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Xiaomi Mi 10 Series with the Mi 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro) - Global Version launched!

Starting signal for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Series in Europe! Xiaomi is bringing the strong flagship smartphone with 5G connection and 108 MP camera to the western market. However, there is a bitter aftertaste for price-conscious buyers. With prices starting at 799 euros, the gap to the high-end competition shrinks significantly! All information about the Xiaomi Mi 10 Series is available in the following entry.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Series

Xiaomi presented the new Mi 10 Series in China back in February. Now it's the turn of Europe too and can enjoy the high-end 5G smartphones. Advance sales start on March 28th. The actual sale will not take place until April 07th. The following prices are due depending on the storage equipment.

  •  Xioami Mi 10 (8/128 GB) from 799 euros 
  •  Xioami Mi 10 (8/256 GB) from 899 euros 
  •  Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (8/256 GB) from 999 euros 

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro as the best camera smartphone

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

Curved AMOLED display with 90Hz

The Mi 10 Pro uses a 6,67-inch curved AMOLED display with a resolution of 2.340 x 1.080 pixels. The high refresh rate of 90 Hz ensures that content is displayed particularly smoothly. The touchscreen works with a 180 Hz sampling rate and detects touches in next to no time. The display brightness is also remarkable. With up to 1.120 cd / m², the display of the Mi 10 Pro is currently one of the brightest displays on the market.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Curved AMOLED display

There is a fingerprint scanner under the display and invisible to the eye. The screen protector is a hardened Gorilla Glass 5 branded glass. This is not only extremely scratch-resistant, but also shatterproof.

Snapdragon 865 and lots of storage

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro gets its performance from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile processor. The octa-core processor offers clock rates of up to 2,84 GHz. The cores are divided into a total of 3 clusters, which become active as required. If the full power of the smartphone is not currently required, only the economical one of the 3 clusters is active. This saves the battery and ensures longer runtimes. Mobile gamers get a full load of performance thanks to the Adreno 650 GPU. No matter which current or future mobile game you want to play, the Mi 10 Pro has enough power reserves.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in white

The memory equipment of the smartphone is also impressive. There is the Mi 10 Pro with 8GB RAM and 256GB data storage. The latest memory types of the type LPDDR5 and UFS3.0 are used. The smartphone is also excellently positioned in terms of connectivity. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is 5G compatible, uses the new Wi-Fi 6 standard and offers a wealth of sensors and NFC for contactless payments.

108 MP main camera

A highlight of the Mi 10 Pro is the camera system. A total of 4 cameras decorate the elegant glass back. The main camera uses a 108 MP Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX sensor with f / 1.69 aperture and optical image stabilization (OIS). The second sensor is an 8 MP sensor with a 10x zoom lens (hybrid), f / 2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization (OIS). The third sensor in the group is a 12 MP depth sensor, which is especially suitable for portraits and ensures an excellent beak effect. Finally, the Mi 10 Pro offers a 20 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor with a 117 ° field of view and f / 2.2 aperture. The front camera has a resolution of 20 MP.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 108MP main camera


To get that certain something out of the recordings, the Mi 10 Pro offers a wealth of AI image enhancers. In addition to very classic effects, such as HDR mode or night mode, there are also gadgets, such as intelligent AI streamlining, group photo face correction, AI studio lighting and more. Video can be recorded in 8K. Particularly smooth 60 images per second are possible up to 4K recording mode. The Mi 10 Pro records slow motion videos with up to 960 frames per second.

50 watt quick charge function

The 4.500 mAh battery can be charged with up to 50 watts wired and with up to 30 watts contactless (Qi). This is so fast that an empty battery is fully charged again in less than an hour. The quick charger (65 watts) required for this is already included in the scope of delivery. Conversely, the Mi 10 Pro is also able to charge other devices with 5 watts (10 watt CN version).

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro in blue

Xiaomi Mi 10

In addition to the Mi 10 Pro, there is also a slightly cheaper basic model. The differences are especially relevant for photo enthusiasts. The display and processor are identical on both models. There is a first difference in the memory configuration. The Mi 10 is also available with only 128GB of data storage. There is another difference in the battery. At 4.780 mAh, it is slightly larger, but can only be charged with 30 watts.

The main difference is the main camera. The main sensor also has a resolution of 108 MP, but the sensors on the side are somewhat worse. You have to do without the zoom lens. Instead there is a 2 MP macro and a 2MP depth sensor. The ultra wide-angle sensor has a resolution of only 13 MP. The field of view is 123 °.

 How do you find the Mi 10 Series and will you buy one of the devices? From there in the comments! 


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1 comment

  1. Former Mi fan

    27. March 2020 18 to: 44

    LOL, at Gearbest it is now in there for $ 719. Germany, France, Italy and Spain are excluded. They should pay the full price. This is really an outrageous pricing policy from Xiaomi.

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