction manuals and other product information are in Chinese only. A global sale of the Mi Band 3 is not yet apparent.

Scope of delivery of the Mi Band 3


The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is an app-controlled smartband. For an extensive use the so-called Mi Fit App needed. The app is free and can be used both for Android as well as for iOS be downloaded in the respective app stores. As minimum requirement needs the app Android> 4.4 or iOS> 9.0 mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0 Support. The connection between mobile device and smartband is via Bluetooth. For this is the Mi Band 3 with a Bluetooth 4.2 BLE (Low Energy) Module equipped.

Wristband and tracking unit of the Mi Band 3

The use of the Mi Fit app requires one user account, which can be directly applied via the app. With this user account all stored data of the Mi band are synchronized. The setup and connection of the smartband is uncomplicated and in just a few steps via the app.

App and features


The Mi Band 3 firmware was released in Chinese only. Meanwhile, updates have been released, which include a English and Spanish language settings enable. Do you want one German user interface, you have to modified community firmwares fall back on. The user interface is now officially available in German! Firmware updates are received via the Mi Fit App and automatically uploaded.

Pedometer and activities

Smartband and App offer a variety of sports features. For movement detection, the bracelet is with a Pedometer fitted. Once you have set an individual daily goal, you can start. In addition to the everyday steps The bracelet also determines the covered track and guess the burned calories.

If you synchronize the data with the Mi Fit app, you will get a detailed overview of all measured data. The stored data can be stored in Daily, weekly and monthly show with corresponding diagram. There are several ways to increase motivation Daily goals and awards.

Display (1)

Within the Mi Fit app are additional Activity programs (running, treadmill, cycling and walking) to select. Activities can only be started via the app. When an activity is started, the app, wristband, steps, distance traveled, and heart rate are displayed in real time. In addition, the Mi Fit activities use the GPS of the mobile device, which allows a precise route including map view.

The Accuracy of the pedometer is based on the predecessor model. Serious incorrect measurements due to driving or other activities that do not represent a stepping motion did not occur in the test.

Heart Rate Monitor

The heart rate sensor is located on the bottom of the bracelet. The Heart rate measurement is done in a classic way with the help of a Photo diode in combination with a green LED, The blood flow under the skin is measured. However, the accuracy of optical heart rate measurement is critical. measurement error can already occur due to too loose fit of the bracelet, by arm hair or tattoos.

With the Mi Band 3 is one Single and interval measurement possible. The interval measurement measures the heart rate every minute, every 10 minutes or every 30 minutes depending on the setting. A continuous measurement is only possible by starting an activity. The measurement accuracy is highly dependent on the measurement conditions. In addition to predominantly plausible measurement results, measurement inaccuracies can occur, especially in the higher pulse range or in diversified activities. The recorded data can be synchronized with the Mi Fit App as well as the movement data and displayed in a detailed diagram view.

Sleep monitor and alarm clock

The sleep monitor rates sleep according to an 100 scoring system. The are measured Falling and waking time, the Time of total sleep, Tiefschlaf, light sleep and the waking hours, To display the collected data, the Mi Fit app has to be used again. This reproduces the measured data to the minute in the detailed bar chart. At the same time, based on the measured data, a Sleep quality analysis (see pictures).

A manual start of the sleep monitor is not necessary and not possible. Instead, the Mi Band 3 recognizes the time of falling asleep with the help of the built-in acceleration sensor, Unfortunately, the sleep detection is based on the system time of the mobile device, so that a sleep monitoring during the day is not possible. The accuracy of the data acquisition has convinced in the test. Falling in and waking time are detected quite accurately. To increase the accuracy again, the "Sleep Wizard" to be activated. This allows (to the detriment of the battery) continuously determined heart rate data to flow into the sleep rating.

With the publication of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 barely two years ago, the Mi Fit app contained one more Sleep.Phase.Alarm.Clock, This has now been removed from the app. An alarm clock with Snooze is still available. On the basis of create wake-up profiles, it wakes at pre-set times by gently vibrating. The vibration intensity and the vibration pattern can not be adjusted.

Display (2)


The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is capable of receiving incoming notifications on the mobile device. Next Phone and SMS alerts can also App notifications received and displayed. For example, if a WhatsApp message arrives on the connected mobile device, it will be sent to the Mi Band. In the absence of German language support, umlauts are not displayed correctly! Notification receipt can be configured extensively via the Mi Fit app.


Another feature is the weather function. This will be displayed Daily weather with highest and lowest temperatures, as well as one 2-day weather forecast, The weather data is obtained from the bracelet via the Mi Fit app. The location for weather data collection can be adjusted within the app. From which provider the data comes, does not emerge from the app.

Smart Lock and others

With an Android mobile device it is possible that Xiaomi Mi Band 3 as Smart Lock Device to configure. If the bracelet is close to the mobile device, it can be unlocked without any password or pattern entry. The carrier range is configurable.

Other app and bracelet features are one stop function, One Device search function, One event reminder, One inactivity warning and Do not disturb function, A lock screen is available. "Watch Faces" 3 are available for selection.

Display (3)


The Accumulator owns one Capacity of 110 mAh, A fully charged battery kept testing for daily use of the wristband with regular notification reception and 30-minute heart rate measurement about 11 days. With disabled notification receipt was a term of 14 days reached. The maximum standby time, according to Xiaomi, is 20 days.

The tracking unit is charged via an 2-pin charging adapter. Again, it should be said that this is not compatible with the previous model! A complete charge lasts just under 2 hours.

Questions and Answers

As is the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to compare with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3?

Do I have to pay attention to whether I receive the Chinese or international model when buying?

So far only one Chinese model is on the market. A Xiaomi Mi band 3 International will be released in August. It offers CE and FCC marking, a multilingual user interface and an English manual.

Are the accessories of the previous models compatible with the Mi Band 3?

No, both bracelets and charging adapters for older models can not be used with the Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

The Chinese model is also available with NFC. Should I get the NFC version?

The Chinese Mi Band 3 with NFC is mainly intended for the Chinese market. Xiaomi thus enables mobile payment with Chinese payment services (eg AliPay). The surcharge for the model with NFC is not worthwhile for local users. To what extent the NFC function can be used elsewhere is not yet apparent.

Can I shower, swim and dive with the fitness bracelet?

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is waterproof and can withstand water pressure of up to 5 bar (5ATM). Showering, swimming and (light) diving is possible without any problems.

Has the tracking unit installed a GPS module?

No, the bracelet does not have a stand-alone GPS feature. The route of sports activities, however, can be tracked using the Mi Fit app. For this purpose, the GPS function of the connected mobile device is used.

Do you have any further questions about the Xiaomi Mi Band? The German Mi Band Community on Facebook is guaranteed to help you!

To the Mi Band Community

Price Comparison

You want to buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 3? In our price comparison we list the current offers of the most popular shops. All prices are checked and updated several times a day. Should a shop appear several times, it concerns the different warehouses of the dealer.

Price history

Current prices

1-5 working days
10-30 working days
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10-30 working days

Price too high? Use our price alarm clock!

Prices last updated on: 27. November 2020 08: 44

Final Words


Good workmanship
Pleasant wearing comfort
Waterproof and suitable for showering and swimming
Large OLED touch display
Precise pedometer
Functional range of the Mi Fit app
Receive notification content
Good battery life


Readability of the display in sunshine
Touchscreen does not always respond precisely
Heart rate measurement in the higher pulse range is inaccurate
No daytime sleep monitoring
Notification function does not (yet) support umlauts

First impression
everyday practicality
Battery life

With the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 shows the Chinese electronics giant again that a fitness bracelet does not have to cost more than 30 €. At almost unbeatable value for money, the Smartband offers a well-functioning pedometer, a heart rate sensor and all kinds of (software) functions.

Compared to the 2016 released Xiaomi Mi Band 2 was mainly the design revised. The overall larger tracking unit offers a larger display with touch screen and is now also able to display notification content.

Whether these "little things" justify a switch from Mi Band 2 to Mi Band 3, everyone should decide for themselves. However, new buyers who do not yet own a Xiaomi fitness bracelet can access it without hesitation.

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Helge E

Hello team, great review, which I can agree with. I've been using my Mi Band 3 for 2 weeks and would like to change the language to German. You write that it is possible. Can I simply play any firmware from the net or do I have to pay attention to the version number? I already know how to do that. And what about the MiFit app when it receives an update. Will my bracelet be dubbed?


Hello team
Very good idea of ​​the tracker which coincide with my experience with the device.
But can not understand why the tracker sleep should not capture the day? I work in 3 shift service and each sleep is reliably recorded no matter what time, even short sleep intervals of 45 minutes are randomly distributed throughout the day


One of our two copies of Mi Band 3 is leaking. After a few minutes showering, the smaller characters in the display were barely visible.
So it is not even resistant to jets of water according to IP 65.
Allegedly, the tape can submerge 30 minutes and tolerate pressure from 5 ATM.
The dealer makes a circus because of the warranty. The clear photos of the display with water droplets inside, he allegedly did not receive, to gain more time, six more photos were requested from all sides of the tracker.